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Good Quotes From Unikely Sources

I love the North Carolina saying, “You’re ugly, your feet stink, and you don’t love Jesus.”

Like ALL Southern wisdom, it completely escapes outsiders.

That statement makes fun of a phenomenon I see all the time. I often quote people I abhor when they say something that is just plain GOOD.

Others are blind to the smart things their opponents say because if they are evil Nothing they say can be rational. This means that ugliness, foot odor, and always being wrong.

And they’re probably perverts to boot.

If I thought this way, one of my favorite quotes would ne er have come from Senator Fulbright of Arkansas, the hero of the opposition to the Vietnam War.

Like commenter Simon, Senator Fulbright was the kind of animal I hate more than I am capable of hating even the most obnoxious and loud-mouthed New York Jew. Like Simon, his point of moral pride was that he was a white man who wanted the end of the white race.

Fulbright was a public segregationist and a private integrationist.

As a senator from Arkansas, he was a part of the Southern Caucus which filibustered against all civl rights legislation. Back then Arkansas was not the diaper-soiling population that it is now is. It was very Southern. So Fulbright had to be a segregationist to stay in the Senate.

If Fulbright had not been a public segregationist there was a point at which he could have Secretary of State. He wanted that more than anything else in the world. he had always loved foreign affairs.

Remember that the Fulbright Scholarships, which Clinton took, were named for him.

But in order to be in the Senate Fulbright had to disqualify himself for the post he desired most. After all, he could not have been considered for Secretary of State if he had not been a senator.

So a reporter, an ardent opponent of the Vietnam War, worshipped Fulbright and took it for granted as all the media did (they are independent thinkers, each of them is independently just alike) that Fulbright was a Great Senator. So he asked Fulbright, “Senator, what does it take to be a Great Senator.”

Fulbright, who had been frustrated out of his lifelong ambition to be Secretary of State by the necessities of electoral politics, brought the reporter down to earth with bang.

He had been asked how one becomes a Great Senator. His reply was, “FIRST, you have to be SENATOR.”

To be a brave congressman, you have to be a congressman.

As noted in the last article, one commenter said that the congress was to blame for the present mess. He conveniently forgot that the congress is a product of the electorate.

Which leads straight into Tim’s statement (This is TWO comments, Tim!) that the congress is responsible for our present mess. Tim, in order for a congressman to show courage as a congressman he has to first be a CONGRESSMAN.

He has to get ELECTED.

If he shows courage he doesn’t stand a chance. The media will label him an extremist and the same electorate that keeps demanding COURAGE from congressmen will consider him an embarrassment and get rid of him.

They will then wonder why congressmen don’t show courage.

That is the table leg, Tim. You and Joe Sobran have not been through enough real campaigns. Joe gets paid to write outraged columns. He keeps going and going and going and going…

Joe gets PAID to keep pushing that table leg.

You don’t.

Now to another person who is not our hero but who said something vital.

Kissinger said something that took true Chutzpah. His family left Austria when Hitler took it over, so he is no fan of anti-Semitism. But he has the kind of dry humor I like.

We all know that the myth that the Nazis made soap out of Jews is a myth. So the EveryReady Men will not get the humor of my second favorite Kissinger remark. He will be so lost in denouncing the myth that he will miss Kissinger’s important point.

When Kissinger visited Austria, someone asked him if any of his relatives were still there.

He really didn’t want to discuss that. If someone is revisiting New Orleans right now, he will tell you about the survivors in his family and the deaths in his family. But pressing him on it is a nasty thing to do. The average peson doesn’t know how to smack teh reporter down.

But Kissinger was a pro, and he wouldn’t take that crap.

So when the reporter asked Kissinger about his relatives in Austria, Henry cut this intrusive question off with the remark, “They’re all soap.”

He did not get asked again.

My favorite Kissinger statement, of course, comes from the fact that he is a cold, professional diplomat. In other words, he gets paid to make things WORK. If what you are doing isn’t working, you can’t just whine about how the other side is unreasonable. In the real world of diplomacy, you have to assume it takes two to tango.

