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Trump Joins Pense in Suicide Strategy

I told you that when Reagan won with my working class strategy, he immediately threw it away on the Religious Right.   Like black church leaders for the Democrats, the Religious Right could deliver a lot of working class votes without the Buckleys having to shaked their filthy sweaty hands.

Trump has signed on.   While immigrants pour in where that Wall was supposed to go up, Trump is religious rightists what he will destroy some Jonson Amendment amendment that is the current money-raiser for the preachers.

Our problem is immigration.   Even Ann Coulter, is bit on abortion, has declared that she is now a one-issue candidate:

So both of them begin their terms as Religious Rightists.

Trump supporters get violently attacked by rioters on a California University campus. So what does the Trump team talk about?

Why, they go for that anti-white Guaranteed Loser Group, the Religious Right, of course.

It was nice while it lasted, but it didn’t last long.