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The Non-Fall of Rome

We talk about the Fall of Rome because, though the Emperor Constantine had no idea Rome had Fallen when he moved the capitol, to us it looks like it had. Remember that Gibbon was writing back when it was assumed that Classical Sculpture consisted of the gray, bare stone they were digging up.

About Gibbons’ time they also began to erect “Classical” buildings that were bare and gray like the ones that were left in Rime and Greece. People who talk about how “sophisticated” they are always good for a belly laugh. So the BBC has “I, Claudius” with a statue in his garden that is bare gay stone. This is Sophisticated Authenticity.

It is exactly as sophisticated as the Cargo Cult. In fact, it is exactly LIKE the Cargo Cult.

So our Cargo Cult history says that when Constantine moved from Rome, Rome fell. From OUR point of view, during the following period Rome DID fall, that is, it “fell” in OUR areas of Western Europe. But the Classical World had developed and lived for a millennium before it ever set foot north of the Alps. So it didn’t Fall because it lost that territory.

The World View sophisticates have now is that the Mediterranean world Fell when it lost territory north of the Alps.

The truth is that the Mediterranean world barely noticed. Our Cargo Cult history is built on this Fall of Rome crap.

You cannot begin to understand how ridiculous our history, Chronicles of Culture History, Marxist history and all the rest are until you get used to this Cargo Cult belly Laugh.

Real thinking is not in the same WORLD with these morons.