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Sound Bite

Anti-***WHITES’*** statements are all the same, so I provide a standard reply here. You can save yourself some time by copying and pasting it.The next to last paragraph is the important one and may use some more examples:

I am arguing with a tape recorder.

As I said, you are justifying genocide, not denying it. Hitler would have pointed out, correctly, that Jews were disproportionately behind Communism. You are saying whites have to be done away with because they colonized, and hugely advanced, the third world.

So you AGREE that your demand is genocide. You are for it, and I am against it. But every time you drivel out the same old carp, I point this out, and you never deal with it.

I don’t know if you ever took any arithmetic in school, but fifteen million whites on the African continent is not the same as what you are demanding for the white world.

I am, of course, repeating this once again for readers. Telling you, Mommy Professor’s robot, is like yelling into a chasm. You never say ANYTHING that everybody hasn’t heard a thousand times.

NOBODY has heard the Mantra outside here. It is banned in America and illegal in Europe.

I either overestimated your brain power or you have no intellectual shame at all.

Everything you say is out of the Jerry Ford Phrase Book: All the votes are in the middle of the road, you represent the Present and Future and quote the date, that was old when the hippies said, “This is 1968!!!!” or the aged “Whites are the cancer of history,” in this case colonialists, and must be done away with, which is what you say boils down to, and, of course, the old, old gambit of not touching a statement you can’t deal with and then later declaring that that is “old stuff” you already addressed.

We provide Opposing Views for a REASON. Say something, for God’s sake!