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    @ MarkMuses

    Welcome fellow Bugster!

    “that’s all I have spare time for really.”

    No worries, we all do what we can do.

    Youtube is a great place to start because it has such a wide audience. On YT we do have to keep posts short and simple though, so we make every word count.

    Henry Davenport

    I’ll be obsessive and put up one more post of my thoughts on why we don’t use the r-word…this post will add very little to my other post on the preceding page, so please skip this one if you had enough there.

    This post and the two that will follow it, as well as my post on the preceding page, were all made at OO (Occidental Observer) in my effort to recruit bugsters there. I believe I was spectacularly unsuccessful in that, and only proved to myself what I think Horus had been trying to tell me, that even at pro-White sites, what we should do is just bugster, and not EXPLAIN!

    But hopefully these posts might be helpful on our own site! (Hopefully).


    [In regard to the refrain “anti-racist is a code word for anti-White”]… Wouldn’t it be clearer to simply say that racist is a code word for white?
    . Why should we help the anti-Whites hammer home the terminology they hold us trapped in (“racist,” “racism,” etc.) by using the same words ourselves??? Instead, we should impose OUR terminology! Our refrain is proving effective, and its meaning immediately clear, when we use it today among mainstream whites.
    . As I said above, Anti-Whites have hammered the terms “racist” and “racism” so deeply into White minds that now most Whites automatically respond with those terms to any other White who says anything non-liturgical about race. We should hammer our own terminology so deeply into White minds that when any White says something that is not pro-White, most Whites will immediately think, “an anti-White who supports White Genocide”!
    . Please consider also: Every use of the r-word affirms and deepens that word’s fundamental falsehood that racial feeling is a learned pathology rather than an innate feeling that evolved to protect the survival of racial groups. The destruction that that falsehood continues to wreak on Whites’ racial common sense is reason alone to never use the word.
    . There’s a further reason for not using the r-word: Since the word has been used almost exclusively to accuse Whites of racism, it now unavoidably carries the association “whites-are-racists” into the brain of everyone who hears the word no matter what context you use it in!* When you use the r-word, at some level in the mind of all who are listening to you, you are affirming the charge that you are a racist!
    . But the MAIN point is: Instead of thrashing about defensively in the net that the anti-Whites’ imposed terminology has us caught in (have I illustrated at least a little bit the adage that he who controls the terminology controls the argument?), as we have been doing for 60 years and will continue to do if we continue to argue by using anti-White terminology, we need to finally take the offensive and impose OUR terminology to level OUR charges AGAINST THEM, namely that they are ANTI-WHITES who support WHITE GENOCIDE!
    . Let the anti-Whites defend themselves against OUR charges while thrashing about caught in the net of OUR terminology! This is what anti-Whites are typically doing today when we use this approach on them, and it provides an edifying spectacle for whites who are observing the argument.
    . Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White!
    . *As with any rule, there are occasional exceptions, and the refrain this post ends in is one! (If you’ve understood the rather unusual text of this post, you can amuse yourself by considering possible reasons the refrain is proving effective when used among mainstream whites. [bugsters, I comment on the term “anti-racist” in my post on the preceding page])

    Henry Davenport

    Uh, sorry…I see this response of mine to someone on OO is also about the r-word. But not exclusively!

    “Regarding the mantra, I agree that genocide sounds hysterical.”

    Imagine how preposterous the r-word sounded to many Whites when anti-Whites first forced that absurd and false notion into White language and consciousness in the mid-20th century.

    But after unrelenting repetition, the silly White-genocide-serving lie of the r-word came to be seen as self-evident, ubiquitous, and of the foremost importance, despite the r-word’s absurd central lie that racial feeling is a learned pathology rather than an innate feeling that evolved biologically to aid group survival.

    The absurd and lying r-word was not introduced into Japan and then repeated endlessly in Japan to facilitate genocide of Japanese.

    The absurd and lying r-word was not introduced into China and then repeated endlessly in China to facilitate genocide of Chinese.

    The absurd and lying r-word was not introduced into African countries and then repeated endlessly in African countries to facilitate genocide of Africans.

    The absurd and lying r-word was introduced into, and then repeated endlessly in, EVERY White country and ONLY White countries, and if I object to that or to any of the other measures that are greasing the skids for White Genocide, I’m a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    The absurd r-word is a lie. White Genocide is a truth. That’s an advantage even when using the simple advertising technique of REPEATING ENDLESSLY a SINGLE MESSAGE.

    The absurd and lying r-word is a SINGLE MESSAGE that has been REPEATED ENDLESSLY until it’s become an AUTOMATIC REFLEX of White minds, which allows nasty people who are anti-White to claim that they are merely “anti-racist,” and to say that they support “equality” when in fact they support White Genocide.

    Exposing White Genocide by REPEATING ENDLESSLY that term with its SINGLE MESSAGE can eventually cause “White Genocide” to be the automatic reflex of White minds, instead of the r-word being the automatic reflex of White minds as is the case presently!

    We’ve seen what kind of programs the automatic reflex of the r-word permits. Imagine what programs can be carried out once White Genocide has replaced the r-word as the automatic reflex of White minds.

