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New Anti-White Tactic on Youtube?

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    Quite strange. I have 2 of these within the last hour. They are Pms. LONG pms……

    1. PomonaPunkRock

    I decided to just message you because I would rather tell you what I think without limitations or cutting corners to fit a small box.

    I was asking the question as to why he said normal white people because he made it seem like just because we are white we are somehow more normal then other races? How so? By what standard are we more normal then any other race?

    “White and NORMAL means Pro White and Anti-White genocide. White and brainwashed means Ant-White and Pro White-genocide”
    So being Pro white and Anti white genocide means having a sense of unearned self entitlement? What have you contributed to our race that makes you so protective of it? What makes a person Anti white? Because they choose not to blame others for their misfortunes? Because I think that a tradition since this country started should be stopped ONLY when the immigrants are NON white? Let me ask you this and please be honest. If the immigrants were other whites would you make the same accusation? What if Millions of Irish Western Russians starting flooding the UK, Canada or the US? Would you still complain? Is it just a matter of race or of national heritage? Not other race is more spread out then our race. So why would it be surprising that our race would change when we migrate to countries that are not our own? You claim to think that this is the first time something like this has happened? What about the US and how they treated the Native Americans? I know the past was past but if you could change it would you? Do you really think it’s fair to try to associate what you think is happening to the white race today to what has already happened before to the Native Americans, Jews, Christians, Aborigines, Samoans, and etc. by the white race? I’m not claiming that it justify it because genocide is WRONG no matter who the victim or culprit is. Race wouldn’t matter. White people are not the only ones to commit it either.

    So when all white communities in India the US and South Africa are thriving, do you hear the Native people saying that it’s genocide on their race? Did you know that more people in India speak English then all of the US? Do you hear them complaining? You do realize that the white race is more spread out then any other race right? Wouldn’t that mean that the main people to immigrate would be white right? Do you think that India is trying to accuse white people of destroying their race? What white nations do you speak of? The US? Canada? Last I checked they already had indigenous people living there. Have you ever thought to ask them how they felt or the opinions of other races on the matter? What would you think they would say about these claims being made? Don’t you think that a person’s character is more important then their race? I think so because that is what is more important in the end. Sure the white race is great, but so is every other race. It’s not like we are the only ones with something to offer or lose. People as a whole make a country what it is. Not their race. So if you really feel like you need to make a change, then I suggest you start from within before trying to change others.

    2 wilson0213

    i don’t see how in any way possible “anti-racism” is code for “anti-white”. RACISM is disgrimination against another person(s) by their skin colour or culture, be that black, white, asian etc. If you are “ANTI-RACIST” it means you AGAINST RACISM. meaning you don’t support people thinking that another colour of people are worse then you are. THAT GOES FOR ALL RACES. I’ll give you an example. If a white man hates people who are racist and giving (say blacks for example) a bad time, that means that white man is ANTI-RACIST. So how can you possibly tell me now that this white man is against white people? are you insane? “hmm, i hate it when whites pick on black people, im not going to be anti-white and hate on my own colour.” fool..

    My response? “here is how racism works on planet earth (posted full mantra)

    Funny haha

    Daniel Genseric

    The old adage which pokes fun at anti-Whites from way back goes something like, and I’m sure Bob can attest to its authenticity, “I hate bigots.”

    It’s like saying “I hate Haters.” Well that makes you a hater does it not? Or “I am intolerant of intolerance.” Hahaha!

    Lord Nelson

    Looks like we are on the right track: ‘White and Normal’. Keep pushing it!

    White and Normal

    White and Normal

    White and Normal

    White and Normal

    White and Normal

    White and Normal

    White and Normal

    White and Normal

    You get the idea 😉


    LN-I can sense something going on in my bones. We are seriously building up speed.

    PS-Nice speech in the video……………..the Tram video that used you to kick it off off might have had something to do with a rabbit that i know very well 😉

    Lord Nelson

    “LN-I can sense something going on in my bones. We are seriously building up speed”

    I sense it TOO!

