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The Advantage of Being WRONG

Posted by Bob on June 22nd, 2006 under Coaching Session

He who searches for truth is no diplomat. That’s why I like flat statements. A flat statement is right or wrong. All I am interested in is whether one is right or wrong.

I have the same problem with someone who quotes the dictionary. That’s French.

As an Anglo-Saxon I agree with Noah Webster:

“Usage is everything.”

In order for a word to become officially a part of the French language it has to be approved by the Academie Francais. Someone talking about home schooling pointed out that, in France, every single student in the entire French school system is on the same page of the same textbook on the same day if they are the same age. This is a scandal to an Anglo-Saxon, and when some aspiring Acadamie Ingese member quotes a dictionary at me, I mentally give him the finger.


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