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Stormfront Questions the Mantra (ATTN: Bob Whitaker)

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    Daniel Genseric

    My favorite AMPW statements:

    Suepeace and her Sewing Circle descend on Bob’s worker bees: “Genseric’s an asshole!”

    Yeah. And your point is….? Sorry if I don’t exchange N&J pleasantries and “May I’s” at every turn while I am working with a TEAM to destroy the anti-white establishment. I have actual WORK to do while N&J Stats & Facts Crew do what they’ve done for the last 40 years. If I really thought the whole of SF, or even 1% of 260,000, would miraculously start posting the Mantra by my merely departing, I’d vanish like a fart in a hurricane. Be certain of this much, when Lifetime Storefront customer SoupPlease starts in on you or your thread, a banishment to the bowels of “White Nationalism” is soon to follow. The British have an often-used term for women like SiouxPeas, it starts with a “c” and rhymes with what they call me, “blunt.”

    “All critique must be taken. If I can say that mohammed is a pedophile – which is also true – then why can I not say “the mantra needs refining”?”

    Sure. That’s all well and good. But, this is where we differ from Storefront patrons. We actually ask that you SHOW US HOW. Don’t just say it – Do it and report back. Maybe this is too cryptic for an Intellectual? Or is it that they don’t really care enough about a future for our posterity to actually ACT? Sad face goes here.

    “The Mantra meme(s) aren’t seeding or spreading. Nobody “gets” your terminology.”

    LOL! Tell that to MSNBC, The daily caller, E Entertainment, the Washington Post, dozens of journalists, Ann Coulter and Bill O’Reilly who have helped to expose much of the respectable conservative population to Mantra concepts and terminology. Drool on over to the COUNTLESS other news agencies and media outlets who have banned the Mantra and tell them “A consistent message doesn’t work!”, whydontchya? In REALITY, We have already made at least 2 million Mantra media impressions in 2013. What have they done for our posterity? This is just the very tip of the iceberg.

    “Nobody knows what a ‘RACE problem’ is.”

    LMFWAO! I’ve read that on SF at least a dozen times in the last 96 hours. The frequency at which AMPW’s blather on about it doesn’t make it so. Morevoer, they’re really presenting this as ‘the chink’ in our armor? Really?! ha, double-ha…haha

    “RACIST!!!!” What about White Privilege? Screams for DIVERSITY in every classroom? Multicultural Indoctrination at the kindergarten level? Social Inequity? Affirmative Action? Equal Opportunity Employment? Let us count the ways in which anti-whites say ‘THERE IS A RACE PROBLEM”, shall we. Do the people who write the quoted sentence in bold actually believe just because they are this brain-damaged that the rest of the white population struggles with the same handicap? Maybe they’re right. Regardless, being the racial rescue swimmers we are, BUGSters will drag them kicking and screaming to the shallows while they flail about and strike at us.

    It’s an involuntary reflex, it’s all these lazy reactionaries know. “Send more money please.” lol!


    One thing I find interesting is that, that section of stormfront is becoming more active. Both with AMPWs and Bugsers. Even if we get the AMPWs to use our terminology, we win. But I suspect the AMPWs will become more and more vocal against the mantra as the mantra picks up more and more speed. We may very well see that section of stormfront grow to be as big as the news or the lounge section of stormfront.

    Daniel Genseric

    Free speech is all we have. – Twisted Valkilmer

    lol! Said the lady who hides on SF because of liberal free speech.  Unlike AMPW’s, I am willing to admit I utilize a nom de plume for that very reason. I don’t want to lose my home, family, or our lives. For crying out loud, AMPW’s were allowed to threaten BUGSters’ lives on those very threads they say are “moderated.”

    That one doesn’t have to be a card-carrier to actually think about it [The Mantra], or to see it, or to hear it, or to read it; that once someone has seen, read, heard the mantra, they ARE involved – and if you are actually reaching as many people as you say you are, that is a very real situation you must deal with. – Twisted Valkilmer

    Well, that’s a start. On some level, whether subconscious or not, she admits the Mantra works and acknowledges its efficacy. However, she then says we are unprepared or ill-equipped to deal with opposition. “laughable at best” smiley goes here (Chicks dig smiley’s). Yeah. okey dokey. Are all these anti-whites I’ve been encountering and destroying really AMPW’s in disguise?

    Just ask them why they refuse to try it (or even their own “refinement” method) and report their results? Are white children really that undeserving of a formidable and well organized opponent in BUGS? We witness uncoordinated efforts elsewhere….every….single….day. Look where 40 years of screaming “JEW!” has landed us.

    All I did was come in here, confused, asking why people who have opinions and criticisms are being attacked and told they “aren’t allowed to speak like that”… and help “refine” the Mantra. Twisted Valkilmer

    Maybe she should try using (or even purchasing?) the product as it was intended before submitting suggestions to the manufacturer for design changes. Talk about “team work.” Their [News & Jooosers] tolerance for intolerance of their blatant disregard for our posterity and total lack of efficiency and efficacy is jaw-droppingly appalling.

