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Practical History: The Spread of “Christianity”

LAWRENCE Brown,whose comments are not always friendly, has some good things to say about the early Christian missionaries to Northern Europe. He says they went in with the Good News of Jesus Christ. He says their obvious love of their fellow man was the best asdvertisement for their faith.

I would add that one thing our “barbarian” ancestors respected was COURAGE. Those men went into places where Roman Armies dared not tread and often, cheerfully, paid the price.

Now the PRACTICAl point. What the early missionaries did NOT go into Northern Europe with was the Middle eastern Wordist rot that had accumulated around the Gospel in the Church.

Bible-thumpers keep telling us that the Bible, i.e., Chrsitanity, is 70% Old Testament.

Try to imagine this picture of the early missionaries. They are in a boat with the entire set of scrolls that make up the Old Testament. The potential converts sit around and listen to hundreds of thousands of words of what even C.S. Lewis admits is a mythology far interior in quality to that of Northern Europe.

No, those missionaries carried the GOSPEL, not in texts, but in their hearts. The Middle Eastern crap was a dirty trick that came AFTER our forefathers had listened to the Good News itself.
We know that the Gothic Church was of the Arian Heresy Wolfila brought with him. We do not know WHICH version of the Good News, in the terms of later ruling theologians, each of those other early missionaries carried.

I don’t think it matters.

Missionaries to Northern Europe carried Christianity without the quotation marks. Wordist “Christianity” came later.


Pain’s War


Lawrence Brown didn’t write the Da Vinci Code. You are mixing him up with Dan Brown. He didn’t write it either; he stole it from a crackpot who didn’t have the connections in publishing to get the fiction published.

Lawrence Brown wouldn’t have written the drivel you are rambling about and he was already dead anyway.

I am commenting on this because it is embarrassing to me when you make a fool of yourself.

TO REPEAT, I KNEW LAWRENCE Brown. I have read Might of the West repeatedly and helped get my literary agent ot reprint it. I also read the Da Vinci Code.

I never said the Da Vinci Code was written by LAWRENCE Brown. Brown knew too much history to blame make those assertions about Constantine. Besides, Brown was dead before the Da Vinco Code was written.

I neither know nor care who Dan Brown is. He is YOUR obsession, not mine. You got him mixed up with Lawrence Brown, now you have him mixed in with the da Vinci Code. This does not make you look too bright.

This is a matter of where you are coming from. You are very upset with my version of history. Talk about what actually is bothering you. THAT might be productive.


Rulers in Drag

To say that something is “moot” means that it has nor been Decided. Please note the capital letter. When Northern Europe was conquered it was gently convinced, by stakes and torture, that a thing was Decided when somebody in a robe Decided it.

Men in Northern Europe wore pants. Middle Easterners wore robes. Popes and kings wore robes. So when King Harald imposed “Christianity” on Norway, a group escaped to Iceland where they “invented” representative government, that is, they took the moot with them.

It is not accidental that “scholars” wore robes. Each Authority, as it gained power, wore its Middle Eastern robes. You simply did not Decide an issue unless you had a robe on.

The Constitution was written by men in pants. It is not accidental that today the Constitution consists of nine lawyers in robes.

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