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2008: “Waiting for Perot”

Please don’t be DUMB. I am NOT talking about Ross Perot here!

2008: What I Said Was …

I have been saying that the Faithful Colored Companions were going to start looking for their own instead of their white liberal Lone Rangers. As usual, Obama pops up and everybody knew it all along.

I have been saying that conservatives who make their living in public, like radio commentators, must at all costs keep that “respectable” label. I said that in any society the issues that are forcefully ignored get worse and worse until they BURST out. Which is why conservatives are shoved aside by McCain and nobody cares.

Simply put, by staying respectable to make a living, conservatives have totally marginalized themselves on real issues. If you will read over BUGS for the past years, you will see that is EXACTLY what I said would happen.

The only partial parallel to our present situation is 1992, when Bush moderated the Republicans to irrelevance and Clinton, a small-state governor, came out of nowhere. That was when Ross Perot just said he would be willing to run for President and had a PLURALITY against the other two before he showed his nut side and dropped out.

But this is more serious. If you will look carefully at McCain’s support, it has no devotion at all. It is like Dole’s 1996 backing. The media wanted Dole to be nominated, so he was. The media was announcing poll after poll showing Dole might beat Clinton UNTIL THE CONVENTION. Then the media dropped that crap like a rock. Within a month after Dole was nominated everybody was wondering what the hell the Republicans did THAT for. Dole was a JOKE by then.

You might make a play about this election right now. The title I suggest is, “Waiting for Perot.”