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    For those who weren’t aware, we at the National Youth Front have been pushing both the mantra and pro-White terminology. We are currently launching a new operation with Trad Youth against Appalachia State University over an anti-White bulletin board. The first phase is an email campaign to let the faculty know that the lack of their faculties response to this anti-White hate is unacceptable.

    By emailing their staff you will not only hit them with the Anti-White meme(or even a mini mantra about “White Privilege” if you so chose), but you will also help us get closer to making a real world impact by putting pressure on them to take it down.

    Here is NYF Chairman Angelo John Gage’s video about the campaign

    And here is where you can send your memes….I mean, complaints. Lol

    Benjamin Newells

    Thanks Scott. I sent an e-mail. I hope other Bugsers send one too.


    Awesome Benjamin Newells! Thanks for taking part. If we can get to the point where institutions are afraid to use their memes (“White Privilege,” “White fragility,” “racist”…..) because we hit them with our, plus men on the ground using them, then the war is already won!

    I would encourage everyone else to contact Appalatia State University and let them know you expect them to stop the anti-White hate!


    I sent an e-mail. I found the body posted on the youtube video. I changed it a little. It helps to have prewritten material. A big part of what stops people from writing is composing the message. I wouldn’t really consider this bugs writing, but it is in line with gaining power like the gay community has.

    It has been brought to my attention that an offensive bulletin board, or “bully board”, has been allowed to stay on display at your university. I saw photos of the bulletin board and find it offensive that the bulletin board promotes an environment of hostility toward White people, heterosexuals, cisgenders, and Christians. I expect you and your staff will have the bulletin board removed promptly and make a statement opposing hateful messages being displayed on campus.



    I just slightly re-worded Angelo’s email.

    Easy peasy.


    jo3w & Rose,

    Thanks for taking part guys! We are now looking to transition into phase two and take action on the ground. This was certainly a good first step towards making our voices heard and spreading our message. It won’t be long before National Youth Front has the power to make institutions stumble over themselves in a rush to apologize to the White community with people like you!




    Awesome Electric! Thank you for helping out!

    Henry Davenport

    Scott, I posted the part in italics below on the working thread, but it looks like you are the one I should have asked.

    I’ll send along some memes to the school,, when I wake up later. That email I sent Gage that I posted on the working thread a few hours ago…I imagine it was some one of the Trad Youth folk who did the flier that the article mentioned. I guess we have to be patient with such things and mainly just keep pushing Mantra until such pro-Whites’ own psyches are swamped with it like everyone else’s.

    @ Den G:

    How does one find out what NYF is up to on any day? If there’s any way to find out from their website, I can’t figure out what it is.

    Gage has offered to help get our White House messages up, so I’d like to be helpful to him…I just posted a comment on that pre-moderated site you linked, but I wouldn’t have known about it from just checking the NYF website. I guess we beat them to the article.


    I`ve only briefy scanned the NYF site. From what I can see Gage does a youtube vid and posts on Twitter announcing the activism.


    Henry Davenport

    We don’t like to announce much of our activism until it is over. We are using guerrilla tactics in small cells until we grow larger. We also don’t have a writer as of now, so if you are interested, let me know. The operation itself was kind of bad timing for everyone so we only just got out an article about it the other day probably after you checked our website.

    The operation itself was a joint operation with Trad Youth. Not a very large operation, but a bold one nevertheless. It really shook things up at ASU and is the buzz on campus. It just so happened that they had an antiwhite seminar on “white privilege” the day before. Lol We got many thanks and a lot of hate, and even have some people inquiring about membership. So the operation served its purpose.

    If you, or any of the other BUGS would like to become members and have a better idea of what is going on, I would recommend thinking about joining. I also will try to remembers to keep everyone here informed, since we do utilize mantra talking points.

    Henry Davenport


    Yes, I would be interested in doing some writing for you all. Some suggestions I’ve made in my correspondence with Angelo to date will probably give him a pretty good notion of what my approach to writing would basically be (but I’m always open to further guidance of course), if you all want to give me a try for a spell.

    I don’t know how to contact you, but you can PM Harumphty Dumpty at SF, or if you know anyone here who has my email address, they can give it to you.

    I have to be out for most of the rest of the day now, but tonight or tomorrow hopefully we can get that started if Angelo concurs.

    Henry Davenport


    I forgot, Angelo has my email address. When you have a chance, there’s one point I’d like to discuss with you, if we’re going to do this.


    Henry Davenport – Go ahead and shoot an email to National Youth Front.

    Benjamin Newells

    Scott, NYF needs to get off the whole “zionists control the US government” thing.


    BN – I don’t have control over that decision.

    Henry Davenport

    Scott, the point I wanted to discuss with you is the same one Benjamin raises above.