    Obviously this “logic” (like everything Mantra related) ALSO falls apart under even very casual scrutiny, because we can see for ourselves that anti-whites are quite capable of coming up with ways to refute it on their own.

    It admits its job is to help test the Mantra for anti-whites? What the…? Why do they REFUSE to put in work for white children? Show us how you disseminate the word that our race is the victim of white genocide. Oh, I think i get it. They don’t think it’s a genocide of whites. They should have to pay in extra $torefront Buck$ for this, if you ask me. “Please send more money.” lol

    Because no one knows that there are different races, let alone “a race problem” and if you actually go to a person and say “everyone says there’s this race problem” you’ve already lost them. – Twisted Valkilmer

    See…. There! Right there. They did it again. “Nobody says there is a race problem.” What the flying fuck are these guys on; smack, crack or just plain stupid? “RACIST!!!!” What about White Privilege? Screams for diversity in every classroom? Multicultural Indoctrination at the kindergarten level? Social Inequity? Affirmative Action? Equal Opportunity Employment? Let us count the ways in which anti-whites say ‘THERE IS A RACE PROBLEM”, shall we. Of course, they would already know this had they done any actual WORK….. derpa doom dum dum…derp derp derp derpa doom dumm dum

    People do NOT understand “There’s a race problem” because they a) don’t even know there’s races and b) are completely unaware there’s a problem. Yet your ENTIRE premise is based on the supposition that they are already aware of these two articles. – Twisted Valkilmer

    This is what psychologists call “projection.” They assume everyone else suffers from the same affliction because they really are this stupid. Most people understand the simple concept of race. It really does orgasm over their new little wannabe-mantra, doesn’t it? Again, our supposed chink in the armor. LOL! “Golly-gee-madhouse Ethel. Where else do we see this argument?” Their problem is we have already seen these arguments from anti-whites. It’s truly tragic because if they had been paying attention they wouldn’t need our cliff’s notes to get them up to speed.


    Daniel Genseric


    Yep. Big time. They are the OLD GUARD resistance. They are “White Nationalists” by name only. They are reactionaries. And reactionaries only know how to do one thing, champion the King of Reactionaries.

    The very thought of hard work must make an AMPW’s stomach churn. “If you want to know who your friends are, show them a shovel.”


    It’s an argument over image, not effectiveness. Of course, Bob already covered that regarding JT, et al.

    We do what works, NO MATTER WHAT.

    Daniel Genseric

    I think most of those AMPW’s are pissed we are asking them to do work. The others must truly think they are that much smarter than Bob. So silly.

    And this “BUGS is a cult” nonsense? We could just as easily say the same of N&J, but we don’t. Those children are pretty much saying, “Our cult is bigger and more well financed than yours. Nah nuh nah nuh booboo.”

    All that money they are willing to part with and they still can’t affect change.


    We are ruining their credibility.

    They have labored long and hard at N&J to develop pristine credibility among the public. We pests are tarnishing it for them. We’re going to ruin everything!

    We have rough hands and strong backs. They have credibility.

    I’m proud as hell to be a BUGSTER!

    Secret Squirrel

    “They have labored long and hard at N&J to develop pristine credibility among the public. We pests are tarnishing it for them. We’re going to ruin everything!”

    That is the funniest thing I ever heard.

    They are saying this, while hiding behind fake names, while Pro Whites are being persecuted all over the world.

    These people do not live in the real world!

    Daniel Genseric

    You guys might say this further proves my lack of sanity (LOL), but I think Swarmfront is a wonderful tool. These conflicts are going to occur with greater frequency and at a greater volume as we gain traction.

    It’s a good thing to be able to quarantine the madness a bit so we can work here, largely unimpeded.

    Daniel Genseric

    BUGSter – noun

    1. One who is persecuted by the very people he is trying to save.

    2. Posts the Mantra and reports his activities to fight white genocide.

    3. Commentator or contributing writer on Bob’s blog space.

    The Beef

    The AMPWs so far have the same accomplishment as the guys dressed as Nazis during WWII reenactments.

    They are playing a role. After they get done playing dress up they go get drunk.

    They think that because they talk about black crime stats and call themselves racist and support national socialism that they are somehow immune to Anti-White brainwashing.

    As children we were taught there are ONLY two things you can be:

    1. Anti-White


    2. naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews

    Actively picking an option your enemy gives you isn’t a good idea.

    Sadly a lot of stormfront are the guys who simply picked option #2.

    That is why they need to be hit with the white Genocide meme OVER and OVER again just like the Anti-Whites.

    Just like the Anti-Whites many of them or horrified at the concept of what is really happening to them is GENOCIDE.

    Its easier to complain about having to live next to loud Black neighbors.

    Daniel Genseric

    Good points Beefy.


