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Posted by Bob on November 19th, 2006 under Coaching Session

I am getting sick of brats like Peter and Dave and Tom writing what I wish I had written.

As soon as I find somebody to get my teeth out of the glass and point my wheelchair in the right direction, I’m going to bite the hell out of all of you.



When BW said: “When a professional thinker looks at anything, he first looks at WHY it does what it does. This is the only sense in which I am conservative”, I almost fell out of my chair when I read that.

You cannot imagine the impact a statement this statement has on me. You see, from the time I was your age a read and studied ALL the radical literature: Marxist, Freudian, Libertarian, Rightwing, and KKK, whatever.

The reason I did this is because I believe in Johann Goethe’s dictum: “In life, nothing less than everything will do”.

Because of all my reading, I know that no one has ever boiled down the very essence of the subversive attitude as BW has done in this post. He has boiled it down to what it really is!

In doing so, if you really understand the meaning of BWs post, BW gave you the entire world. That’s all, just a little gift, the entire world.

It is knowing how to evaluate for REAL KNOWLEDGE is what is truly important, and REAL KNOWLEDGE resides in the real WHY of things, things that are mostly unconscious to the broad swath of humanity.

I try to make money in the financial markets. Here’s a challenge. Read everything you can on WHY the dollar is worth what it is worth in the international markets.

What you are going to find is that you will read endlessly confusing BS. Endlessly. You will come across thousands of “experts” claiming all kinds of expertise and experience on the subject.

The problem is no one (assuming they know the secret) is going to give it away because knowing the secret makes you a more skilled competitor.

Their attitude is, “If you don’t have the brains to figure out the secret for yourself, you don’t deserve to know”.

The “secret” is no big deal: The value of dollar in the international markets is determined by the rate of change in overall corporate earnings. That is only meaningful if it is important to you.

But my point is that none of the “experts” clued me in. I had to figure it out for myself, just like everybody else.

But knowing that is to know the real WHY of the dollar’s value.

Accordingly, no professor is going to tell you the real WHY of the University. Why should he? He makes his living by you NOT KNOWING that.

Accordingly, the University has no courses for BW to teach.

Comment by Dave

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