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Posted by Bob on November 1st, 2006 under General


Bob: since you may not want to draw too much attention to a single individual, please feel free to reply with another comment.

I was answering replies. I noticed that replies maybe more likely with outrageous headings, such as “Soon we shall send all the Mestizos home” in a Liberal newsgroup.

I answered with the Heresy boilerplate, but I felt a pull to preface it with a comment using his own line of thinking in his cliché reply.

Here’s how it went:

banyan wrote:
> Paine wrote:
>> They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-white.
>> Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.
> So here it is. The races are locked in opposition to each other, and if
> I do not believe it is so, then I am against the white race — I’m a
> race traitor! We are therefore all hyphenated humans — not one species
> but umpteen different races.
> Here is why this is obscene and dehumanising. We can’t be human because
> being white or black or Asian or whatever takes precedence and
> alienates us from all other races. Instead of being able to appreciate
> or at least understand each other, we must put all our effort into
> creating and emphasising difference.
> The only possible states we can live in therefore are constant conflict
> ending in “them” killing all of “us” or vice versa, or some sort of
> ghettoised isolation.
> That’s all crap. We can decide to make a big deal out of race and
> culture, and we can voluntarily make the value judgements that ‘they’
> are inferior. Or we can all decide to be human and get over our own
> bullshit.
Spoken like a true robot! Your religion demands that you hate your fellow man and so you do. This religion cannot allow men to unite in families and by nature for then the people would have the power to throw off that religion’s shackles.

So instead you are left as a lone ego.

You will stand with no one.

No one will stand with you.

You have been dehumanized by a religion that hates you. Look within you and find your long lost nature. Look within you and find your humanity. Look within you and be a man.

Or continue being a robot fighting with every other robot for a job promotion… fighting with every other robot to keep from being fired… fighting with every other robot for your child, your “property” to get a grade he/she/it (robots have no race or gender) does not deserve… fighting with every other robot in traffic to get home before 10:00 pm.

“Obscene and dehumanizing” is vapid name-calling. It is the desperate cry of a religious robot trying to maintain his religion’s orthodoxy of hate.

By name-calling, you are calling every MAN (”human” is an abstraction good only for robots) a “heretic.”


Each society has its own word for HERESY!

Communists called all HERESY! Fascist. Fascist Italy called all HERESY Communist.

Today, under the Politically Correct tyranny, HERESY! is called HATE! or “racism.” Nobody wants to try to deal with a point such as that anti-racism means white genocide, so they start demanding that nobody say it, just like any other tyranny does. They call people who speak HERESY! names.

You Political Correctness fanatics are playing a very old game.

When you call people names who disagree with you or scream Hate or racism, a.k.a., HERESY! it says nothing about the point we heretics make.

But it tells us ALL about YOU.


Comment by Pain — 11/1/2006 @ 3:18 pm | Edit This


I should add that there are as many positive replies as well. I make sure I tell them I thought well of their statements.

Comment by Pain


After all the above work-related genius, Pain asked ME if he should use the proposed Norwegian Mantra.

Dammit, Pain, do what you are doing!

The LAST thing Mark wanted to do was to keep you from drawing attention to what WORKS. Give the man CREDIT! He had some points Bob should have paid attention to so he bit me on the ass.

As to your getting too much credit, nobody would be more ecstatic than Mark if you took over the world.

Except maybe me.

Just keep on the attack. We are working on some stuff we found out about Europeans. Bob is not ABOUT to tell you how to use it. You are fighting the fight and doing a great job of it, and don’t tell me or Mark you don’t know it. Even I am not that dumb and Mark sure as hell isn’t.

Sic the bastards, and we are beyond the point where I need my ego massaged by your asking me HOW. Do what you are doing.

The seminar can offer you very useful, practical stuff only WE know how to use. But the torch has been PASSED. You are IT now.

  1. #1 by Mark on 11/01/2006 - 11:25 pm


    “As to your getting too much credit, nobody would be more ecstatic than Mark if you took over the world.”

    Bob’s right. I want you (and everyone else on this board) to get a trainload of credit for fighting the fight. And if you took over the world I’d follow you to heaven or hell.

    The point I was trying to make before was that I like a little credit once in a while too — when I do something that deserves credit — that is. If I don’t do something for the Cause then all of you should be kicking me in the ass.