    Cleric Preston is a good man and a BUGSter too (on pro-whites and N&J-ers talking past each other):

    I think it’s because the BUGS guys know how to shoot down the Anti-Whites that the ‘problems’ aren’t really percieved as problems to an experianced BUGSer

    Perhaps it’s like a new recruit quizing his Seargent ‘

    ‘Sarge, what if the enemy makes a mass charge, what do we do ?’

    Sarge ‘Aim your rifle at the centre of mass and squeeze the trigger’

    Recruit ‘What if the enemy goes to throw a hand grenade ?’

    Sarge ‘Aim your rifle at the centre of mass and squeeze the trigger’

    Recruit ‘What if we are doing a night ambush and somebody fires to early and alerts the enemy ?’

    Sarge ‘Aim your rifle centre of mass and squeeze the trigger’

    The Seargents answers seem so simplistic that some would question if it would work, but really given some thought the simplicity of the response shows how well thought out the answer is.

    Henry Davenport

    Genseric, some great stuff. I used a piece of it here


    On White GeNOcide Project today I commented on a post I put on SF. Please read the commentary on it that I put in bold below…it’s my idea of how to get another double whammy…promote the petitions and smite the quarrelsome “pro-Whites” at the same time!


    Re: The “Let’s demoralise BUGSer’s” thread


    Originally Posted by Thomas William Bert
    “Master Bob guide us, Master Bob teach us, Master Bob protect us. In your light we thrive, in your mercy we are sheltered in, in your wisdom we are humbled. We live only to serve, our lives are yours.” – Daily Devotional

    Lol! You’re a clever fellow, we could use you as a bugster. Did you sign these petitions?

    Is there anyone here who has NOT signed these petitions?

    Anyone here who does NOT want to get the phrases “anti-white,” “White GeNOcide,” and“anti-racist is a code word for anti-white” into White minds?

    Is THAT what some of you are arguing AGAINST? Why would you argue against that, and why would you not help us? I honestly do not understand.

    (Feb. #1 of 6) STOP WHITE GENOCIDE! Halt MASSIVE third world immigration and FORCED assimilation in White countries!

    (Feb. #2 of 6) Provide Federal Funds for the Million Name March on Washington, D.C. to STOP WHITE GENOCIDE!

    (Feb. #3 of 6) Teach public school children the truth: ANTI-RACIST IS A CODE WORD FOR ANTI-WHITE!

    (Feb. #4 of 6) Let White GeNOcide Project give the “national conversation on race” TWO sides: STOP WHITE GENOCIDE!

    (Feb. #5 of 6) Award the Presidential Medal of Freedom to each Woman in the video “STOP WHITE GENOCIDE”!

    (Feb. #6 of 6) STOP GENOCIDE of WHITES! Invite Public to White House Screenings of “How Whites Took Over America”!

    BUGSTERS! These petitions we are going to submit every month provide us with an excellent way of responding to critical pro-Whites IMO! The petitions enable us to provide immediately an example of concrete action that needs to be taken RIGHT NOW and WHICH THOSE PRO-WHITES CAN EASILY DO (in contrast to urging them to adopt bugster methods in general, which is a lot harder for them to do).

    Putting this action in their face works excellently in dismissing whatever “let’s-stay-in-our-heads-and-jabber-forever” nonsense they have just offered. For example:

    “Lol! You’re a clever fellow, we could use you as a bugster. Did you sign these petitions?”

    And it promotes our petitions!!

    Bugsters, if you agree that my post above was a good one, try to think how you could have accomplished the same effect WITHOUT using the petitions.

    I can’t think of any way to do it! Having something very concrete and very simple to put right in front of them seems to me something effective that we have not had available before!

    White Dude

    I feel so sickened to the core. In this other heated thread regarding the mantra over at Stormfront, there are actually WN’s who DENY our GENOCIDE. They call it SUICIDE.


    Henry Davenport

    @ White Dude: That thread and a previous one of the same nature were started by bugsters, I believe!

    Guys, let’s not do that to ourselves anymore!

    Am I right that one of the fundamental understandings that the Mantra is based on is the fact that more often than not you don’t convince anyone of anything with a variety of reasoned arguments?

    And yet we go over to SF and try to convince SF’ers using a variety of reasoned arguments!

    Let’s simply stop it. Unless every new bugster feels a need to go through with it to learn his lesson first hand.

    We’re not trained for the kind of interactions we get into there and we should stop having those interactions.

    Henry Davenport

    White Dude, I feel ashamed that you even had to see that thread. All of us who were involved in that thread should take a lesson from it.

    The biggest lesson is a simple one: Those people are a HUGE waste of time.

    Henry Davenport

    @ Beefcake: Brilliant, your comment on the preceding page.

    Henry Davenport

    My comments on this SF page starting with this linked one are my idea of how to handle stormfront AND spread the White House STOP WHITE GENOCIDE “petitions.”

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