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There is not one country in all of Asia where the standard of beauty is not to look more Caucasian.

There is no attempt to hide it whatsoever. The sole determinate of the Asian standard of beauty to the Asian’s eye is how Caucasian they look. There is a big plastic surgery industry serving this standard in every country in Asia. The skin lightening products industry is booming inevery Asian country also.

But take a look at this quote below. I picked this up off the Asia Times site yesterday. It is an essay by Henry Liu, a Chinese academic living in NY City. Henry Liu has done some of the best work on the global money markets out there.

He is widely quoted and published. He is left wing in his orientation, a Chinese ex-patriot, a pro-Chinese democracy type, but his focus is the capital markets where his makes his living both as pundit and as a fund manager.

The premise of Henry’s latest essay is that the America Civil War universalized the institution slavery, by modifying slavery to a new form, through auspices of “Giant Corporatism”:

These are direct quotes published in the Asia Times yesterday:

“War saved the Union, destroyed democracy.”

“ Most Southerners at the end of the fighting in 1865 were resigned to the need to accept the supremacy of the Federal government…”

“Southern sentiments of reconciliation were not reciprocated by a hostile North, where an attitude to treat the South as a conquered territory, the root institutions of which required wholesale reconstruction…”

“After Appomattox, where Robert E Lee surrendered to Ulysses S Grant on April 9, 1865, with Lincoln assassinated five days later on April 15, the returning Confederate soldiers found their home country in an indescribable state of ruin and disorganization. The communication and transportation infrastructure was totally destroyed by the vengeful armies of Sherman and Sheridan. The final phases of the war had degenerated from a patriotic undertaking on the part of the North to subdue the South’s will to secede, to a frenzied orgy of savage destruction…”

“The devastation of the Southern economy did not end with the war. The Federal Treasury confiscated all properties of the Confederate government. Federal agents, many of whom were dishonest, exploited the confiscation order to loot the Southern agricultural economy to enrich themselves personally while they transferred wealth northward to support the costly transition of the war economy of the North in peace time. With the defeat of the South went the defeat of popular democracy and the triumph of big business corporatism.”

Somehow, this seems way off the leftist crap of the 1960s.

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Affirmative Action Beauty 2 — Japanese Cartoons

For all this reciting of Mommy Professor’s “beauty is just a matter of opinion” crap, Japan has a serious cartoon problem. It is easy enough for an Oriental to see the difference between one Oriental and another, but it is just too hard to DRAW that subtle difference in cartoons. So their cartoons are Caucasoid.

This has caused an outcry since it started decades ago, when cartoons were black and white but the difference in features were still too difficult and required Caucasoids. The solutions are interesting.

They have “black” characters who are pure Nordics with black coloring. But that’s the least of it.

Today Japanese cartoons are still Caucasoid, but whereas they used to have a few Japanese writings and so forth in them, on a blackboard for instance, now the Japanese Caucasoid characters are in traditional Japanese clothes and every opportunity is used to show Japanese writing. The Caucasoid characters now have more epicanthic eye folds.

This is fascinating for me, but Mommy Professor doesn’t let anti-whites think of it, much less talk about it.

Another device that affirmative action in Japanese cartooning is using is like Piers Anthony’s Xanth novels. A lot of the characters are a mixture of Caucasoid and animal.

Traditional Japanese clothes which fewer Japanese wear every day. Cat moustaches. Slightly squinted eyes. You can FEEL the desperation.

It’s a real yuck.

In the real world, looks are not subject to Mommy Professor’s whims.