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    J Locke

    I sent  the full mantra to the European Network Against Racism and the director, Michael Privot, responded with this letter. How should I reply?

    “The voice of the anti-racist movement in Europe.”


    Thank you for sharing your ideas with me.

    I really feel sad for you if you see the world in such a way. i would not like to be in your shoes.

    I’d be happy to extand my hand if it can help you in any way rather than sharing links referring to inaccurate information.

    In 2012, there were 4.2 % of third country nationals in the whole of the EU. Where are those millions of invaders you’re referring to? All your arguments are based on biased views and inaccurate figures, I’m afraid, which makes it difficult to engage in a meaningful conversation, but i’m happy to proceed.

    Michael Privot <>



    Why even bother? He is the enemy.

    Daniel Genseric

    Will others be reading the email? If you can’t even embarrass him, then don’t waste your energy?

    Secret Squirrel

    The fact he is naming ALL of the EU, not just the European countries they have made enormous inroads into, means he is targeting ALL White countries, which makes our point.


    That’s all I would say in reply. As these guys say, deal with the anti-Whites in public, where White and Normal people can SEE, they are advocating GENOCIDE.


    Secret Squirrel

    And this:

    The Anti-Whites said in 1965, they were not trying to change the demographics of America and the demographics would not change.

    No vote was allowed, no discussion was allowed on this issue and Integration was FORCED.

    Now the anti-Whites in America are celebrating the coming White Minority in America, which clearly makes it GENOCIDE.

    So when will you be celebrating White GENOCIDE in Europe, Mr Privot? Do you have a date in mind?





    If you are going to respond,  make a youtube video response – then email the link to everyone at that organization and their affiliates.

    At least put it out for others


    Better yet, you could challege him to a skype debate a la linux lewis then post it to youtube.

    Peter Cottontail

    I like the skype debate idea and publish to youtube if you feel up to it John Locke.

    I haven’t seen Lord Nelson around much. This would be perfect for him.

    J Locke

    I don’t want to debate him. I assumed one or more of the Swarm would debate him on Skype so I sent the invitation. He said ok, this is his reply. Please reply if you would like to participate and post some of your questions. This is his website

    My email:

    Dear Mr. Pivot,

    Thank you very much for replying. Would you be interested in having a Skype debate on White Genocide with a friend this Saturday? I would like to have the debate recorded for YouTube.

    Please let me know if you are available. If so, how can I reach you on Skype?


    Pivot’s reply:

    Why not ? that might be an interesting discussion, but I would like to put some ground rules before saying a definitive yes :
    –          Saturday is not possible for me. Would it be possible next week during working hours, CET time?


    –          Could you send me a flavor of your questions ahead of the interview?


    –          If it’s not in live streaming, I want to have a say on the final product before it’s released on YouTube to make sure that my points are not twisted or cut as it has unfortunately been the case on the Russian TV interview where all what I said about anti-white hatred has been left out.


    –          The discussion will have to take place in a climate of respect and not resort to ad hominem arguments.

    I guess that if you agree on the above, that should be fairly straightforward.




    Secret Squirrel

    “I haven’t seen Lord Nelson around much. This would be perfect for him.”

    I would pay money to see Lord Nelson debate an anti-White, as he is a pro. It would be hilarious as well.


    John Locke would you mind giving me you Youtube user name so I could subscribe, I would live to see this debate take place.

    J Locke

    My channel is

    Whoever records it will probably upload it though.

    A goal in the debate could be to get him to admit White Genocide is real, or at least that if it is real, Whites deserve to be able to protect themselves from it.

    Any takers?





    ‘In 2012, there were 4.2 % of third country nationals in the whole of the EU’ ?

    What is that supposed to mean ?

    Of course here in Australia, 3rd Worlders born here are citizens hence they are ‘Australians’, I imagine in Europe it’s the same as I can’t imagine the EU breaking down the demographics into White and non-White.



    Whoever debates – i would suggest a moderator – and you can do it on Paltalk in front of an audience.

    I did a go around with N8, not sure how well it went, or even if it’s worth while to do.

    Although I would really enjoy seeing a veteran Bugser do this, I would like to hear their  opinions on doing these debates… is it worth-while?

    If so, you can keep me in mind i suppose



    “All your arguments are based on biased views and inaccurate figures”

    So why are white people not allowed to openly discuss these “accurate figures” and what they mean for our racial group`s survival in every white country?


    i wonder if he knows that anti-racist is an ad hominem to us?


    Great news, but I feel sorely in need of practice arguing with someone live, I suspect most of us do.  The West has been anti-White for so long that anti-White sentiments come readily to everyone and they are hard to argue against.

    J Locke

    “anti-racist is an ad hominem to us”


    Great point.

    There is a six hour difference between his time zone and EST time zone in USA.

    He wants to do it next week, on a weekday, during working hours. That means between 2 and 11 am EST.

    Who will volunteer to moderate it since Linux will debate?



    Well first i wanted to hear from the veterans on if its in our best interest to do these things.

    secondly, i would like to see a veteran do this,  but if these things are in our interest and there are no other volunteers,  i’ll do it


    elcycesrever, if it is of any use to you, maybe I or someone else could give you debate practice. I could play the anti-White interviewer

Viewing 20 posts - 1 through 20 (of 29 total)
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