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Controlling the Revolution WE Cause

Originally posted by Bob Whitaker February 20th, 2013 –

Sam Adams had a lot to do with making the American Revolution happen, but his cousin John became president. The man who had most to do with bringing on independence (and NAMED the United States) was Thomas Paine, and he nearly starved during the war and got nothing from the United States. photo adamss_zps807d9023.jpg

Practically nobody knows who named the United States or the critical importance of Paine’s Common Sense in bringing on independence.

And another overwhelming fact about the realities of the Revolution, the American Army never again performed as well against the British, even when it had combat trained Continentals, as the Forces of Massachusetts did before Washington took over.

While many pro-whites spend a lot of energy weeping about how powerful and deeply entrenched anti-whites are, almost nobody sees what the real lesson is. BUGS has made astounding gains if, and only if, we take the reality of the sheer power of the anti-whites into account. Lots of people bemoan the power balance but almost no one sees how much we have done with so little.

I mentioned in the last article how we have changed the debate. Practically nobody starts to argue with us the way they used to, by saying “I can’t be anti-white because I’m white.”

This change is so minor nobody notices it, but it is stupendous. It means that the entire titanic power and numbers of our enemies has been affected by the Mantra.

Seeing this is critical, because if we are going to take over we are not going to measure anything by amateur means. We cannot make the mistake of measuring our power the way amateurs do.

Washington became Commander in Chief so Washington caused the Revolution and Washington won the Revolution. That is the way that the paycheck types view power politics.

If BUGSERS follow me closely they will take power and paychecks as they should.

Please note that the lesson of the American Revolution has been learned by no one, except, the last Russian Revolution. In that not a single dissident has gotten any more power or position from the Revolution they caused than did Sam Adams or Thomas Paine.

No, you will have to do less mind wandering and more disciplined thinking about what I tell you if you are to have the revolution we want. Otherwise you will follow the usual route and lose control of the results.



Mental Evolutions Begins with Basics

Originally posted by Bob Whitaker August 12th, 2012 –

We’ve got ’em screaming!

One commenter quoted an anti-white saying “[Bob is] a senile old fanatic telling them exactly what to say.”

I also remember a thousand times WE used to complain about how THEY repeated the same things.

I also noted that all that time, THEY won.

Nobody is going to say, “Gee you pro-whites are doing GOOD.”

Do you remember the first basic course you had in anything? Every single time it was repetitive, it was BORING.

And you couldn’t get started any other way.

From doing the ABC’s in Kindergarten to being a writer is a long trip. You don’t invent until you have BEEN there. This is true of everything.

There is always a lot to unlearn. So it’s ein, zwei,drei, und so weiter, on and on and on. Your teacher can not tell you exactly when to start doing it in your head.

What the teacher DOES batter into your head is that you can’t make mathematics up.

My message has been “It is BROKE, so let’s FIX it.”

But first we have to get over what was BROKE. We’ve been LOSING. Our leaders have been attacked on respectability and have therefore desperately reacted to show they’re SMART.

The only alternative to all the errors we have been making is starting back at the very basic, for which I produced the Mantra. This is very hard for a child who loves to shout “ZILLIONS!!!” but it is the only way to the real world.

This is not about making a Name Leader Impressive. This is about effectiveness. You’ll never get to Calculus if you don’t start sighing and repeating the basics AGAIN.

Yes, the time comes when you begin to do the math in your head, when you can loosen up on exact repetition.

But that is after the repetition is down pat, then you know how to proceed from there.

You have to get out there and TRY the 1, 2, 3 basics. Evolution will happen, IS happening, while you all go out there and TRY them out. And again and again you need others to remind you not to yell “Zillions” and what, exactly, it is you are trying to do.

This is all being done in our Swarm.

If you’re not in the Swarm you’re part of the problem.

We are evolving, starting with REPEATED basics.


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