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Blood on the Keys

I just explained to Mark something he already knows:

Mark, the Mantra and HERESY! did not spring out of my typewriter fully grown, as you well know. They are so good htat nobody NOTICES it outside our little circle.

One thing that makes writing a book such a misery is that you do it ALONE. I have over 23,000 words in draft. The big question is, is it still on an understandable subject in an understandable direction or have I wandered too far?

I dread submitting it to anybody for a read.

First, I will have to listen to their ritual bit about they “have a life” several times. Then they will tell me I should read oneof the two books they have read since I gave them the manuscript.

Finally, at long last, I will call them the fifth time and they will say, yes, they read it last week.

The reason I am so exhausted and so anxious is that writing 23,000 words for publication is hard work. But it may all need to be started again from scratch. Whether or no I can proceed depends on my getting someone else to read it over. This is a BIG deal.

After the ritual “I’ve got a life” and “Why don’t you read the books I have read since you sent me this” comes the announcement that they did read it last week. Now comes ANOTHER painful ritual.

I want to know. I NEED to know, if it makes sense when someone reads it over the way a regular eader would. Everybody knows that a writer has a hard time proffing his own spelling. You need someone ELSE to edit it.

So, finally, this person has read it, though they didn’t bother to tell me so. Now comes the NEXT ritual:

“I read it and I’ve been thinking about it.”

“Yes, yes, what’s the verdict?”

“Well, I know you ran it through your spellchecker, but I still can’t decide whether you spelled “peanut butter” right. Shouldn’t there be a hyphen in there?

In the movie “Telefon” someone was able to kill the person on the other end of the line. I want to find out how to do that.

No, I did not write the book so people could check my spellchecker. I want to know if people can read it and if it follows. The time you spent reading magazines last week would be enough to read it over quickly, which what the reader will do, not even taking those two books into account.

How is the book coming? I put the intro here. I put a later chapter here.

Nothing back about whether it flowed or makes sense.

I am taking them out. I need a reader who will READ the damned thing.

And I am going to stop writing this before I bust a gut.


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“I noticed they and my answers seemed to have disappeared, but my initial Mantra post remained.”

Peter, would it be possible for you to show how you answer the, “I don’t know anyone advocating non-white immigration/assimilation…” objection? If we could put that alongside the Mantra for a fast cut and paste it would speed things up and make it harder for our posters to get “off message.”

I’ve asked Bob a time or two to put the Heresy piece below the Mantra on his Mantra page but so far he hasn’t had time — or else I haven’t found it. If we had the 1.)Mantra, 2.) Who’s advocating this?, and the 3.) Heresy Response within reach it may make things more efficient and get more of us posting.

BTW, good work!


Mark is doing it right. If I don’t answer a pit you need answering, REMIND me. If you don’t feel I am addressing somebody adquately or or rightly, bite your pack leader on the tail.

I am getting CONSTRUCTIVE suggestions from you. You are necouraging EACH OTHER and leaving it all to me. I haven’t seen this sort of thing in fifty years of trying.

Mean, moan, there has GOT to be something WRONG here. My first thought is htat you are all agents snert by the Secret Service of the Planet Xenon.

You came BACK with something critical. How else would I KNOW that so many people in Europe may not have heard the exact words “race problem?”

Mark, the Mantra nad HERESY! did not spring out of my typewriter fully grown, as you well know. They are so good htat nobody NOTICES it outside our little circle.

But now I am going to try grind out what you ask for with the hundred rewrites to cut it down, cut it down, cut it down, and to make it unanswerable.


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