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    I had a debate with an anti-White and I kept hitting him with mantra points and going back to the double standard but he kept replaying to me like this 3 times:

    I’m calling you a racist because every post you’ve made is about race and fails to recognize any sense of common humanity. You’re a racist

    Then, I asked him would you be doing them same thing if being done in only Hispanic countries and he just kept calling me a racist

    Also with a different anti-white in a different thread he told me to go to Russia or Hungary after he justified Genocide. How do I properly respond when an Anti-White says go to eastern Europe or places like Hungary?


    If he keeps repeating you keep repeating. “You’re only calling a racist because I’m White. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.” Keep nailing him with that.

    Usually anti-Whites respond with crap like “I’m not calling you racist because you’re White, I’m calling you racist because…” That’s when you point out that they aren’t screaming hate slurs at non-Whites for looking out for the interest of their people because they’re not White.

    I’ve had anti-Whites tell me to move to Russia or Hungary. As a response I usually ask them how me leaving is going to STOP the genocidal policies of mass immigration & forced assimilation that they demand.


    Thank you. But I use the talking points I learned in beefcakes bootcamp such as,

    If every Asian country have been flooded with non-Asians and they were forced integrated until there was a blended humanity where Asians countries used to be and they were not allowed to have any exclusive communities for their long term preservation. If an Asian person had a problem with this would you be calling them names such as racist?

    Then I hit them with the baited questions to get them to justify genocide,

    What justifies this double standard of conditions imposed on my race that leads to my race no longer existing?

    What did White people do to loose our right to exist?

    Should I be using the talking points that are in “BUGS Buddy Web” ? or I’m thinking it is best to use both from Beefcakes and BUGS Buddy.


    Hero: It sounds like you’re doing great, truly! (And thank you!) Both Beefcake and BUGS Buddy are great sources.

    I think the replies you mention just above are excellent. When opportunity allows, if you aren’t already doing it you might mix in some of our repeater phrases (they’re in red) that we want to hammer into White minds and into public discourse.


    Thanks Henry! So yeah I’ll do that.

    That debate with that anti-White I mentioned above with the block quote. He appears to be watching and tracking me because I’m posting the same thing.


    Yes talking points from beefcakes bootcamp and bugs buddy web are extremely useful since they’re both focused on the Mantra points BUGSERS have used and tested for years. What I’ve repeated would be found in the Bugs buddy web, just worded slightly differently.

    “You’re only calling me racist because I’m White. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.”

    Not to overwhelm you but don’t be a afraid to copy and paste from here. Very helpful source as well.

    Good luck.


    Don’t forget to just say and repeat when necessary: ‘You are justifying GENOCIDE’. You can use it as a reply to both things the anti-whites said. Or you can say: ‘You are using “common humanity” to justify GENOCIDE?’

    Here’s a meme from the huge list of Bob’s memes that Henry provided a link to on this site a couple weeks back: ‘You are using decency as a weapon of #Whitegenocide. It is exactly like blasphemy.’ I guess you can modify it by adding to or replacing ‘decency’ w/ “common humanity”.

    Here’s another meme: ‘Every word anti-Whites say in response to the charge of #Whitegenocide is a justification for that exact policy’.

    I’m working on categorizing said huge list of memes to make it easier to use/find them for swarming.

    Regarding the resources noted in the above posts: most of those minis are years old now and were made in the youtube era of 500 character limit. They are too long in my opinion. I rarely post a mini that is more than 250-300 characters and my replies to anti-whites are rarely more than 1 or 2 sentences. And of course there’s twitter which I guess is the dominant swarm venue now.

    Here’s some other things I think you can dissect the anti-white even further with if the situation calls for it:

    Why don’t you move to a brown country so you can live in the world you want to condemn ALL White children to?

    Has Hungary been declared a White country where White children will never be chased down by “diversity” ever again? Wouldn’t that be “racist” according to you?

    How dare you insist I be a refugee of the GENOCIDE of my own race?

    You are saying I shouldn’t fight White GENOCIDE, just escape it? And how long before the next wave of White flight gets chased down by “diversity” again?

    Calling me a “racist” for being against White GENOCIDE proves that anti-racism is GENOCIDE.

    If anybody thinks any of this is ineffective, please let me know so I’m not ineffective in the field.



    All your suggestions look good to me…I’m copying them, thanks.


    Thanks all you BUGSERS for giving me more tactics and advise.

    So If I start a debate with anti-Whites, am I supposed to always drag them out in the sunlight until they Justify Genocide?

    Also, I don’t post every link in where I post the Mantra in “Where did you post the Mantra today?”. I remember one podcast in beefcakes bootcamp, he said that the anti-Whites are trying to censor us and don’t post every link in the working thread.



    “So If I start a debate with anti-Whites, am I supposed to always drag them out in the sunlight until they Justify Genocide?”

    It’s all good, from just a mini-mantra left with no comments made to it at all, to a long exchange where you get to lay down lots of Mantra and memes. If they do excuse or justify White Genocide, point it out and stop right there of course.

    I didn’t read the thread when it was happening, but I looked at your good comments right now. Next time I see on the working thread that you’re posting I’ll try to join you. We used to have a lot more activity posted in the working thread and it would be good to get that back.


    Some of the responses I’ve been getting from Anti-Whites such as “No Genocide is occurring” or “There is no White Genocide”, etc., (I get this one a lot) and “White privilege meme”, etc.

    I have some questions about how to respond to these things more Rhetorically including some of the Topics here on the Swarm I’ve been reading about.

    1.)Regarding the “No Genocide is occurring” response, Should I use this talking point from Bugs Buddy:

    “If ALL and ONLY Black countries in 1965 let hundreds of millions of non-Blacks into their countries and encouraged the non-Blacks to assimilate. Then 90 years later, Blacks are expected to be minorities in those countries; that’s not done by accident. It’s obviously a plan to wipe out the Black race. AKA genocide.

