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Dr Joseph Goebbels, Constructive Social Critic?

Written by Bob Whitaker

Dr. Joseph Goebbels was the head of Adolf Hitler’s Ministry of Propaganda.

Though he did not openly advocate genocide, Dr. Goebbels said Germany should somehow get rid of Jews and other minority groups. Before World War II, the Nazis discussed many ways of dealing with “the Jewish race.”

Dr. Goebbels’ goal was that of abolishing the Jewish race’s presence in all the countries he saw as “Aryan” countries. One way to do this was to send the Jews to Africa or Asia and mix them in with the populations there.

Genocide or not, I think we all recognize that what Dr. Goebbels was pushing was Hate.

If you want to rid the world of minorities, you are a Hater.

If you want to rid the world of white gentiles, you are a Constructive Social Critic.

If you want to rid the world of minorities the way Dr. Goebbels did, you get executed as a Hater.

If you want to rid the world of white gentiles, you are paid well as a Constructive Social Critic.

Dr. Noel Ignatiev is a paid Constructive Social Critic. Dr. Ignatiev is a professor at Harvard University in a chair fully financed by big business money. This Constructive Social Critic says:

“The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists.”

So Professor Ignatiev is a Constructive Social Critic and I am now under suspicion of being a racist.

If you want to prove this to yourself, ask yourself a quick question. Is anybody going to get mad at Ignatiev for getting paid to push the abolition of the white race, or are conservatives who read this going to suspect that I am “a committed white racist?”

All respectable conservatives have to agree to abolishing the white race. They don’t say it the way Ignatiev does, but every conservative and every liberal agrees 1) that the Third World must be encouraged to immigrate and integrate into EVERY white majority country; and 2) The Third World must be encouraged to immigrate and integrate ONLY into white majority countries. No one brings up Third World immigration into Japan (which is less crowded than the Netherlands), or into Taiwan or into the huge undeveloped regions of Africa.

Africa for the Africans, Asia for the Asians.

When liberals and professional conservatives get relaxed, they agree that intermarriage is the “solution to the RACE problem.” But nobody talks about a “solution to the race problem” in Asia or Africa. The “solution to the race problem” means “the solution to the white problem,” and we all know it.

So when Goebbels advocated the “solution to the Jewish problem” he was engaging in Hate. To prove you have no hate in you, you have to favor the “solution to the RACE problem.”

This is too subtle for the average college graduate, but it’s pretty easy to see through if you have normal intelligence. And once again, the only person who will be accused of Hate for mentioning this will be me.

Today, Constructive Criticism says that anyone in Europe who says that the white race deserves credit for anything, from wiping out smallpox to going to the Moon, is a racist.

Anything good is done by the Progress of Humanity. Good things are done by All Humanity, not by whites.

To quote directly from the script, “This is a small step for Man and a Giant Leap for Mankind.”

But you are required to say that whites did everything evil, from the death of American Indians to African slavery to capitalist greed and beyond.

Dr. Goebbels admitted that Jews were shrewd, but he said all the advances Jews were credited with were stolen from others. Dr. Goebbels said the Jews were responsible for every evil thing that was done.

Every student is taught that whites do the world’s evil and Mankind does all the good.

Dr. Ignatiev points out that this leads straight to the Final Solution to the White problem. To be a conservative spokesman, you have to agree with this, though they seldom come right out and say it the way Ignatiev does.

They use terms like “a multiracial Europe” or “a melting pot America.” But the bottom line is that whites have to go.

Dr. Goebbels said that the bottom line was that the Jews had to go.

The Final Solution has not changed. The only question is which people you want the solution applied to.