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    Benjamin Newells

    And you have the audacity to actually say that I’m the one who’s ineffective?

    An inability to recognize tailgating plus a good dose of attitude. You’ve got it all.

    TheSeeker OfTruth

    Wowsa! You keep doing it.


    @TheSeekerOfTruth Don’t waste your time… Benny is actually this guy.
    He’s just here to start drama.


    There`s no need to get offended HD, Horus speaks the language of the better half of the white youth:

    The phrase “that’s gay” is acceptable to nearly half of young people, a survey suggests.

    Henry Davenport


    As in, “Mixing Mantra with jews is so gay”? 😉


    Forsaking mantra infiltration for the sake of mantra purity is a backward approach.

    TheSeeker OfTruth

    The point I was trying to make before Benny exemplified tailgating was that there must be a mantafied way of addressing the fact that Israel us the only country in the world openly dedicated to one people. Else others will mix the message in a way that we find counterproductive.

    TheSeeker OfTruth

    Well, we could always put “zio” in front of everything like David Duke. I’ll discuss this later because I have to go take a zio-dump then eat my zio-lunch, or zio-vice zio-versa.

    Henry Davenport


    “Forsaking mantra infiltration for the sake of mantra purity is a backward approach.”

    It’s a backward approach to introduce our memes into the public arena and into White minds by inserting them into announcements that we’re naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews.

    Henry Davenport

    Seeker, LMAO!! 😀


    Nice bit of stretching you did there HD.

    Henry Davenport

    Lol! (I had exactly the same thought!) But it’s not really stretching…consider this from my second comment on page 2 of this thread:

    News article on the NYF/TradYouth action at Appalachian college:

    Today, white nationalists plastered our campus with papers denouncing “America’s Zionist-controlled government” and urging readers to “Defend Your People.” White nationalists even snuck into our residence halls and posted their literature there, in our homes.

    That action also included fliers with our memes on them.

    After their professors explain to the kiddies that “Zionist-controlled” means “Jew-controlled,” which to almost all the kiddies will be an absolutely preposterous and nauseating thing for anyone to say, what’s going to be the kiddies’ reaction the next time they see the phrases “anti-white” and “White Genocide”? (Those kiddies are not the same kiddies that listen to Horus, I’m confidently guessing. If anyone thinks I’m wrong about that, please educate me).

    Gage said that that action brought them some new members, I think from the college itself (I’m not certain of that).

    Maybe there would have been more new members without the zio-dump.

    For sure there would have been fewer with only the zio-dump.

    Which is why pro-Whites are finally being drawn to Mantra: in virtually every case (Gage may be an exception), it’s because they see it as a facilitator to spread the word about jews.

    Spreading the word about Jews is not like a religion to pro-Whites, it is a religion.

    And that may be the largest single thing that threatens the Mantra.

    TheSeeker OfTruth

    Right. So how can it be countered? Screaming,” No jews!” is obviously not working.

    Henry Davenport

    Re my preceding comment:

    A pro-white might say, “You fool, the action actually got new members to our movement, and you’re just trying to protect a bunch of words.”

    Well let’s see how the new activist pro-white groups do at building a movement using jew-talk facilitated by Mantra memes.

    They’re attacking the anti-white enemy where it’s built its strongest psy-ops fortifications around its most valued treasures, and where it has all its lookouts posted.

    Our own attack is straight to the heart, which ironically is in territory that anti-whites have not even seen, much less have seen a need to fortify (how could they anyway).

    And we’re not directly building a movement; we’re unlocking the Zeitgeist so that a movement can be built:
    Psychological warfare vs. building a movement: an open letter to pro-whites fighting White Genocide

    Henry Davenport


    Blocking a religious imperative is extremely difficult, but I think Horus is absolutely in the best position and has the best skills to wield positive influence on new groups about the issue if he would.

    But he would have to change his own operation considerably to do that, and that’s asking a lot.

