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Tears From An Anti-White: Post Your Favorite Lamentations From Opposition

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    This one hates Nazi’s not for killing 6 million jews but because they were White LOL

    bluehorizonemmie 22 hours ago

    Not justifying anything. Someone please tell where I have justified something that Zombie suggests I have. All I am doing is stating why you are an idiot, as I have done many times in the past and asked why you are avoiding comments you could easily answer but choose to avoid and deflect. I will also tell you what I said earlier you are IGNORANT to think ‘nazis-simply-wanted-to-kill-6­million-jews’. They wanted what you want To keep white, white and to keep their country. They were Nationalists


    The cognitive dissonance is amazing.
    Now I see why you guys comprise of 40…



    Actually, I mean good people in general. A good person is someone who is not racist and accepts all people no matter what. I mean you can believe in the mantra if you want, but as long as you’re not racist I will accept you. I hate racism so much. But half the time you guys tell someone who doesn’t agree with the mantra that they’re anti-white without any logical proof. Just let people have their opinion. If they agree, fine. If they don’t agree, fine. Don’t rage at them for it.

    From me:

    In a just world your statement would ring true. Unfortunately based off your statement the whole continent of Asia, Africa, countries like Israel and Mexico are foaming at the mouth racists by your definition.Because all we normal white people are saying with the mantra that massive immigration by the millions is ONLY happening to WHITE COUNTRIES and you call us racist for STATING IT.If we are racist for stating it what does that make the non white countries that practice it?

    I know I used the R-Word but I have already established that it is a HateWord with this guy.

    Secret Squirrel

    Anti-White PM:
    Hey man hows it going?! 😀
    I just wanted to you, to SHUT THE FUCK UP!
    America isn’t a white country NOR it will ever be!
    Mexicans were here first so of course they’ll be fucking Mexicans! SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY! White isn’t a race, its just a skin tone. White countries don’t exist, you’re a fucking idiot for all the stuff you’ve been saying…


    SWG (OB) that guy hit every major anti-White talking point in one post!


    What the fuck is it with you schmucks posting random comments about genocide on videos that have nothing to do with it? I’ve seen this shit on comment sections for multiple videos. Get a fucking life already.

    This is what he said when replying to another Anti-White:

    Yep. And I’ve been seeing these “white genocide” posts show up on many videos, under many different names. This person has waaayyyy too much time on his hands.



    “I suggest you learn about economics so you can understand why the world is run the way it is. The people who run this world don’t give a f* about black or white all they care about is their money. Go talk to them about white decline and they will laugh in your dumb azz face. there is a need for workers cuz whites r not producing babies. the UN is filling the gap with immigrants. Period! U R retarded if you think this is about ethnicity, & your fight & focus is in vain!If you have either no kids or only 2 kids, and you feel the white countries are under demographic threat by non-whites that reproduce faster, then why don’t you solve the problem by having more kids? And if you refuse to do that, then aren’t you the cause of your demise? Low birth rates of whites is not the fault of non-whites. And while non whites are immigrating in large numbers to some white countries; this seems to be the related to the former as the white elites seem to see immigration as a way of offsetting the demographic decline of white nations. Moreover these immigration policies are decided on by White governments in supposedly white countries. So if anyone is to blame for this ‘Genocide’ it is the whites collectively. Does a white family with one or no kids committing an act of genocide against the white race? Because for all intents and purposes, the result is the same according to the definition of genocide you provide. A group of non-whites moving to a white country does not kill the white inhabitants. It may make the white percentage of the population shrink, but in absolute numbers, it doesn’t not kill anyone, You might argue that intermixing might come of it and thus that would be killing the white race, but if that’s the case, then genocide is being committed against both races involved. Having kids with someone of a different race isn’t killing anyone. No more than having 0 kids is killing anyone. My sister(black) has a child with a white man. I don’t view them as having killed anyone. They have just exercised their freedom 2 B with whoever they want. R U saying they shouldn’t have that freedom?”

    Lol I never bothered to read all of that..

    Secret Squirrel

    “Hey Bob: Shut the fuck up, and start shagging your wife, and making little white babies. You are pathetic, whining, demanding that your sacred race be preserved for you. The white race is mingling with stronger blood – the kind that has not been pampered, not become brain dead due to TV, not become vulnerable because White Medicine has filled them with anti-boitics and numbed the brains with ‘medication’: So get off your computer and solve the problem. Get fucked – its that simple. Like you.”

    Ah… the true face of “anti-racism”.

    Fred Richthofen

    This one made me laugh.

    “Please, just get the fuck out of my WoW part of YouTube.”


