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The "Refugee Crisis" Talking Points

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    time for freedom

    1. The #refugeecrisis is used by #antiwhite leaders to further target ONLY White countries with non-White people to complete #WhiteGenocide

    2. The #RefugeeCrisis has been forced on ONLY and ALL White countries by #antiwhites as a means to further the system of #WhiteGenocide

    3. Modern crusades used to justify #WhiteGenocide in White Countries and ONLY White countries:
    The Holocaust
    Refugee Crisis

    4. What is going to be done about the #WhiteGenocideCrisis that the #antiwhites have forced on White countries and ONLY White countries???


    These are useful. I’m going to take advantage of them.
    Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, #refugeecrisis for White countries. Diversity is a code word for #WhiteGenocide

    time for freedom

    Asia for the Asians
    Africa for the Africans
    Forced #refugeecrisis for White countries

    Thanks for that one


    #refugeeswelcome in ALL & ONLY White countries

    #refugeeswelcome is code for #WhiteGenocide


    I’ve been in bunches of facebook groups that deal with the immigration issues and 98% of these groups are on our side however, I find my self getting kicked out of most pro white groups for using the above mantras, Any advice/insight?


    They’re Anti-Mantra pro-Whites (AMPW) don’t bother wasting your time with them. Instead of posting on pro-White facebook groups, Try posting on random youtube videos, articles, random facebook groups, twitter is also really good for spreading this stuff.

    Dennis K

    The ire directed against Hungary proves, NO EXCEPTIONS! It has to be ALL and ONLY White Countries which become mass third world human dumping grounds.


    And this I bring up.

    China has 60 million unoccupied dwellings, at least. They have CITIES which are empty, freshly built, awaiting people. All the refugees could move to a new city, give use to their investment, bring diversity to China, without having to displace a single Chinese person from their home.

    Yet the anti-racists don’t mention this, or worry about it. It HAS to be Europe where they go. It has to be at the expense of ethnically cleansing (opps, I mean “evicting” Europeans from their homes). Why? Could it be that the goal isn’t to help the refugees, but wage demographic warfare against White people? It would certainty explain the contradictions.


    Take a page out of “Jason”‘s playbook and post on cat videos, “Bob” recommends that kind of thing too.

    Well, gang, if that makes you the least bit uncomfortable, do it for Old Coach. For almost seventy years I have sat down in movies and watched TV and read novels for entertainment, and a huge percentage of what should have been fun time turned out to be preachment at me about how great intermarriage was or how evil whites were or anything else that was fashionable with Mommy Professor at the moment.

    It was called A Social Message and it ruined thousands of hours for me.

    In fact, there is a huge difference between those Social Messages imposed on us and your putting the Mantra on sites. We are banned and threatened if we put our own message into public discussion. Outside America you are imprisoned for it. That gives us not only the right, but the duty, to put it in every spot we can get away with.

    Yesterday’s and today’s Social Message imposed on us was not just uncensored and unbanned. All my life thousands to millions of people have been paid and promoted for repeating their usual propaganda everywhere.

    The best Mantra placement offends the hell out of them. You are hitting the same people who let anti-whites get away with throwing in their slogans absolutely anywhere.

    But, yeah, A.-M.P.-W.s is what they are. They’re people who think The Mantra doesn’t work (as if!!).



    Any bugsers, especially Canadians, have a moment to shoot down this fool of a provincial official?



    Done. We’ll see if the ‘moderators’ let the comments through the PC filter.

    The Syrian invasion of Canada is just another day in these criminals schemes. I hate this government and its bureaucracy.

    According to the MSM, the ONLY opinion to refugees is YES. and YES!! No one else exists.


    Of course the usual culprits who fostered open door migration policies are the same culprits agitating and supporting the wars creating the refugees.
    Most of these people aren’t even from Syria, they aren’t refugees.
    Mass immigration under the cover of a [manufactured] refugee crisis.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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