He doesn’t like whiners. Even Jewish whiners.

So when some Jewish leader was talking about the self-pity Judaism is based on, the idea that everybody is mean and the Jews are always sweeties, Kissinger replied, “Any people that has been persecuted for two thousand years is doing something WRONG.”

His feet may stink, and he sure as hell doen’t love Jesus, but he said something that desperately needed saying.

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Tim says that our biggest opposition is self hating white men.

He was bused into Ghetto Hell, so the white men assuaged their guitl by hating HIM.

Tim asked specifically for an answer. I liek that better than people who assume they have been, as one person put it, “flipped off” because I forgot or this damned machine screwed up and threw me off.

Tim, white self-hate is the problem. But it is also a table leg.

The weak bastards can be taken down if we make them look as absurd as they are. I have deveoped a technique for this. I sontantly get letters from people who ried my ways, are amazed at how well they work.

Then they tell a book I MUST read on how Bush lied in Iraq.

Tim, real politis, real powr, comes in two flavors: taht which works and that which doesn’t work.

There are no others.

I am an insect surrounded by EveryReady Men. They run into white self-hate and they just keep going and going and going. They become bitter old men when their charge runs out and the table leg has not moved.

Get your periscope over the water. We know hat the problem is. Now we must WORK on the solution. That means telling the Eeveryready Men they are EverReady Men. That means hitting hte right message over and over. That means making the other side feel EXACTLY how they don’t want to feel.

I write about it and write abut it, and one day, suddenly, it will hit you: “oh, this is all obvious when you understand it!”

Until what I am saying gels, I will just have to keep saying and saying and saying…

CL ( I hope I spelled that right) wjuotes some twit as saying that the French Willaim gave the English Harold a good pasting.

Anyone who has a nodding acquaintance with history knows that William and Charlemagne before him were less French than I am, and I’m not French at all.

William was a Norseman on both sides of his family.

Chalrlemagne, as we insist on calling him, spoke nothing but German. The Franks were one hundred percent German. He tried to give the months pure German names instead of Roman names.

Charlemagne would have recognized himself if he had been called Karl der Grosse, his German name. He would not have had the slightest idea who “Charlemagne” was.

It is a little confusing to historians that Frankfurt was where Karl der Grosse, aka Charlemagne had his palace. The Glorious allies took time out from ifrebombing civilians to destroy it in World War II. It was, after all, a German fort.

I worked on a brick plant near Karlsruhe, which means “Karl’s Rest,” where he also had a place to stay when he wasn’t on horse back.

Joe says, “I find the Congress responsible for this state of affairs. Joe Sobran, for whom I have a great deal of respect, says that the federal courts have usurped the legislative functions of the Congress. Naturally, I bow to Joe Sobran’s assertion. I still point the finger at the United States Congress for failing in its duty to be the lawmakers in our land. Surely, they didn’t “fail to notice” that the legislative function was increasingly being carried out through the federal judiciary. It seems to me that they just didn’t want to be held accountable for voting for legislation that the voters didn’t want. So they didn’t want to be held responsible. That seems to be a way of saying that they would rather be held irresponsible. I’ll vote for that.”

Joe is a rough guy so i can be rought with him.

Joe, PLEASE read what I ssaid in the first place and what I wrote to Tim.

I wrote: “BY DEFINITION a multicultural society cannot have common consent.”

Joe, let me snap my fingers in your face. How on earth could a multicultural society elect a congress that stands for anything?

You and Joe (who no longer speaks to me) need to get out of lala land!

More later. I have already had to write everything at least twice because this thing keeps breaking down.

Comment by joe rorke


I wish I hadn’t said some people don’t have a life.

I remember one good friend who was holding his first baby in his hands and saying he hadn’t known what life could be. I also remember when, some years later, he shot himself to death with a shotgun in his front yard.

Everybody thinks somebody else has a life. The married man with responsibilities envies the “free” bachelor. The bachelor feels lonely and cowardly for not having a family.