    Please repeat the terms “anti-White” and “White Genocide” everywhere you can. Thank you.

    White GeNOcide.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.


    In that post, I was beginning to heed Horus and I succeeded somewhat in being more Mantra-like. But when I put the post up at bugs, Gavin directed the correcting words below to me, which I liked so much that I edited just slightly and reposted it on OO! It shows excellently IMO how an experienced and able bugster responds:

    “I agree that genocide sounds hysterical.

    It doesn’t matter if a particular person thinks it is “hysterical” or not, what matters is the law.

    We are pointing out an explicit violation of international law.

    Anyone can look up the genocide law for themselves.

    Anyone can see what is being done to our race.

    What if EVERY black country and ONLY black countries were being flooded with a never ending stream of millions of non-blacks?

    What if EVERY single black town and school were force integrated?

    What if establishing or maintaining a BLACK community, church, organization was demonized or outlawed?

    What if Blacks were being told to “assimilate” with these people and the people implementing all of this openly cheered about creating a “blended humanity” in only black countries and celebrated the fact that their country was becoming less and less black.

    Would you call a black man who pointed out this obvious genocide “hysterical”???

    [Ain’t that beautiful?! :)]

    Henry Davenport

    This last one is mostly a discussion of words like Jew, Nazi, Swastika, Holocaust, and was a post made by me to a fellow bugster who wasn’t quite convinced that we should avoid these words and these topics. (Reason alone for avoiding them is that they aren’t on message! But oh, they are so bright and shiny and irresistible to many veteran pro-Whites! :)) :

    . I’m beginning to feel like you’re General George Pickett and you’re urging me up that hill! That hill where the enemy is dug in and cannot be dislodged by any kind of frontal assault!
    . Why do we say “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White,” instead of just attacking the enemy’s heavily fortified r-word directly and saying simply, “[r-word] is a code word for White”?
    . One of several reasons is that the r-word is a sound, a vibration (if I’m finally beginning to understand Horus a little bit) that carries into its listener’s ear every single anti-White feeling and idea and thought that has been conjured up and packed into and onto that word by the anti-Whites! In most circumstances, as soon as that word is out of your mouth you are three quarters of the way home to losing the argument!
    . But IMO the r-word doesn’t hold a candle to the words Jew, Nazi, Swastika, Holocaust®, etc. that the anti-Whites have packed so densely with their versions of humanity’s deepest and darkest archetypes….that bundle of words and notions are a hellish primordial soup from which present Western consciousness lamentably draws much of its form, and the r-word is just a minor demon in their service.
    . I posted at mainstream for several years before I discovered Bob [Whitaker], and I could say what I wanted about race and racism on that site and produce only a human level of rage, but when it occasionally suited my mood to shove that other crock of cr@p in their faces the reactions were absolutely psychotic.
    . As Bob says, PC is not LIKE a religion, it IS a religion, and I’ll add, an “old timey” religion. By that I mean that it’s religion of the sort that existed before the scientific revolution, when what we refer to as the “religion” of those times was perceived by its believers as not a separate category of beliefs, but as just part of the self-evident face of reality, that only a combination of madman and devil would think to deny!
    . It’s hard enough that we are intrinsic blasphemers of the religion of our era no matter HOW we proceed, but for us to also spit right on that religion’s most deeply-felt holy of holies every time its priests or laity trot one out seems tactically counterproductive to me.
    . Our aim as I understand it is to not attack the anti-Whites’ heavily fortified shrines by charging straight at them up the promontories they sit atop, but to settle and cultivate the surrounding virgin territories of “anti-White” and “White Genocide” until we’ve constructed our own mighty citadels of truth, and the anti-Whites’ fortified shrines crumble into disrepair as the energies of Whites are diverted to our own enterprise.
    . We’re not in the position of Hernán Cortés and his men to overthrow alien gods by a headlong assault!
    . But hey, maybe I’m just a crazy geriatric dude too! Lol! 🙂


    I wonder if I should have a career WRITING Historical Fiction? Of course, before I begin to do that, I should first start by reading the stuff. One could write about all sorts of things that way. Writing Historical Fiction could just be the key to our plight!


    One could even write about Knights in Shining Armor, fighting to protect their people from their enemies. That would really be great. I am sure that would be much of a good thrill, as well. Yes, I could begin there! I have always been a bit of a Medievalist, ever since I read JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.

    One could accomplish much good that way! I am sure that I can do it!

    Mark Muses

    Thank you HD very enlightening. Pickett’s Charge is surely a sobering warning.

    I enjoyed White Apocalypse by Kyle Bristow. We need more inspirational fiction like that, and a medieval tale would be fertile ground. I am utterly sick of the crap on my TV (not that I watch much). The latest incarnation of the Legend of King Arthur has a Black in every other scene. It’s ridiculous, but I see what they are up to. They are robbing children of their history and legends. It’s child abuse!


    @Gar5 “Yet no one is demanding the Japanese in Japan, be replaced with a Blended humanity to end “racism”. They only Demand this of White countries.”

