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Bob’s Underground Graduate Seminar (BUGS)

Posted by Bob on August 27th, 2006 under Coaching Session

Since Bob’s Blog has now been Yahooed out of existence, I am more resolved to change our


The intro page at whitakeronline will have a new introduction. I am still working on it.

You will no longer be referred to as “commenters” or any of the other colorful names I call

you. So I need you commenters to COMMENT.

Each word in Underground Graduate Seminar has speacial meaning.


As I said, in the 1960s the word “underground” was used to death. Everything the Hippie New

Left did was called “Underground.” They would start slick backed magazines they called

“underground” which would get immediate media coverage. Abbie Hoffmann wrote a best-seller called

“Steal This Book” that made him a fortune because, with his endless media coverage, people

paid for it.

Every “Underground” movement on the the New Left got gigantic amounts of publicity. It was

as underground as the Moon Landing.

As I will point out in the intro, we ARE underground. We HAVE to be anonymous, because everybody knows that if they could find us, they would ruin us. THAT is underground.


The term graduate normally means that you have paid tuition for four years and listened to

Mommy Professor drone on, and you have vomited what Mommy Professor says back on exams and

forgotten it. All you HAVE to remember is the relgious training you received in our

established religion of Political Correctness.

We are true heretics. In order to be a graduate, you have to be someone who has outgrown a

college education, whether you had one or not.


The modern college graduate has no idea what a seminar is.

In fact, a professor who could conduct an old-fashioned seminar would not be allowed to be a

professor. In a university today, you are suppposed to find material that backs up the

professor’s Politically Correct doctrines and wow everybody with what an Original Thinker you


You prove to your professor that you are into Constructive Dialogue, not heresy.

Of course nobody uses the word “heresy” any more. Communist countries banned disagreement by

labeling it “fascism.”

Today heresy is called “racism.”

But a seminar MEANS heresy in the modern sense of that word. You have to do your own

thinking and come up with something YOU thought of, not just dig into the relgious

literature of Political Correctness and come up with quotes Mommy Professor will be proud




  1. #1 by Kelly on 08/27/2006 - 10:49 pm

    BUGS is catchy…Bob is there a think tank that make up mommy professor?..Or is it some universal organism that has simply manifested because it’s alive??

  2. #2 by joe odin on 08/28/2006 - 10:47 pm


    How about:
    – The Mantra Maven
    – Old Man With a Plan (Forgive me)
    – Coach’s Corner

  3. #3 by Bob on 08/29/2006 - 1:36 am

    joe, you make me feel like a kid in a candy shop. I want them ALL!

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