    Henry Davenport

    For the record, for anyone who’s interested, this discussion arose out of my having emailed the owners of several pro-white sites asking if they would run a short piece from me at the beginning of each month calling for participation in adding the 150 initial signatures that make our monthly meme-messaages visible at the White House.

    I had replies from two, Kevin MacDonald and Angelo Gage. Dr. MacD agreed with me that the style of my piece would be a departure from the usual style of his site, but apparently did not agree with me that that could be a welcome change of pace for one day a month.

    From Angelo I got a very nice brief reply that he was willing to be very helpful with that project, which created a warm feeling of appreciation in me, so that when I saw one of the news reports about the NYF/TradYouth action at Appalachia college, I sent him this email that I also posted on our working thread where a bugser had just mentioned the action.

    I’d also asked Scott on this thread how to find certain articles on NYF’s site, and he said they needed a writer and asked if I’d be interested. From there the conversation went uphill or downhill depending on your point of view.

    I think what it boils down to in particular cases is that if a news report says something like this following an action,

    “Today, white nationalists plastered our campus with papers denouncing ‘America’s Zionist-controlled government’”

    and the leaders responsible for the action can immediately understand, if we were to bring their attention to it, that such a news report indicates that some changes need to be made in their approach, then with only the slightest encouragement those leaders would naturally come to us to hopefully understand more, unless they are confident that each of them individually can create a whole new advertising industry on their own (which of course plenty of individual pro-whites are).

    If on the other hand they don’t understand immediately that such a news report indicates that improvements need to be made in their approach, it’s not likely that we’d get very far trying to explain further.

    I hope I’m done now. Useful conversation IMO.


    I did an overview of what is really going on out there. I don’t think we are all that far apart on many issues. You guys can contact me on skype. I prefer to talk than to type. Easier and fewer misunderstandings.

    When it comes to emailing Mr Gage. I had spent some time with Mr Gage already concerning arguing Black crime stats with Anti-Whites. Mr Gage goes off message just like the rest. Hence my reaction. Jews were not nearly the problem with him going off message. There are many pitfalls with staying on message. Furthermore, sending the NYT director Mr Gage an email about the Jews may not have been the best approach. I have seen HD’s email campaigns be misunderstood on more than one occasion. Especially since KMAC is on a world tour talking about the Jews. And he is on the board of the party Mr Gage is affiliated with. Not to mention ole Bob running for vice president there. There is a right and wrong way to approach certain matters. Especially after what went on at the last Stormfront Conference (not related to us). I was worried about diplomacy.

    You can listen to what I have to say about what is going on out there

    Like I stated clearly enough or so I thought. Eighty Percent of the time Jews will not come up in the conversation in America. But they are coming up more and more here and around the world. This will not affect most of you. But may depending on how social you are and were you are located. I discuss this directly from the front lines. When certain topics do come up you have to be able to bring it back on message. I have discussed this before. But apparently a few either misunderstood or refuse to understand. Things actually come out of blue in the conversation. You will either steer it or the topics will steer you.
    Kevin Macdonald just spoke in London of all places and is on world tour. Some infamous young social media personalities (who are jewish) are opening lamenting about all the “Jewish” Social Justice Warriors and then actually mentioning White Genocide so many tweets later (in another context). You can hear me discuss what is going on. Won’t affect our message. We have a tool no pro White including Bob has ever had up until recently to move the message back to where we want it….when the Jews come up. AntiRacist Hilter.

    There are some Pro-Whites that believe that the Jews are powerful little demigod’s withsecret weapons that hold everything together and are unbeatable. This is untrue in my opinion. There also a few bugsers who think the jews are little disappearing elves and if they come up in a conversation they can make our Mantra go POOF. This is nearly as absurd from my experience. You are always either entering into conversations. Or entering into conversations already occurring. And most of you will not have as many of these conversations as say Truck Roy. Running from topics does not work. But you can move things into White Genocide with a few choice words.


    I’d like to see more discussion of the Roman Catholic issue. Another group of Wordists, I know, but it’s a big one when so many of the respectable conservatives are from this anti-white organisation.


Viewing 18 posts - 41 through 58 (of 58 total)
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