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Stormfront Questions the Mantra (ATTN: Bob Whitaker)

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    I suppose “us” meant anyone interested in seeing the work/results these Pro-White’s are doing using their own material.  I’m honestly interested in anyone who can demonstrate effective results but I’m under no illusions that the AMPW’s participating on that thread are sincerely interested in doing that.  But there might be someone in the audience who has some ideas worth trying out and giving them a little help can’t hurt.  The nice thing about the offer is it doesn’t use up BUGS space and resources.  No one in BUGSphere will have to know of  or acknowledge it’s existence unless they want to visit the site.

    Plus, I need beta testers so I can hammer out any issues with the site and it’s code.

    Secret Squirrel


    “I’m 90% certain those attacking it over there are actual anti-Whites.”

    They really want us to take Genocide out of the Mantra. Sounds like some big anti-Whites, are feeling the heat.


    Honest to God, if we could just get a few of those SF showoffs to actually DO something.  I post Minis to YouTube but can seldom respond to all of the replies.

    Maybe mockery is the best approach at this point.  The stereotype of the SFer is short-term thinker who drinks beer all day and doesn’t like work.  Maybe ask them if that is true!

    When Bob developed his Mantra over at SF I assume it was mainly by responding to anti-Whites, not actual SF’ers.  That says a lot right there.

    Daniel Genseric


    “In the future, you will have to deal with sophisticated subversion.” -G

    The Mantra is vulnerable to subversion only from within this inner circle we call BUGS. One way it can be penetrated is for a “pro-white” to push the Mantra, then co-opt the team and transform (pervert) the message, i.e. through the introduction of supplemental or replacement terminology such as eur0cide or by adding what I call “N&J ‘rider’ material.” You are a guardian of truth. Please don’t ever forget this.


    “Mockery” is a useful tool, but SHAME is much more powerful. One might try and ask a N&J-er any of these:

    “This much is clear. The only thing YOU are consistent at is DENYING and JUSTIFYING white genocide, the hallmark of an anti-white terrorist. You repeatedly claim we and our posterity aren’t being victimized by white genocide as it is a quote Inaccurate Term unquote. What have you done for white children lately? What have you done to stop “population replacement” or “gradual demographic whateverthefuckyouwannacallit? If you can’t provide evidence of YOUR work, will you please tell the rest of the class WHY you refuse to ACT on behalf of our children and future generations? Are you a closet anti-white or just plain apathetic to the 14 words? Why are you here?”

    Mantra thinking can be used on AMPW’s.



    I just posted something on that SF thread that should be both interesting and very encouraging to BUGSters.  I didn’t want to post it here, because of how it might “look” (thinking in terms of propaganda).  I came across it in some reading I was doing a few weeks ago, and was mulling over whether to post it or not, as it might not be a great “association” in the minds of the White and Normal.  Anyhow, I decided to post it in that thread, and not to post it here.

    Wordy, I know.  I’m still on moderation over there, so it might take awhile for it to show up.

    Daniel Genseric

    The AMPW’s are coming out of the woodwork over at SF. I am already suspicious of the moderators after they let physical threats ride on the first thread. The threats WERE reported

    Now, “White genocide or White suicide?”



    Don’t see your comment. Did I miss it?

    Secret Squirrel

    If no one reports the threats, the mods aren’t going to learn about them.


    What is the purpose of  ‘Swarmfront’ ?

    Are we viewing it as (a) a recruiting tool, or

    (b) A back-up facility for posting and reporting if/when BUGS get’s hit with a DOS attack ?

    (Who is the moderator for ‘Swarmfront’ ? I’m amazed that thread hasn’t been locked and deleted)

    If (a) then I’m not sure if it is actually helping us, anymore then just going into O.V and humiliating the Anti-Whites publically.

    If (b) then maybe it should be ‘members only’ like the ‘Theology’ section of S/F

    (c) Given that we have WNN as a backup, and don’t get given crap at WNN should we scuttle Swarmfront. It might be better for productivety, as well as morale ?

    Thoughts BUGSer’s, should Swarmfront stay but members only (like Theology) ,or scuttle it in favour of WNN, or leave things as they are ?



    Swarmfront is one aspect of the mantra on stormfront, no we should not scuttle it, and yes it looks like the anti-whites are being given a bit of leeway, which as we`ve (agreed?) only ends up helping the mantra.



    I am still under moderation.  The post I referenced above was my 2nd (ever) at SF.  If it doesn’t get approved for awhile, and someone thinks it worthwhile or usable, maybe someone not on moderation could repost it or even start a new thread.

    It’s not groundbreaking or “news”.  I imagine there’s a decent chance you have read it before.  But I have never seen it mentioned relative to The Mantra on a pro-White website.  It’s just, errr, the Noble Wolf talking about propaganda, and it reads as if Bob himself could have written it.  It should, theoretically, forever shut the mouths of those who like to talk about “action” and “the real world” as a way to discredit the Mantra.

    But anyway.  🙂



    I’m probably just blowing of steam, but I noted a drop in my productivety from, feeling I need to defend our position (time could have been better spent) and the drop in morale from being attacked by our own ‘comrades’.