    C Bear

    ‘White and normal’ is right up there with ‘code word’ and ‘anti-white.’ It drives them nuts! I try using at least one of these terms in every post. Most of all, I think what makes them so crazy is that we are now asserting our own terminology.

    Daniel Genseric

    Thoughts on “anti-White extremism” and “anti-White terrorism” as pro-White terms?


    Would that be much different than ‘anti-white racist’ or ‘anti-white bigot‘ ?

    On previous discussion it was thought that adding such qualifiers distracts from ‘Anti-white’.

    They might start focusing on the word extremism or terrorism instead of anti-white.

    Anti-white is extremism and terrorism. When you are against a race you are pro genocide by definition.

    Ice Knight

    @ meanwhiterabbit

    Yes I’ve had the same from PomonaPunkRock, about 10 paragraphs of anti White diatribe, she’s been a busy lady! Also some other nut trying to obtain my personal email address.

    You are right, we are hitting home!! Was reading a few general conversations today from ‘White and normal’ non BUGSters and they were questioning why multiculturalism is happening in only our countries, White countries. This is great as it’s the key message of the mantra and exposes the lie of multiculturalism, pushing people in the direction of the White genocide camp.


    I got told off in another thread for using “anti-White extremism” – personally I think it’s a great term but the consensus was we don’t need to escalate the anti White term at this point. It was said that our Jewish ‘friends’ have recently escalated from ‘anti Semite’ to ‘vicious anti Semite’ as the term was losing its bite, but whilst the anti White term is new and still holds truth we shouldn’t escalate it at this point.


    The Jews needed to add the qualifier because their use of anti-semitism was as a boy who cries wolf. They kept crying anti-semitism when there wasn’t any there.

    Daniel Genseric

    Well, I for one, will be using “anti-White terrorist” when talking about non-Whites targeting White people for violence. They have earned it.

    Those who ADVOCATE said anti-White violence but are too big of bitches ninnies to DO anything will earn the “anti-White extremist” moniker.

    Feel free to opine.


    GENSERIC – ‘Thoughts on “anti-White extremism” and “anti-White terrorism” as pro-White terms?’
    Yes Anti-White terrorism exists (South Africa Plaas mord) (farm murders)
    I personaly wouldn’t use those terms (at this time). I’ve heard a lot about ‘Muslim extremists’ and ‘Islamic terrorism’ but we’re told that ‘moderate Islam’ is quite OK.

    As a Christian I reject Islam as a competing belief system that has ZERO place in my country whether it is ‘moderate’ ‘extreme’ or ‘terrorist’. It’s ALL got to go,no compromise

    Similarly I don’t care if an Anti-White is a ‘moderate’,’extreme’ or ‘terrorist’.They’ve ALL got to go,no compromise.
    I’m told ‘moderate’ Isalm is the recruiting field of ‘extremists’ and ‘terrorists’,it stands to reason that ‘moderate’ Anti-Whites are the recruiting field of the ‘extremist’ and ‘terrorist’ Anti-Whites
    Pull the weed out at the roots,not just prune back the leaves !

    Incidently I have NEVER heard a ‘moderate Muslim’ condemn ‘Muslim terror-ism’ or ‘Muslim extremists’,and I have NEVER heard a ‘moderate’ Anti-White condemn Anti-White terrorism or Anti-White extremists.

    It ALL has to go,they are ALL the enemy therefore,it doesn’t seem worthwhile to distinguish.
    As always I’m flexible and open to persuasion : )

    MEAWHITERABBIT – If these Anti-Whites send you a P.M don’t bother replying via P.M,if you want to reply head back to the thread in question and reply via the comment section.Say something like ‘I got your P.M,but there’s nothing I want to say that can’t be said in public.Every White country and …..’roll back into the Mantra.

    DO NOT get into a long multi-P.M one on one duel.It’s pointless.Even if you win WE still lose because NOBODY else will see your victory.The point is to make a public example of them (baseline humiliation tactics,Horus covered it in the first few FTWR)
    They win even if they lose because they’ve taken you off the frontline and tied you up in a private arguement which NOBODY White and Normal can see.

