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    J Locke

    Linux is on paltalk. Download it at

    It has voice and text chat. Get on it if you want to help practice. Perhaps you could moderate as well, mandela.

    In paltalk messenger, go Actions > Find or add a pal > and add these two names to friends list:



    Those are two Swarm members that use paltalk. Swarm members who want to discuss action should use paltalk chat rooms or paltalk messenger.


    John, thanks, that will be something I am REALLY!!! going to look forward to. It wont be till early next year when I get my own PC tho as I am using a public computor at the moment. If whoever is going to do the debate needs some practise tho I could give them my phone number. However, paltalk sounds a superior option. This ENAR subject is exciting. Even if our guy loses, I dont care, this is somewhere we need to head.

    J Locke

    Coniglio Blanco had this to say by email:

    You will notice how he cleverly states that there are 4.2% of “third country
    nationals” in the whole of the EU.  This statistic is meaningless
    since non-White invaders who have been given legal status as
    citizens are not included in this number and it has nothing to do
    with race or ethnicity.  Theoretically the EU could be 100% non-
    White and still have 4.2% of “third country nationals”.  The enemy
    intends to deceive the indigenous White population by disguising
    the genocide with this type of false statistics.


    Hi, this is my first post on this forum.

    I listened to Michael Privot discussing the idea of White Genocide on Russia Today. He denied the existence of anti-racism calling it ‘absurd’.

    This was his exact words: “Racism is about a polar relationship in society, so between a majority who host the power, the political power, and the judiciary power and so on, and different types of minorities who exist within the society. So if you talk about anti-White racism that would mean that Whites are a minority within their own society which is absolutely wrong. In Western Europe, which is mainly White, most Christian, whatever, is absolute nonsense.”

    Here’s the link:

    He basically argues that only ‘minorities’ can feel the effects of ‘racism’. And due to the fact that whites are currently the demographic majority in all of Europe, he asserts that anti-white racism does not exist. Indeed, this argument is highly illogical, as the minority in South Africa (pre-Apartheid) were criticised for being ‘racist’. And guess what? They were a MINORITY. So of course minorities can be labelled ‘racist’ – only when they’re WHITE.

    This perfectly explains; anti-racism is a codeword for anti-white.

    Daniel Genseric


    Exactly, he makes our point for us. He is effectively saying that “Only whites can be racist.” Or, more plainly put: “Racist=white.”

    “Okay. Good work. You just proved that anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.” Some of these dummies really don’t get that we are making commentary on THEIR idea of reality.


    This Michael Privot applies the dogma of

    Racism = Power + Prejudice.

    Racism is something more than simply being prejudiced against someone else merely on the basis of race, there must be power in addition.

    So the Black guy who kicks your teeth in b/c you are White is not racist he is simply prejudiced. You call him a Black bastard from the floor bleeding out, you are racist b/c power within your society is held by Whites.

    This of course is a nonsense and is simply an anti-White slight of hand to ensure only Whites are “racist.” The majority of Whites do not have power to affect other peoples’ lives but these anti-racists will still call them racist. The British children who are expelled from school and even arrested have no power but they are called racist.

    We are not interested in this anti-White word called racist.
    It was invented by Trotsky to label Ukrainian Nationalists who did not want to be part of the Soviet Union. It was an anti-White word at conception.

    We are only interested in anti-White.

    These muppets say there are no races, we all bleed red, we all come from Africa, there is only one race the human race. Well if there are no races then there is no racism, only colourism.

    But there are White people and so there are anti-Whites.

    We don’t care if the Black guy is not a racist. He is anti-White.

    The word racist is meaningless, it has so many definitions it can mean anything you like.

    This European Network against racism.

    Europe is the ancestral homeland of Whites. Whites did not evolve anywhere else and no other race evolved in Europe. How many White groups does this tin pot organisation support?
    How many Whites does it advocate for?
    What does he say about the fact White Britons will be a minority in 2066?
    What does he say to the fact every opinion poll in the UK has shown the people want less immigration?
    Who gave him moral authority to say or do anything?
    “4.2% of “third country nationals” in the whole of the EU.” Where did that lie come from?
    What about the illegals swarming everywhere?
    What about those who hold a passport but are anything but indigenous European?

    Does this muppet know that the 2011 UK census shows 7.5 million residents of England and Wales were foreign-born in 2011. That does not include Scotland or Ireland. That does not include the illegals who would not fill in the form. That does not include all the non-Whites born in the country.

    This muppet is just an anti-White. Europe has massive unemployment. There is a housing crisis in the UK with so many swarming in. We don’t need any more. We never wanted any in the first place.

    Who ever asked the people of Europe if they wanted immigrants coming in from the Third World?
    No-one ever asked.
    Isn’t it about time someone did? We know the answer that will come back.

    No immigrants.

    Bob should debate this guy if he is feeling up to it.


    The best and most experienced debater here should take this guy on.

    He has debated online before so he is experienced. The works in this area for a living.

    Recorded and done well this is good propaganda. Chances like this do not come along very often. Debating n8glen is not in this league of propaganda opportunities.

    If Bob is well enough to debate this guy he should take him on.


    When will this debate take place? I’d like to translate it into Spanish.

    J Locke

    I just noticed Michael Privot is interviewed for this video at 2:50. “White Genocide in France 2”


    Mr. Privot emailed that he wanted have this debate 2 Wednesdays ago. I asked Linux Lewis to email Privot and set it up.

Viewing 9 posts - 21 through 29 (of 29 total)
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