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Even White Supremacists are using our terms these days

Home Forums BUGS SWARM Even White Supremacists are using our terms these days

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    Secret Squirrel

    If you are concerned about that, you have to go out in the real world and put a White and Normal face on the message. You must stake your claim, or the Nazis will. Do or not do. Its that simple.



    I have been getting some things together I live in a ideal area to do it. But In light of recent events I have had second thoughts.

    WHY you may ask? Well now that OUR message is associated with the kkkkkkkkkkk and shwastikuhs im a little concerned for MY families well being. Things dont end well for oneself and posterity when those accusations come about.

    WE HAD IT WE WERE RIGHT THERE, they stopped with the nazis and even slowed down with the R-Word.

    Now? Now they have PROOF to back their UNTRUE ACCUSATIONS

    Secret Squirrel

    In your opinion we are KKK, Nazis etc. You are just saying that because we are White.


    You must have misread the statement….they now have visible proof to back up their accusations. Normal white people. Can we still call ourselves that? Not if shwastikuhs keep following our talking points.

    Nanananananana does not work here in this instance.

    Secret Squirrel

    In your opinion we are KKK, Nazis etc. You are just saying that because we are White. Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.


    @SWG I smell a troll in you. It’s simple we’re not associating ourselves with nhasis. We’re different movement with one goal, and only one goal. Stopping White genocide. It’s not that difficult to understand.

    Secret Squirrel

    You have misunderstood what I wrote. Go back and read it again.


    ANY dissent to our genocide is going to be labeled “white supremacy”, since white people are the ONLY group who are not permitted to show loyalty to one another.

    rather than accepting OR rejecting the labels… I try to focus on the fact that whites are the ONLY race who cannot have loyalty to one another.

    BTW – here is another story from a CBS affiliate on the Leith demonstration – it has another image of an ARIACWFAW sign

    Mimmy Jarr

    Looks to me like StopWhiteGeNOcide is the only one on this thread who makes fighting White GeNOcide his top priority.

    The rest of you are tailgating the anti-White media, which is a joke.

    Their latest wordism for me is “Bagpipe Supremacist”.

    It’s hilarious. Why should I waste time refuting it, when they

    are competing to make me look better than I really am?

    These people, and anyone who takes them seriously are fools. Check out my cameo in the last 30 seconds of this video. How much do you figure it would cost me to produce this kind of propaganda for myself?


    Fuck it whatever works.


    @ LinuxLewis, exactly.

    Our goal, as a group, is not to look good or smart, it’s to force a discussion on White genocide.

    I think everyone here knows that if you dress up in a Nazi costume, and talk about something or other, the Nazi costume is what matters – not what you said.

    If this hypothetical thousand nazis chanting were true, I’d support it, if and ONLY if it was about White genocide.

    @ Asgardian, You do what you feel comfortable doing; I highly recommend anonymity, at least from the general public that you live around.

    Half of the argument is how you act. Act like you have the moral high-ground, because despite all the name calling, you do.

    Stay in formation, throw the talking points (“you’re just calling me that because I’m White”.), then charge in with the short sword (“that’s genocide of White people”, “You’re not denying White genocide, you’re justifying White genocide.”.)


    The speaker Tomahawk was on the warp drive. Firewater calm him down.

    Mimmy Jarr

    “Fuck it whatever works.”

    My own personal dream for about the last three years has been to form a White GeNOcide Pipe and Drum Corp.

    I wasn’t a piper who took up the Mantra. I was an opponent of White GeNOcide who took up the pipes as a medium of expression.

    If any of you are interested in working with me to develop this motif, send me an email at mimmyjarr at yahoo dot com.


    Mr. Marr,

    Thank you for posting that video as it illustrates the point some of us have been making. The woman in the video waving the flag (and I’ve watched it, even shown it to others) is not the kind who would wear some sort of bizarre counter-culture attire, not even if you were to pull a handstand and do jumping-jacks while asking! She knows the power of appearance, and that’s the point we are making. It’s for this reason we don’t tailgate while making the anti-whites look like the sociopaths they are…

    If you have the opportunity to work with her or other members of the American Freedom Party, that would probably be a good idea. I might feel inclined to join if I weren’t already using the samizdat model.

    Best regards,



    Mr Marr, very well done. That was a heroic effort.

    I dont believe any Bugsters are Nazis because being a Nazi does not usually work.
    I am in the same position as you, the National Front has been very helpful with my Bugster work, they are very nice people.

    We are all fighting White GeNOcide, nothing else matters much.

    All the best.


    Good job, Marr. 🙂

    To all of you that are using the term “Nazi” or “neo-Nazi” are you aware that you are spreading Anti-white memes?

    This isn’t Stormfront where we argue over who said what and when.

    Stay on message and RAID! 🙂

    Secret Squirrel

    “Their latest wordism for me is “Bagpipe Supremacist”.”

    I think the Bagpipes are the best instrument as well.

    Henry Davenport

    I talked to Minerva, and she and Bob have been having a discussion somewhat like the one we’ve been having here, about the Leith event and what it might indicate for future actions. It’ll likely be a topic in our group skype Saturday. (Is that going to be on skype, or PalTalk?)

    Jimmy, I don’t expect there’s any chance of persuading that group you’ll be demonstrating with to run an experiment of just having banners with Mantra stuff on them, eh? I would guess not, from what I’ve been told of them!

    I was so impressed by the lady that I wrote a short blog about her:

    I registered at their website yesterday,

    They offered me a Swarm/petitions sub board, which I’ll do.

    Jimmy Marr, Rebecca, and the Mantra all in the same place. Surely that can only be good.


    You don’t, then it turns into a debate…


    One solution is to have a few more Minis that make fun of Hitler. We already have a couple. The neo-nazis (all 3 dozen of them in North America) push a silly, backward and incredibly narrow “ideology”. More so then the original Nazis. And maybe there are 5 dozen more “White Nationalists” in all of North America.

    What’s the point in using them, they are tiny?

    What percentage are gov’t agents or informers? Historically a sizable number. What percentage ever get a clue about the real world? Apparently, zero.

Viewing 20 posts - 61 through 80 (of 267 total)
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