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Renegade Broadcasting – Radio Wehrwolf: AFP’s 2016 Presidential Ticket

Renegade Radio Show

This is a 2hr interview.  Tom Bowie and Laura are on with me.

It is the first time both Tom and I have been on a radio show together.

The endless harangues of callers, bless them, shows how we have wasted decades.

This is mostly an interview rather than the usual panel, with the host interviewing his cohost and incidentally, not the person he supposed to be interviewing.

Moaning can be good therapy, but it is loser politics.

Read about every successful political movement in history, and no one is quoted as saying, “they suppressed us”, “Gee, that’s too bad” or “Let’s have a rally to talk about how hopeless everything is.”

You will find all that here.

And the usual talk about what imaginary debate opponents would say, where as none of the real world opponents ever did.




BUGS Radio – Thoughts About a New Term

BUGS Radio with Truck Roy, Jeb and Adelheim.

Bugs 2013-06-17

I would like get your opinion on using the term antiwhitism.

1. we have begun using antiwhitism in Sweden. we have also seen people take the term an use it in the same way antisemitism is used.

2. many people use the term “anti-white racism”, in this case it would be better with antiwhitism in my opinion.

Is there any reason not to use the term antiwhitism?



BUGS Radio

Here is another Bugs Radio Podcast featuring Lord Nelson, Mrs Albion, Truck Roy and Adelheim.

We introduce Truck Roy to Bugs Radio and talk to him about his experience with the mantra as well as the usual mantra talking points.

Bugs Podcast 5-22-2013



BUGS Radio – Antiracist Hitler

Here is another BUGS-Radio.

Topic: Antiracist Hitler.

The first part is Lord Nelson, Mrs Albion and Adelheim. In the second part Horus joins in as well.

BUGS Podcast on ARH part 1 Diversity

BUGS Podcast on ARH part 2

Here is a link from 2010 about the beginning of the idea.



Bugs Radio

Here is another podcast made by bugsers for bugsers. Lord Nelson, Mrs Albion, Linux Lewis and Beefcake.

Bugs Radio – February Podcast