    I’ll know better next time. CP


    J M C

    Do they not want to get their noses bloodied the first time they go out? Perhaps they need more practice wielding the weapons? They may HAVE to suffer crushing, humiliating defeat a few times before they learn how to wield the weapons we use here. I have been knocked down out there but I WENT out there knowing full well I WOULD get knocked down.

    Whenever I DO get knocked down (and it is happening less and less as I keep going back,) I take it as a ‘training opportunity.’ What better way to learn where I am weak in wielding the mantra? As far as I am concerned, the mantra and mantra thinking are the PERFECT set of weapons. One could say the mantra and mantra thinking are ‘war decisive.’ If I didn’t believe that I would not be here.

    If I am experiencing any defeats, it is NOT due to the inadequacy of the weapon I am using. It is due to my OWN lack of skill. The only way to improve my skills are to GET OUT THERE AND USE THEM. Oh, and if I fail to keep my ego in check while I am out there, I’m going down.

    Perhaps those points are what are keeping SF-ers from using the mantra (and making all sorts of excuses that point in every direction except at themselves.)

    Laura aka minervia

    It is classic over there! What are any of them doing to preserve a future for White children???

    They claim to be White Nationalist, but prefer challenging other White people who are out there fighting for our people! I love how they think we get all our answers from Bob!!  🙂

    Henry Davenport

    I haven’t had time to go there, but please tell them to sign the petitions.

    White Dude, Bob isn’t going to write any such rebuttal! Lol

    Don’t tailgate, even there.

    I am still learning that. Those guys are tar babies just like the anti-Whites if you start slugging back at them on their terms.

    However you respond to them, remember that you’re responding for the huge number of visitors who come to SF, not for the pro-whites you’re responding to. You’ll get nowhere with most of them.

    In other words, the situation is much like out in the mainstream, and I guess that is why Horus is still trying to teach me what he told me and others over a year ago, which is, basically, give them Mantra and be done with it.

    It’s not quite that simple, it seems to me personally, but that should be the guide post.

    Don’t waste time there like I’m going to do after I get the new petitions started Friday! 🙂

    Henry Davenport

    I’ve had over a year of frustration trying to arouse pro-Whites at TOO and at SF to action. I’m waiting for time to write an article on White GeNOcide Project that will have the title, “The White Chat Room Cargo Cults and White GeNOcide.”

    I haven’t been keeping up with our blogs lately, but didn’t I spot the term “dream warrior” used in one by Bob? That’s a great term for the whole pro-white crowd these days (if that’s how Bob meant it)!

    Daniel Genseric

    Learning  moment:

    N&J-er writes: Here is a new 500 character text comment that I created yesterday, which we can post in the comment area of appropriate YouTube videos.

    The TREASONOUS Zionists secretly declared war upon the West by conspiring to take control of our nation’s infrastructure! They covertly became our Bankers, Politicians & media owners!

    They’re pursing the creation of a MONGRELIZED population in ALL White countries & ONLY in White countries! This plot is a planned elimination of a race; & that’s GENOCIDE under International Law!

    For a new ETHNIC EUROPEAN flag & Constitution that defies our planned GENOCIDE go to

    youtube. com/watch?v=0RhnEfKWjC0

    Then, Rrabits says “…good job, way to weave the Mantra.” I once wrote a mini like this almost verbatim, used it and reported it. You know what Bob told me? “Genseric, that is WORSE than posting nothing at all.” You know what? He’s right.


    Remember the context Genseric, as a BUGSer you will obviously be held to a higher standard than a SF news and jewser.

    That guy is a die hard news and jewser and he`s using white genocide and other important talking points, in the context of that thread and audience there is nothing wrong with some encouragement for some mantra as opposed to nothing.

    Actual comment from Rrabbits:

    “That`s a good example of an anti-Zionist (aint we all he,he) weaving in parts of the mantra to suit your agenda.

    Just describing it as genocide makes you effective, and then including ALL white countries and ONLY white countries is superb.”

    Daniel Genseric

    I get it. We’ve been encouraging British74 to snap out of it for YEARS. He has rewritten the Mantra six ways from Sunday. Conversion is not going to happen, not with that one. He is stuck.

    However, I applaud your positive frame of mind.


    Daniel Genseric
    “I get it. We’ve been encouraging British74 to snap out of it for YEARS”

    Mantra thinking 101, it took most of us YEARS to get where we currently are.

    Henry Davenport

    Of course it was bound to happen…the N&J’ers weaving Mantra into their own stuff.

    And since they are so much more numerous than us, I guess our only hope of them not making the Mantra just another swastika painted on the wall is that they aren’t nearly as active as us.

    Dungeoneer, I think it’s just as injurious whether we do it or someone else does it. His just posting it on SF is bad enough, but he said he wrote it for youtube.

    Who is Rrabbit? I disagree with him that we should be encouraging that.

    I posted my demurral:

    We’ll soon need a thread on which to discuss this issue and decide what we want to try to do about it, if anything. Who is Rrabbit? I’ll PM him at SF.

    Let’s hope I’m completely wrong, and this is a good thing. Because it’s going to happen, and probably happen bigtime. I can’t do it right now…can’t think…computer stuff…but someone should probably start a thread here tonight where we begin to thrash this out and hopefully get input from Bob…there is probably no way we can prevent this happening, but if we decide we want to, we need to hit it hard and mercilessly everywhere we see it.

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