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White Genocide Petition

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    Daniel Genseric

    Are you talking about my comment on reporting your efforts and not making suggestions? This notion is central to the BUGS philosophy.


    @DG, I am not trying to be funny but I really have no Idea what you just said.


    That makes much more sense. Yes I was and please tell me more plainly next time. I am not joking when I say I really don’t get what you guys are saying sometimes.

    Daniel Genseric

    It’s all gravy, baby.

    It took Bob throwing a folding chair at me before I Got It and actually put his petition online, if you can believe that. I can show you which page that is on if you want a good laugh. haha


    Haha I don’t doubt it. I was lurking here for a long time before deciding to stop over-thinking things and actually start doing. It’s still a work in progress.


    @Crazy Ivan –
    What languages do you have?
    Are you on SF?
    Can you promote this petition of some of the European threads on SF?
    I am waiting for saffa to get in touch on SF and say what he wants in a thread otherwise we just promote the petition and put his website link in.

    In fact what harm would it do to include the link to the petition in our postings?

    Anti-racism is a code word for anti-White.
    Do your bit to fight White genocide by signing here.

    I put a link out on yahoo – it works fine.


    10 links out on yahoo.



    English and Croatian (By extension that also includes Serbian).
    Yeah (Oklopnik) although I scarcely ever go there.
    Yes and Yes.


    I made two threads on SF Croatia and Srbija linking the petition.

    Daniel Genseric

    Solicited for help with your revised petition banner via admin on the not-so-public channel.


    Ok mate. I see your thread.

    Are their officials from the Croatian Nationalist party on that thread. If there are we may need to ask their help if this is what saffa wants.

    If you want to put the image as the link to the petition you can do this by

    pasting the whole of this into the post on SF


    This will put in the image into the SF post and make it link to the petition page.

    We can all put this code into our posts on SF it works fine.


    Six, I have updated the thread but there are no nibbles so far. It’s late over there atm so I expect It won’t get more than a few views until tomorrow.


    So apparently putting up petitions on SF is banned on SF Serbia. I just got this reply on my thread:

    “Additional Rules of conduct on SF Serbia:

    *To put up internet petitions of any kind, have internet voting of any kind outside of Stormfront, promoting and calling for members of this forum to participate in such.

    The thread is still up but I expect it will be locked/removed soon.

    Who makes these rules on SF, I’ve been looking at them and most are absolutely ridiculous.


    The rules of this forum as rather unique. SF seems to have gone a bit strange as I can’t connect to it right now.
    Suggest you contact the member who posted these rules.
    Explain the situation. When you make the rules there are no rules you can’t bend.
    In this case preventing this petition is anti-White. It is pro-genocide.
    That may sound over the top but that is what it is.

    Daniel Genseric

    Petition at 1605 signatures.

    SF seems to be down and is staying down shortly after all the chatter and inquiries regarding the petition.

    Anything that moves toward a global network of whites acting in unison as a COMMUNITY is subject to censorship.


    As a Spaniard, I can tell you something about Alerta Digital:
    1) It’s a quite visited website.
    2) Marine Le Pen said “anti-White RACISM”.
    3) They allow me to post Mini Mantras all over their articles and moderators like my comments.


    There are now 1,618 signatures on the White Genocide Petition! Congratulations and thanks to our brothers in South Africa. It is a shame Whites have to pushed up against such a wall before responding, but at least we know Whites WILL respond. If only we can get other Whites around the world to have the courage of the White South Africans.

    Great letter to Ms. Le Pen.


    SF is back up.
    The Croatian petition thread is still up.
    A moderator must have taken the image linking to petition down from my British post – I do not understand this.
    SF talks about White genocide but a photo link to the petition is removed.
    That is the website’s right to do so but I would like to know why they did that.

    If I start putting this up on all the country forums there may be an issue. Like they will pull them for me spamming SF.

    The forums are:
    British SF – Done
    Irish SF – locked
    Croatian – Done
    Scandinavian – I have asked SuperIceland on youtube.
    South Africa

    Will people split these up between you so it is not just coming for two of us.

    It is worth it – there are people signing up from Croatia and Romania – so it does make a difference.


    Six, Serbian thread is still up:


    Yeah Crazy Ivan; still up – the British one had the image taken out. Never mind the threads are up. Suggest they are bumped by feed back saying the number of people who have signed is now XXXX. Have you added your name yet? Whites are suffering and dying. They need your support.

    We need people to volunteer to put up the other threads on Stormfront.

Viewing 20 posts - 81 through 100 (of 150 total)
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