    Peter, if you posted the Mantra on every billboard in town I would be the first to lead a dozen ‘hip-hoorays’ and the drinks would be on me for a week. I think you’re doing a BRILLIANT job. I just wish we had a hundred Peters to do what you’re doing. Maybe then you really could rule the world and Bob would be eating his heart out.

  2. #2 by Alan B. on 11/02/2006 - 1:39 am


    Pain, that was Great!

  3. #3 by PeterGene Budarick on 11/02/2006 - 8:03 am



    It is encouraging to notice so many people doing practical propaganda work.

    I was thinking about the “melting pot” idea and countries with low birth rates. Some of you mentioned Japan and Iran. Here it is interesting to note that White Russia has a very low birth race – loosing about one million people per year.

    I did not notice any race mixing in Russia. In fact i did not see a single black man. However many Russian leaders are now very concerned about the influx of Chinese people, particularly now as the Russians are developing closer business, trade and military relationships with China. Also Russia is so big that it can accomodate many different racial cultures. But these are not mixed. They live in seperate regions which are immense in size. As you will have noted there has been quite soem racial tension in Russia recently.

    I have noticed that Australia and America see the race problem very differently. Bob mentioned the fact that blacks have been in America for hundreds of years. Here in Adelaide Australia blacks are a recent phenomena and are now coming in in huge numbers. This has happened over the past 5 years. People are beginning to notice them. The can’t speak English, get a lot of money from my hard work. Don’t work themselves and make a huge number of children. For every child the Government pays them a large amount of money. Again this money comes from working people like me. So that is a new phenomena for us. And these are full blooded African niggers who have trashed their own societies. They can live here the good life, because there are slaves supporting them [such as myself] and because of a politically correct mindset.

    So the attitudes to race and what constitutes a race problema and what does not, varies with different countries.

    In Australia we know that the Native Australians can’t live in white society unless they are given massive handouts and their societies a strictly managed by whites. When taken out of their primitive tribal cultures they can’t function. There may be a few exceptions and these are often Native Australians racially mixed with Afgahns or Irish.

    Another thing that occurred to me was assimilation as opposed to race mixing. The race mixing concept is to create a race of grey robots which will be controlled by the racially pure Jews who are behind all our problems [not only the race issues]. However that is a theory. This does not always work in practice. It is possible for one race to assimilate another race without changing fundamentally. There is a tendency for races to diverge and remain relatively pure even though there has been soem mixing. This is of course how the Jews opperate. They need a small amout of Non-Jewish stock to keep their own stock in good condition. So we could over time be absorbed by them. And the reverse is also true.

    Mixing whites with blacks would only happen if it was enforced because of the emotional temperamental and aethetic differential between the two races. And it would be the lower race – the blacks – who would benifit from it [would become more human]. We can see this in America among the upper class blacks who are perhaps 75% white. I can’t see a perfectly mixed grey American race ever happening. The enforced mixing will eventually stop.

    I also believe that bringing heaps of niggers into places like Adelaide will make many Australins who are not racially aware, more racially aware. That is bound to happen as the crime increases. And Australians will see the problem very differently to Americans. Unlike Americans these blacks are full blooded savages and coem as our maters whom we must serve.

    It is going to hit people very hard! Like it hit me when i saw a huge mob of these savages. I had never seen real live niggers before. They behaved like animals and also as if they owned the country. I have no doubt that other people notice this too.

    Of course the Jews work on the children and teenages to get them to accept racial mixing and being servants to blacks and Jews. These are the ones i need to educate. The Jews control all Australian public education, and they have this ideal of a mixed race led by niggers who are following Jew orders.

    We see this Jewish ideal [of race mixing and multiracial culture] in the Jewish film “The Matrix” trilogy which is probably the most blatently Jewish film ever made [even has cryptic references to Messia and “Holocaust”] and it works to influence the young of our race in many different ways. These films have been very effective in poisioning our young! So i am working on ways to counter that poison.

    Best wishes to all.

    I hope Bob goes to Iran and gives talk

  4. #4 by Bob on 11/02/2006 - 9:40 am

    Mark, eat my heart out, hell.

    I’m just doing this so that you folks will take over the government and raise my pension.

  5. #5 by Pain on 11/02/2006 - 5:48 pm


    I have learned quite a bit from everyone here, including Mark’s striking at the pith.

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