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    Welcome ES.

    Don’t forget to listen to bugs radio, it has some useful tactics.

    White Rabbit Radio’s first few podcasts are the best ones for beginners in my opinion.

    I’ve been here almost 4 years now and there’s always something new to learn or some new way to improve our stuff.

    Bugs is a sort of research and development team for getting out effective memes.

    So if you have an idea and think it works, try it, try it some more, then share the results with us and we’ll try it as well.


    Hi everyone I’m new here. Want to help out as much as possible! I’ve been prowhite for a while now, about two years. Sick of feeling depressed and paralyzed, time for action!


    Hi danawake1 – Welcome to BUGS.

    If you haven’t already please take the time to read Gar5’s first post in this thread.

    If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask a Bugser.


    Welcome Danawake, ask any of us anything. And the best way to immediately help is to start posting the Mantra and Minis.

    In addition to reading what Laura referred to, you can listen to Beefcake’s Bootcamp if you haven’t heard it:

    Henry Davenport

    STOP WHITE GENOCIDE Terminology and Memes

    At the bottom of that page are other links to quite a few articles about our terminology that may be of interest to brand new BUGSters or just to readers here.


    Hey everyone, I’m new to the forum but not new to what bugs is all about. Great to be here and I hope to see you all in paltalk and the net. 🙂

    Ice Knight

    Welcome to BUGS Marius! Hope to see you on the battlefield!


    Hi everyone, I’m new to the swarm and glad to be here. Dropping the Mantra and keywords where ever possible.
    Thanks for having me!


    Hey folks. Newbie here. Spent some of last night’s shift listing to Beefcake’s podcast and looking forward to hearing more.


    Welcome, TruthSeeker. 🙂


    Hello TruthSeeker – this is also a great resource with tactics and Mini Mantras ready to go:


    Thanks guys. I’m off for a couple of days and will do my homework.


    Hello, my awakening began several years ago, after seeing the Agenda Grinding Down America documentary. It wasn’t until I saw the mantra memes, about 8mo ago, that I realized the full extent. Currently listening to FTWR and My Awakening podcasts. Aspiring to reverse the demoralization of our people through memes, hashtags and positive stories. If you have anything you would like to share, please do.


    Hello, I’m new here. I have finished Beefcakes Bootcamp and feel inadequate for the large job ahead, but I am ready to give it a go.

    I have avoided intentionally, any message board presence for a number of years, No facebook, no twitter, though Youtube must know quite abit about me. I don’t have a job to lose but have tried to avoid an overt online presence. I am presuming nothing online is truly anonymous but I thought to use a fresh email and got one from gmx. I assume they captured my IP address to assure themselves I wasn’t a robot.

    I noticed most/many places want to use facebook, or twitter or something like that as a sign in to enable comments. I was going to start off with responding to news articles at the site carrying the article.

    So Twitter wants a telephone number; facebook wants a real name, so I haven’t completed either yet.

    So, have y’all any advice on what you do to sign up and post with minimal disclosure?

    Giving up that information is not going to stop me if I have to, but I thought I’d check and see if y’all have any tips to share before I just plunge in.

    Secret Squirrel

    Hi Cat,
    Welcome to BUGS. If you are concerned about protecting your anonymity read the following:

    “So Twitter wants a telephone number; facebook wants a real name, so I haven’t completed either yet.”

    Depending on the country you live in you can get a Burner Phone cheaply without providing id and give its number to Twitter. Facebook, I wouldn’t give them anything.

    You can also search on alternatives to Facebook, Twitter and Youtube and see what pops up. Companies with smaller user bases may not ask for invasive personal information, because it stops new people signing up.


    Hi, I just joined the Swarm a couple days ago. I’ve been posting the Mantra and Mantra shorts in “Where did you post the Mantra today”. So far I’ve been taking on Anti-Whites and I’m using the Tactics I was taught in Beefcakes Bootcamp and I feel that I could use some things that are more effective.


    Hey Hero,

    Welcome to the Swarm and Fighting the crime of White Genocide! You have made a great start in learning practical politics by listening to Beef Cakes Bootcamp. Also listen to Horus The Avengers Follow the White Rabbit. Start from Podcast 1 –

    If you have any questions, please feel free to post them in here, and one of our Senior BUGSers will be sure to help you out.


    I am not new to Bugs, but I do not know where online there is a copy of the article “BUGS -Glossary of terms” that I can link to for others. The copy on this site is one that requires permission, and possibly allows persons to edit it. I am not looking for that, but simply a link to the present copy of it.

Viewing 18 posts - 201 through 218 (of 218 total)
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