    This has been done to my people, White people. It’s GENOCIDE!”

    or should I say “You work for a world without White Children, then pretend it’s White Genocide”, “Anti-Whites like to deny a Genocide that they support”, and is it just like denying race exists?

    2.)This talking point is from

    “You are saying the few thousands of White people, working in non-White countries like China or Japan, is anywhere near equivalent, to the unending millions of non-Whites being brought into all White countries every year, that are allowed to vote and take over the place, along with the forced integration laws and endless race mixing propaganda in all White countries.??? lol Are you pulling my leg?
    Come on just admit it. You are anti-White and you want White GeNOcide.”

    For example, regards to responding rhetorically, When Anti-Whites say there are Whites in Africa and Asia, I usually say “How are Asian countries being chased down with Diversity for being Too Asian?” or “How is Africa being chased down for being Too black?” Are these good rhetorical responses to be used against anti-White arguments like this one?

    3.) Regarding the “White privilege meme” in:,,, etc.

    On YouTube, I’ve used “‘White privilege is just the anti-whites hateful Codeword for White self determination and autonomy in White countries, all of which anti-whites want to destroy to achieve White Genocide’”

    Can I also say ““Even if I WERE a Nazi or White Supremacist or if there IS White Privilege, how does that justify White Genocide?” which is Bob’s meme?

    Which one is the best to use when anti-Whites bring up White privilege?

    Everything I wrote in this post and have questions about also includes these Topics:

    Any suggestions to the above and any advise about the Topics here on the Swarm are appreciated.

    time for freedom

    “Racist is just an #antiwhite HATE slur used by you hateful #antiwhites against Whites who oppose #WhiteGenocide.”

    “In your opinion I’m ‘racist,’ but your just saying that because I’m White and you’re a hateful #antiwhite desperate to justify #WhiteGenocide.”

    I just repeat these over and over and over and over until they puke on them, because that is exactly what they did to us for decades and it works.


    “time for freedom,”

    You are a Twitter swarmer right?

    I haven’t swarmed on Twitter yet, I’ve only been swarming on regular comment sections such as: The Hill, Daily Caller, National Review, etc. so far.

    So the memes you offered me are for Twitter since they have hashtags?


    If you’re swarming on Twitter, always remember to hashtag words like “diversity” “multiculturalism” or any words anti-Whites like to use.

    That way if somebody that has never heard of White genocide so happens to click on one of their hashtags, they would see our memes.

    It’s a good habit I got myself into and doesn’t take any extra effort.


    The term “antifa” is turning up all over alt right media. Please correct them every chance and tell them the proper term is Anti-White.

    We keep having to teach basics over and over. This is what Bob had to do at Stormfront years ago. But at least the audience is growing.


    @ Electric,

    That’s good! I always make sure to use hashtags with “Anti-White” and “White Genocide” including on YouTube. I’ve seen on some of the topics here on the swarm using a hashtag with “racist” Don’t do that that! That would be reinforcing Anti-Whites terminology.

    In -scythian-‘s post in this topic,

    Has Hungary been declared a White country where White children will never be chased down by “diversity” ever again? Wouldn’t that be “racist” according to you?

    Replace “racist” with: “Wouldn’t that make them naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews according to you?”

    Calling me a “racist” for being against White GENOCIDE proves that anti-racism is GENOCIDE.

    Replace it with: “Calling me the “R-Word” for opposing White GENOCIDE, proves that anti-racism is GENOCIDE.”

    @ Jason

    When I swarm on anything talking about antifa, I usually say: “Antifa calls themselves anti-fascists. What they are is Anti-White fascists. Anti-fascist is a codeword for Anti-White


    @Hero, I disagree. I used anti-white terminology in a way that shoved it right back down their throats. We do it with “diversity” all the time. You just did it another way.

    @time, there’s a monumental difference between anti-whites’ mindless repeating which they can’t defend as we keep proving b/c every single thing they say is two faced/contradictory and a justification for the crime we are accusing them of; and our memes, of which we can defend every last one. We are living in a system that will COLLAPSE if one White person is allowed to escape “diversity”. The system is fragile. It’s astounding if you think about it, all they can do is pretend we aren’t telling the truth. They can’t allow one heresy.

    time for freedom


    Good points, but not necessary to over-think this stuff. We just have to repeat repeat repeat repeat a few basic mantrafied points. WE don’t have to ‘defend’ any one of our points, all we have to do is repeat them over and over and over. When you try to defend our points you are engaging in argumentation and debate, Bugsers don’t fall into that trap; we simply repeat our mantra points over and over and over with the objective of bouncing them off of the anti-whites right onto the white people observing the exchange.

    Keep up the great work.


    @time, I’m just making the point that much of what we do, many memes and mini-mantras are exposing anti-whites as mindless repeaters, e.g. How can you be a White supremacist and a White separatist at the same time? They can’t answer that b/c it exposes their DOUBLETHINK while we answered their name call while furthering our point. That’s it.



    In @time post,

    “Racist” is just an #antiwhite HATE slur used by you hateful #antiwhites against Whites who oppose #WhiteGenocide.

    “In your opinion I’m ‘racist,’ but your just saying that because I’m White and you’re a hateful #antiwhite desperate to justify #WhiteGenocide.”

    “Nazi” is just an #antiwhite HATE slur used by you hateful #antiwhites against Whites who oppose #WhiteGenocide.” etc.

    The Anti-Whites terminology in the above is being detoxified and shoved right back down their throat right?

    One BUGSer was suggesting that I try to stay away from their terminology as much as possible and referring to where it says General Information and don’t use their terminology. It’s probably really outdated, I’m just wondering?

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