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I would have more respect for Ted Kennedy if he HAD murdered Mary Jane Kopechne.

What actually happened was that he was about to be caught with her in the car in a particular position. In the 1960s, this was a very compromising situation for a
presidential candidate.

So I leave all the excitement to the people who love excitement and tell you what happened.

Kennedy knew the roads well. But he had to leave the car and let Mary Jane, who did NOT know the area well, drive off in a rush with few directions.

She went the wrong way and she drove off and crashed into the water.

Kennedy later said he was in a coma that night. Actually he knew nothing about hwat happened to her until the next morning. He was cheerful and almost fainted when he was informed.

They told him first, of course. Then he forced the coroner to have no autopsy. ALL accidents of this sort involve autopsies.

She was undoubtedly pregnant. An abortion was in order.

If Strom Thurmond or Jesse Helms or Long of Louisiana had had an incident like this, vetoing a legally required autopsy would STILL be in the news. In Massachusetts, Kennedy is God.

Kennedy called in his advisors.

Mary Jane had spent about two hours slowly ashyxiating in the car at the bottom. She had retreated from the sater into the back seat, and in the end end she was found with her fact pressed against the highest point in the car, where the last bubble of air was.

When a Kennedy aid hired a plane and was flown over the spot, he could see the top of the car under the water. His heart cry was:

“There lies the end of the Kennedy presidency!”

The Lover of Mankind had spoken.


Bible and Declaration

In order to make the mess we have at present, Americans have had to ditch our founding ideas and substitute others.

I pointed out below how Lincoln and his heirs (National Review is fanatically Lincolnesque) got today’s tyranny and the Civil War slaughter AND open borders AND the melting pot all by substituting the Declarration Preamble for the basis of America, which is hte Preamble to the United States Constitution.

Please read that last paragraph over a few times.

I’m tired of repeating it.

In the Bible, we have managed to do much the same thing. So, when someone hears “Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” everybody can quote it, but noblyd has any idea of the context.

It has absolutely NOTHING to do with Caesar, or property belonging to God, or any balance between the two.


He was parrying a trick question. His point was that he didn’t care whether people paid Caesar’s taxes or not. As he surely got tired of saying, his kingdom was NOT of this world. He was NOT here to tell the Jews how to deal with the Romans or to save the Holy Glory of Israel in the Ancient Covenant.

They KEEP asking Jesus that, and his reply was ALWAYS the same. He took salvation seriously. As C.S. Lewis kept pointing out, Jesus was God or he was a madman.

There is no choice for preachers who want a foot in each camp. There is no room for “Christians” who want to keep one foot in each camp. Ther is no room room for “Christians” who want to concentrate onthe Ancient Covenant or the Promised Land being returned to the Jews.

He told hte Jews that then, and the statute of limitations has NOT lapsed.

Another thing an endless parade of sermons is based on is “The poor we have always with us.” That is exactly what Jesus was NOT talking about. He was saying, “Forget social justice. I am here about eternal salvation. Eternal salvation is NOT a subtext to the Old Testament. Eternal Salvation is NOT what I am here about.”

He was right or he was wrong.

America is dedicated to the proposition that ALL men are men are created equal or it is for the people of the United States when it was more native-born more than at any other time in its history, “excluding INdians not taxed,” as the Constitution SAYS.

In MY opinion, there is no room in America for anybody whose loyalty is to a proposition. Ther is no room in Christianity for anyne who has any opinion about the Holy People or the Old Book or anything else.

Everybody can recite the Lord’s Prayer, but nobody looks at what Christ was SAYING.

He said get your nose out of the BOOK and call a fish a fish.

He said when you address God, ask for what you need in the your pursuit of SALVATION. That is why the Lord’s Prayer did not satisfy people. It was EXACTLY what Jesus was saying, and it ended with a simple forgive us our trespasses IF we forgive those who trespass against us.

Jesus never ONCE said “Praise the Lord.” Jesus never ONE said “Read your Bible.” Jesus never ONCE promisd hte Jews a homeland or told us he had a formula to succeed in business without ever trying.

Thew whole testimony of Jesus is one long dialogue on how he kept emphasizing this point of salvation AND HOW HE STAYED ALIVE BY PARRYING ALL THE OTHER CRAP WE CALL CHRISTIANITY TODAY AND NOT GETTING STONED TO DEATH ONTHE SPOT FOR DOING IT.

So “Christians,” most especially the evangelicals, have done to Christianity exactly what the Lincolnizers have done to America. When the founding fathers wrote a sillyass buch of statements to stay alive, theyused those statements as the bassis of hteir anti-Americanism.

When Jesus had to say things to stay alive, the Old Testament crowd used his words to destroy Christianity.

When you comment on things like the poor we have with us or render unto Caesar, you are in the enemy camp.

I am dead certain that when Jesus said to call a fish a fish and spoke a simple, direct prayer, he did not add, “for thine is the kingdom the power and the glory forever.”

God did not need to be reminded of that.

But early Christians had only the Old Testament for a century. No New Testament canon had been formulated. Jesus left out the Praise God bit and they put it in. In one book it’s in, in one it’s out.

That addition would have been a pretty ridiculous way for Jesus to end his whole point out calling a fish a fish and making your prayer simple and direct.

I just can’t deal with this crap much more.

Choose between the Declaration and the Constitution. Choose between everything Christ kept saying over and over when he was not trying to stay alive or try to be a Christian.

I wold rather be black than be a mongrel. I would rather hear an atheist than a mongrel who calls himself a Christian or someone who respects French Revolutionary crap and claims to be an American.


Then STOP talking CRAP.

Your country depends on it for sure.

If Christ was not a madman, your soul depends on it.




“Then they blamed everything onthe kind, not parliament. You would have to be a true ignoramus on British Government to bleieve THAT.”

I assume you mean KING in stead of KIND.

Common people are, in my jaded opinion, almost all ignoramousai, regardless of time.
Trail of tears was blamed on Jackson. The depression was blamed on Hoover. High fuel prices
are blamed on Bush. Not that any of these men had clean hands. But society is made up of somewhat bright men and a lot of not-so-bright men who collectively end up blaming one man instead of the entire ruling class. It may be human nature, but doesnt it answer a lot of questions as to why
things are the way they are, or were?

Comment by Mark —

*********** The Fouding Fathers were not ordinary men.

********* The reason the Declaration is so sbsurd is becuas there was a WAR on. The Declaration was written tog et the support of two groups: pro-American French liberals in Paris whose thinking later led to the French Revolution and terror and tyranny and the pro-American minority in parliament.

******* Hence the silly preamble which a libeal Frenchman could believe and blaming everything onthe King.

******* Those like Lincoln who believed in French liberal principles and hence brought our terror and tyranny quote that pramble endlessly and ingore the AMERICAN one in the Constitution.

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