    My mind is still open to possibilities, but where I’m at right now is this email I sent to Angelo yesterday:

    Hi Angelo, I somehow overlooked this from you in our flurry of emails yesterday:

    [An excerpt from one of Angelo’s emails to me the previous day that refers to something in the same category that Benjamin mentions above]

    I wish I could talk you out of that! 🙂

    Scott asked me today on BUGS if I’d be interested in writing for NYF, and I said yes, if you concurred of course. I have no idea if you’d be interested in that or not.

    Assuming you might, I have a problem that I’m not yet clearly seeing the solution to: we don’t do jew stuff at BUGS, because it wipes out the effect of the Mantra. We’re very opposed to mixing Mantra and jew stuff.

    If you’re interested in discussing that, or in possibly having me write for your group, I’d be happy to skype with you about it. No pressure from this end, since I know that pro-whites generally are going to go their own way no matter what we bugsters say. Especially about jews, since it’s a faith-based religious imperative among pro-whites that one must preach the word about the jews.

    It makes me sad to see strong pro-whites one after another step up, tie their blindfolds on, and say, “Shoot me, anti-whites.”

    We’re not going to win our survival that way.

    We’ll win it by spreading the White GeNOcide memes and organizing around spreading those memes: a single unitary message that anti-whites haven’t spent decades poisoning white minds against.


    How strongly Angelo is attached to doing that stuff that we don’t do, or whether he’s still just feeling his way about everything, I don’t know. Angelo has said on Horus’ most recent podcast, as well as elsewhere, that it was Horus’ podcasts that got him into the White GeNOcide camp, and to some extent at least Horus does do Jews (although the few times I’ve heard Horus being interviewed he’s been simply a brilliant model bugser), so possibly Angelo is finding my response a bit confusing at the moment.

    Angelo and I remain on good terms I think, and we’ll just have to see if that busy man finds time to think about all this, and what he comes up with.

    I’m always open to ideas, discussion, whatever.


    Scott, can you contact me at

    We would like to do a 5 min interview with someone from NYF, it would be good propaganda for our cause to let people know that activism has succeeded.

    Our site is averaging about 8,000 page views a day this month


    The shortest distance between two points is the straightest line. We win by seeding memes. We seed our memes by keeping it simple. For instance, we re-seeded the meme Anti-White into the populace at a break neck pace. Over the years, I have never had to bring up the Jews in my work in re-seeding “Anti-White”. I never had to talk about black crime stats. So why complicate things? I believe in doing what works. That is what Bob taught me years ago. You do not have to educate and write a damn thesis on all subject matters “Pro-White” to seed a damn meme. You seed memes… seeding them.

    When it comes to the meme “White Genocide”. We are seeding from scratch. And although the meme seems less radical and extreme than it did 7 or 8 years ago. White Genocide is still a radical meme. Thank god we have truth on our side. With that being said, in working with this meme over the years. I have noticed one difference in comparison to seeding “anti-White”. Jews come up about 20% of the time in conversations about White Genocide. There are two general reasons for this. 1) Jewish Elites are at the Vanguard of White Genocide (Kalergi etc etc I could be here all day quoting the Jewish Elite)
    2) Anti-Semitism is exploding all over the place and that goes back several years. The trend is more dominate than anything anyone has ever seen (probably due to new communication via Internet). So for these reasons and there is some synergy between the two. Jews WILL come up in convos about White Genocide. For the same reason Cheeseburgers come up in conversations about McDonalds. That is reality. You have to be able to talk about all things White Genocide and be able to bring the topic back to relevancy when the Jews inevitable come up. Now most Pro-Whites think the Jews will come up all the time. No, only about 20% of the time in my experience. And you have to be truthful and steer the message back to the relevant points on White Genocide. That is a not license to go all Protocols of Zion and start reciting from one of KMac’s masterpieces. But you have to be honest and credible and bring it back to message.

    If you do not fully understand the above. Do not try to coach public speakers or gear what they say and cannot say. We need a wide birth to seed this meme. And that means speaking talent on all issues White Genocide and when to bring it back on message etc. That does not mean squealing:”We can’t or don’t talk about Jews.” And then go running from the room like some big queer. I do NOT educate on the Jews or anything else. So talking and steering back on message is NOT educating.

    Henry Davenport

    “…go running from the room like some big queer.”

    Hey, phuck you, Horus. Does your propounding a position counter to one of Bob’s strongest tenets turn you into a nasty pig these days?

    What you want is to talk about jews and retweet stuff about jews any time you damn well please, and to the devil with what it does or doesn’t do to the “White Genocide” meme. Most of us here know why you do what you do, and it isn’t because you think real men talk about jews.

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