Derek, you REALLY have to give me a BREAK. I am very happy that you and Peter called me on this. The last people I need as blog raders are people who have heavy family commitments and can only treat the life of the mind as a passing hobby. So what I did was to accuse myself and those who are doing exactly what I say needs to be done of not having a life.

This world cannot be saved by people I said “Have a life.” That life will be meaningless unless people like me who say we don’t have a life do our jobs.

I have led a very rough existence. Parodying oneself is what every comedian who has had a hard life does. It is a defense mechanism, if I may use psycho speech. Humor is a way to survive. But sometimes in parodying myself I just plain screw up.

Anyone who lives a life of the mind pays for it. People you want to have a relationship with want you to concentrate on THEM, not on ideas.

Life is choices, and this is one of them.

Tim warmed my heart by poiting out that he was one of kids I was fighting for in my battle against busing. Nobody “with a life” could have done what I did.

I alone, and there is no question on this one, prevented the IRS from putting racial quotas on private schools. It was one of htose things I did when I could have been home with my wife and I wouldn’t be divorced now. But hundreds of thousands of kids were spared the Hell Hole Tim went through.

And, Tim, while I couldn’t help you, we did put brakes on it. I went to a white trash school and I have worked in prisons. I can only imagine what you went through being bused into the ghettoes. A child in that environment might as well be in a prison with hardened criminals, except that the criminals are watched more closely and the thugs you faced were considered innocent.

Unlike many a married man, I am satisfied with what I did do in my life. Very few people can actually say that.

More above.


International Law

When I took my first course in international law, I assumed there was no such thing. I thought it meant taking the League of Nations or the UN seriously.

I was, as everyone always does, taking it from the wrong end.

In the real world courts must decide on cases which involve more than one country. They have no choice. There is nothing theoretical about it. The courts in each country must pick its own precedents. American judges use a lot of British precendents and vice-versa, since both have a basis in the Common Law.

It had not occurred to me before I took the course that such cases HAVE to be decided, and the result is called international law, thought it is not international.

We have a similar problem with regard to interstate relations in the United States. The Constitution requires each state to give “full faith and credit” to the laws of other states. In other words, if one state allows homosexual marriage every other state must recognize it.

But they don’t. Since the beginning states have refused to extradict people convicted of criminal acts to the states where they were convicted.

There is the provision for full faith and credit, but there is no ENFORCEMENT mechanism. “Full faith and credit,” like international law, is a guideline, not a law.

If the Supreme Court told the president he had to use force to make one state extradict to another he would do it. Today the courts rule absolutely. But historically that was not the case.

When America extradicts a murderer from abroad, it has to guarantee the country extradicting that the nice guy will not face the death penalty here. Massachussetts can and probably will do exactly the same for murderere who escape there.

In Massachussetts the state supreme court decided that it didn’t like the state law that required that people cannot be married unless they are of different sexes. No other state accepts that.

In the United States you can be legally married to two different spouses. About 1945 North Carolina decided it would not accept Nevada’s easy divorce law. In fact until 1948 there was NO divorce law in SOUTH Carolina.
The court had no way to force North Carolina to accept Nevada divorces. So a man who was divorced and remarried in Nevada remained married to his original wife when he was in North Carolina but he was also legally married to his new wife in Nevada and states that accepted Nevada law.

As a matter of fact tens of thousands of people were and are legally married to two different partners in the United States. If any of them contracted a gay marriage in Massachussetts, they would legally married to three different people.

Under international law, America in general did not accept the easy Mexican divorces, even Nevada. So you could have your fourth spouse down there.

In case you think this is pure theory, remember that a person married to an American citizen has the right to permanent residence in the United States.

Here is a person married to an American citizen in half the states but not in the other half. If both wives are foreigners, which one gets the permanent visa?

Which gives you an idea of what international law looks like.


Answer to Derek

I did NOT say that those who are interested in abstract ideas do not have a life.

I said that those who look forward to an old-fashioned societal collapse are usually the ones who have no lives.

In fact, what I said was that we need to package our ideas, not wait around for a collapse or obsess over Iraq.

I get tired every time what I say is taken personally. Mostly I was making fun of me.