    An Anti-White playing victim.

    I’ve literally only heard these asinine theories from one RangerOfAlcyone. Question. Do your friends tell you that they’re on the prowl for black mate to reproduce with because that’s cool? You speak like the type of idiot who thinks white people are victims of “reverse racism”. I want to know how this “grand experiment” is the desired “New World Order” when every interracial relationship I’ve been in has been only gotten me snarls and eye rolls from complete strangers. You really need to stop.

    If this person thinks it’s rough being a race traitor, he/she should try being pro-White for a day.


    How are you still alive, seriously? You’re just too stupid to live.

    You’re insane.

    You know what, fuck this. You can say what you want to say, I can say what I want to say, and either way you’re just gonna keep using this Anti-White shit as an excuse to be a racist cunt. So you know what, I’m done


    Barbara Gerhard has replied to your comment on The Da Vinci Code: The True Story (Discovery Channel)

    why do you turn up everywhere I go on youtube? you must like trolling around, you’ve made your point already, I agree that theres should be a limit on imigration, but really you are beginning to be monotonous. stay on the David Duke sites and leave the rest alone. unless you have something more appropriate. What you and all people need to do is seek the Lord while He may yet be found and stop obsessing on this subject, God isn’t concerned about imigration Hes concerned about your soul,

    finn cati


    AlbertFloor7 has replied to your comment on Biggest mountain bike backflip in history

    You know what i call white people ? Humans, You know what i call black people? Humans… You know what i call asian people? Humans! see where i am going with this? I DO NOT CARE WHO IS IN MY COUNTRY AS LONG AS THEY CAN MAKE THEMSELVES USEFULL NOW FUK OFF I AM WATCHING A RED BULL VIDEO.

    My Mantra response:

    Have you gone to Africa to say “we are all humans” and force them to accept multiCULTuralism and DIEversity until they become minorities?
    Have you gone to Asia to do this?
    No, you do this to EVERY White country and ONLY White countries.
    You anti-Whites only use “we are all human” as a justification for the geNOcide of White children.
    We KNOW the “anti-racists” goal is White GeNOcide.
    We KNOW that anti-racist is a >codeword< for anti-White.


    This one made me smile…

    Anti-white says: ‘Are you just going to keep posting this [the mantra] for eternity?’


    Oh my.. People like you actually exist? 🙁

    Why won’t you die?

    And I got a real high stepping Anti-Racist Hitler here:

    I was implying that if you, Billy Bob and Bertha over there all went to Africa/Asia with the goal of “outbreeding” the natives or whatever they’d probably kick your ass and have fun doing it. There is no “genocide”. There is no “agenda”. People fuck who they want. We’re all one species: human, regardless of the color of our skin.

    And I’m not watching any more of your bigoted bullshit, I got enough of it last night when I flagged your Hitler youth ass, and I encourage others to do the same.


    The fact that trolling has reached the level where it uses genocide as its topic disgusts me…. You should all be ashamed.

    An Anti-White replies to another Anti-White’s question on what happened to the comments section:

    No idea man, it makes me sad. I see these comments all over the place and since i was sticking around listening to this song i finally decided to reply lol

    I love the sweet dejected tone in that last one.


    Just got this one from a clueless girl:

    Holy cow! I just looked on your profile. Dude, what is your problem? White skin color is not something to be preserved or to be killed (you mention genocide as if having babies with someone with a different color is killing people). It’s a skin color. There is only one race: “human race”. There are biological differences in different races of the same species, like in dogs for an example. In humans, there aren’t any. I shouldn’t have checked out your profile… it was very disturbing.


    Daniel Genseric


    Lunacy like the bit you just received says nothing about you and EVERYTHING about the anti-white. Their world view becomes so fractured upon hearing the Mantra that they feel the NEED to vent, to reinforce and reaffirm their views to somebody, anybody, EVERYBODY… However, it’s too late. The bell cannot be “unrung”.



    Someone called Mr. Marr a “racist” at Eugene Weekly and didn’t like the blow-back…

    …in this whole mess! I didn’t know when I posted this photo that the crazy white power would all come out of the woodwork, like cockroaches. This is just sickening.

    Benjamin Newells

    A response to one of Edward’s minis:

    Hmmm… just in case anyone is new to the boards… this guy is a liberal activist who regularly logs on and sounds off like a crazed right wing nut. He is in fact, a paid operative for the Crazed LEFT Wing Nuts. While it’s nice that the CLWN’s are doing their part to provide a jobs program for undereducated youth, it can be confusing to those who are not aware of their program. Questions?

Viewing 20 posts - 101 through 120 (of 167 total)
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