    Replaced is like displaced. We are not being replaced we are being genocided.


    The on going World Wide White Genocide is being prosecuted by the Oligarchs.

    They are using both direct and indirect means to exterminate White Children.

    The millions of aborted White Children, while the third world is encouraged to breed, is an obvious tool of genocide.

    The Economic Collapse is part of that plan, and if allowed to advance will decrease the number of White Children born into our next
    Generation. Jobs are still being decreased in America and Europe, while massive non-white invasion is ordered by the Oligarchs.

    The Corporate Wars the Oligarchs began are both a tool of White Genocide (the more young White Men and Women who die in those wars, the fewer White Children that will be born) and also a tool to enslave the nations that are not already under their control.

    The Oligarchs have engineered a massive famine which is expected to begin after the coming year. Crop irrigation has been prevented in Southern California. Effective flood control has been prevented along the Mississippi river. Bees are being exterminated. The food reserves of America and Europe are being moved to Communist China and Communist North Korea. Monsanto’s GMO crops are designed to fail, and also to cause organ failure and genetic mutations in White Children.

    Water Fluoridation is part of that plan, causing brain damage in White Children and causing loss of energy and motivation in White Adults; turning us into docile lambs easily lead to slaughter.

    The Nuclear Power Plants are a tool of Genocide! They are located near large population centers, and designed to fail. Right now, one single failure is spreading death and genetic mutation all across this world, and that is only just one; what happens when MULTIPLE FAILUERS occur? Multiple failures are expected within the next year or two, due to powerful CME’s (Coronal Mass Ejections from our Sun) which are expected to take out the power grid. When the power grid goes, the nuke plant blows! The Oligarchs have been pushing for a Nuclear Holocaust, and now it is approaching.

    All of the Oligarchs, and some of their Minions, have spent billions of dollars constructing deep underground bunkers for themselves. At the same time the Oligarch’s Media Mafia ridicules any White Man who builds a bunker for his family, or takes other steps for the survival of his family.

    The Oligarchs control Education and Media; there are things that White Folks are not being taught, and prevented from learning, important things! If we all knew what we are being prevented from learning, then we would all know why we must move away from the coast, and away from the large cities in order to survive. The mountains are the safest place to be.

    The plan to disarm the White Man is part of the Genocide. In the Soviet Union the White Men were disarmed, and millions of White Children were butchered by order of the Oligarchs.

    Our Representatives in our Federal Government no longer work for us; they are selected by the Oligarchs, and they clearly work for them. The Federal Government has become a Tool of Genocide; we must take that tool away from the Oligarchs.

    Of this world, only the White Man can offer effective resistance to the Oligarch’s evil plan.

    If we do nothing, we are doomed, if we offer Resistance, the Oligarch’s evil plan is doomed.

    Daniel Genseric

    We recently experienced a jump in membership by 8. That is a more than 10% increase in less than 48 hours. My Tram Experience? Heavy pro-White promotions on SF? Both?

    Wow! Are they all posting the Mantra?

    Bob? Anybody. Bob…


    RumbleRabbit, try calling your internet provider and asking are you on ststic (fixed)?IP or dynamic IP? Dynamc costs a little more, but enables you to keep renewing your IP address, which means not having to use a proxy. Try also deleting the youtube cookie, or all cookies if needed.


    I’ve been reading “Bob” for a couple of years or more, and have been spreading the mantra type comments on my own. I decided that I might as well officially join the club.

    Nice work on the Tram videos, guys.


    It’s great to see so many new people here. Welcome!


    G-I think the Tram Experience has worked out well for us. The mantra swarms on those videos, coupled with the European White Genocide Movie (currently 17k views) and the Tram Experience-Mantra Response (currently 10k views) has got the Mantra AROUND! I am sure there are more people dropping bits of the Mantra than we can imagine right now.


    Hi everyone!
    Im new on bugs and I’m using mantra close to two weeks now. And I just wanted to say that I’m very happy to be in the team. Its so refreshing because everybody here is action oriented and positive. At first I was skeptical and didnt know what to think of the whole thing but I’ve been listening to Horus some time now and I see things moving before my eyes its wild and very uplifting.
    Yes sound is deadly and Horus explains this beautifully. Mantra is my guns and my shield. With little practice there is nothing they can throw at you, we are BULLET PROOF=)

    Secret Squirrel

    Welcome Pridigar! 🙂


    Hello and welcome Pridigar 🙂

    Bugs is usually more active, but not this week due to Christmas and New Year’s eve.

    Henry Davenport

    Newcomers, only if you feel like saying, it would be interesting and maybe helpful to us to know how you ended up here.

    If you were persuaded by reasoned arguments made by one of us on some pro-White website, please break that astonishing news to us gently! (It’s an inside joke, sorry :).


    Well I’m here because of White Rabbit Radio. I’ve seen mantra here and there but I never got it. It seemed a little “out there” untill Horus explained it to me.


    I’m not really new, but I found BUGS right after reading the Mantra on Kievsky’s blog article about Tim Wise’s White Genocide letter in 2010. This is the only pro-white thing I’ve ever been involved with.

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