    I don’t read P.M’s from known Anti-Whites anymore,the death threats and vile language became boring.In anycase I don’t care what they have to say,they are Anti-Whites,and the Anti-Whites have got to go !
    P.S Everytime I see your user name it seems to read MEAN-White-rabit. LOL Keep being mean to the Anti-Whites.

    Daniel Genseric


    When you put it that way, I may just reconsider.

    Henry Davenport

    Anti-Whites don’t say “Nazi extremist,” since they’ve made “Nazi” as extreme as one can get. Similarly, I don’t think we should say “anti-white extremist,” since it implies there are moderate anti-whites that are acceptable.

    “Anti-White terrorist” might be okay because it refers to particular activity, and the word “terrorist” might rub off advantageously on “anti-white.” The term might work kind of like “Nazi thug” works. I’d keep a suspicious eye on it though.


    Harumphty Dumpty- We might be better of with ACTS of anti-White terrorism (ie South Africa Plaas Mord )(farm murders) rubbing off on the term Anti-White
    Example Instead of saying ‘Blacks butchered a White family’ say ‘Anti-Whites butchered a White family’

    If we start refering to this terrorism as carried out not by some ‘brand’ or ‘type’ of terrorist but instead was carried out by Anti-Whites that tars all Anti-Whites with the same brush,it associates the 15 year old on youtube preaching our GENOCIDE with the Anti-Whites carrying out the GENOCIDE through violence.

    After the Norway shootings I destroyed the Anti-White ‘Native Support’ by equating his advocacy of GENOCIDE with Brevik’s murders ( ‘Anti-Whites seek to destroy White children from the Earth,Brevik chose bullets,you choose ‘blending humanity’ as your FINAL SOLUTION to the White problem’) He had a complete melt-down,live on youtube.It was beutiful 🙂

    I like the idea of making Anti-White the most extreme form of vile curse used in society

    Secret Squirrel

    HD is right. As soon as Nazi stops intimidating White people, they will start using, Vicious-Nazi-Extremist. You wait and see.

    These labels anti-Whites have been using on White people for the last 50 years, are nothing but Verbal Whips.

    As soon as a White person starts to drift from the heard, the anti-White cracks their whip, tears a little flesh off their victim, and they step back into line.

    Now White people finally have a whip, to use on their oppressors.

    Anti-White! – Crack!

    Anti-White! – Crack!

    So don’t waste it guys. Use it well. 🙂

    Something I tried out the other day, when responding on an article for April Gaede, was asking an anti-White, “Which anti-White group do you belong to?”

    I think it is only fair to ask start asking them which anti-White group they belong to, as the anti-Whites in the media are always talking about “White Supremacist Groups”.

    The Anti-Whites have their own version of these so called “hate groups”. So lets start labeling them as well.

    “White and Normal

    White and Normal

    White and Normal”

    Is that one of Bob’s? It is very good. 🙂


    I like your idea OldBlighty,

    “You have been consistently promoting White genocide.

    Who taught you to be anti-white?

    Is there a speficic Anti-white group you belong to?

    What do White and Normal people think of your anti-white behaviour?

    Do they tell you Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White?”

    Daniel Genseric

    I am wondering how pinpointing their anti-white affiliation proves anything about white genocide to the audience. Is this not setting ones self up for tailgating/getting off topic? How does this add value to the debate? What points are being made with it?

    -Which anti-White group do you belong to/SO you still belong to anti-White group ABC?

    +Group ABC is NOT anti-White. blah blah blah

    -Oh yes it is. Can you explain how this sin’t an anti-White activity? off topic off topic

    Daniel Genseric

    I am going to let the pro’s handle White and Normal and stick to what I can barely wrap my peanut around. The Mantra and Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.

    Secret Squirrel

    How about this?

    “Which White GeNOcide promoting group, do you belong to anti-White?”

    Asking them that question is only meant to return the insult as it is given. They will never answer a question that assumes their guilt. Would you answer a question phrased like that? I wouldn’t. lol

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