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FWG Podcast – More on Tactics and Narratives

Posted by Laura on January 14th, 2018 under BUGS Radio, Coaching Session, How Things Work

Podcast #2 from! Featuring Laura, Jeff, & Ken!  A general conversation on tactics & narratives dealing with white genocide & recent events. We hope you enjoy & we look forward to bringing you more podcasts & media.


  1. #1 by White&Normal on 01/14/2018 - 6:15 pm

    Interesting talk on narratives.

    I do wonder if our message would spread better if it was wrapped up in a story.

    The conversion story is an interesting one. Americanhistory X and Imperium are examples. There are other conversion stories too. Hell, most christmas movies are simply about awakening the christmas spirit in “non-believers.” I’m sure we could make a conversion story work given that many pro-whites are only so because they’ve been “awakened.” I don’t think that’s the kind of story we want to go with though.

    The most effective stories anti-whites have can be summed up in a single word. E.g: Holocaust; bad guys round up innocent people onto trains, send them to camps to starve then try to shower them all with poisoness gas as their empire collapses.

    Similar summaries could be made with “slavery” and “natives”

    Ours needs to be White Genocide.

    I’ve wanted to do a “Timeline of White Genocide” or “The history of White genocide”

    Im thinking something in the style of an old bbc documentary. So we would have people with german accents reading kalergi. And have someone with a british accent leading us through the different “chapters.”

    So it would go through the different stages of white genocide. Starting with kalergi, then perhaps going through dates all the flood gates opened….

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