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Tim’s Credit Rating

Posted by Bob on June 21st, 2006 under General

Below is Tim’s comment that led directly to my writing the piece anout how the secret to power is NOT taking credit.

As so often happens, what actually happened to me sounds like a joke, but it happened.

While writing the blog entry about not taking credit, I was unable to find the person to give the credit to.

During my frantic search, it never occurred to me that my desperate search for whom to give credit to was a bit of a contradiction to what I was writing about.

So now I don’t know whether to give Tim credit for this or not:

Not Spam,

The Ann Coulter situation is getting interesting. Ann Coulter just wrote a book saying “Liberalism IS a Religion”. Bells and Whistles went off when I read this. For obvious reasons I posted it here and got dogged for doing so by someone (I forget who?). Ann I guess is a big respectable Conservative and a traitor to us. Or so they say. We are in a struggle. In a struggle, new folks come in and grab the message and catch religion. It happens in a variety of ways. This type of thing to me is liking driving a car—To go from Reverse to Drive —You first have to go through Neutral. Ann is in Neutral steering harder to the right. I find it ammusing.

Recent Comments:

Ann called the Arabs Jihad Monkeys and said they should be shipped out of the West. When asked how the Muslims would be shipped out—she replied—”on their flying carpets”.

She was recently asked by a British reporter why she supports Isreal. She replied:”For the same reason I supported Apartheid South Africa. They are both small countries surrounded by Savages”.

Now, she has said some funny things in the past. She has always been called Racist etc. But she is getting more interesting by the moment. Anytime someone with “primetime” coverage is starting to copy and paste BW’s ideas—this becomes interesting for me at least.

The SA Apartheid comment was funny. She has more balls than Sean Hannity (that is not saying much). The Magic Carpet bit was good as well. I will be even more happy when she states BW’s Mantra. I won’t hold my breath. But NO respectable Conservative would have made the SA comment. No one outside of our circle would have had the stones to say that to the London Guardian Newspaper. Good for her. Now all she needs to do is state BW’s mantra and few thousand times on Fox News and have some White Babies. I would buy her books, love her and support her.

Comment by Tim

  1. #1 by joe odin on 06/21/2006 - 9:15 pm

    You forgot to mention that Ann Coulter is hot…that helps too.

  2. #2 by richard on 06/22/2006 - 6:47 am

    How long would she be given media time if she DIDN’T support Israel?

  3. #3 by Charles on 06/23/2006 - 11:56 pm

    Ann is wrong about Israel, which is an anti-nation.

  4. #4 by Joe on 06/30/2006 - 11:06 pm

    She also has a chapter in there where she supports “The Bell Curve” in a roundabout way. Very gutsy.

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