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Sarge Sounds Like Sarge

I was reading the comments, which you will have to read for yourself to keep up.

At first, just waking up, I was offended at Mark’s insult to Hardric and his cheap psychoanalysis of Hardric. Then I had my coffee and read the comments again. Mark’s personal comment is wrong, so I will ASK him to apologize for it, but the rest of what the Sarge says sounds, oddly enough, like what a Sarge SHOULD say.

Then I read the comments again and began to get the eerie feeling that they were psychoanalyzing ME without meaning to.

You see, in fifty years or so I have been through EVERY phase of what is being said REPEATEDLY. I gained my reputation in DC when I was in the “working class” phase of thinking. I was an Honorary Boston Southie. I was on the streets of DC and Louisville and DC getting working class people to rebel against the college-ruined brains of the establishment.

But, as Mark says, the white working class, which is different from the welfare class he describes, ended up asking for what it got. I learned that lesson by work on the ground.

Mark is describing the proletariat, which he is forced to deal with constantly, the crowd the Marxes and the Fondas are always praising and never get close enough to to SMELL.

I learned, painfully, that ideas filter DOWN. I couldn’t stop working people from adopting the fashionable crap.

Especially the LEADERS. As soon as some nobody gets interviewed as a Leader they try to sound like somebody ABOVE the working people around them.

I will never forget an incident when I, PERSONALLY, had spent my time and position organizing the joint demonstration in DC of anti-busers and textbook protestors in Washington against the educational establishment. THOUSANDS of working people traveled hundreds of miles on buses they paid for personally to join in the march. It was a true grassroots protest.

Then the Leaders made their speeches on the back steps of the Capitol to the thousands. Some bitch from Boston, whose only accomplishment in life had been to get a leadership spot in Boston, declared that she was against busing, but anyone who was against INTEGRATION should leave.

A lot of people DID leave.

Before that, there was a big battle among the Bostonians about who would speak for them. You see, this was a big deal up there, and after years of protesting a lot of the “leaders” had had a taste of a little power for the first and only time in their lives, and that was their only concern. That was when I happened to walk up just as a West Virginia protestor said, “I don’t understand what you’re fighting about. Whitaker speaks for us and he’s not even a hick.”

I liked that. I liked being an honorary Southie. But the bottom line I found out was that concepts flow from the TOP. By the time I was essential to electing Reagan and Communism was doomed, my attitude toward any further progress on saving our race through the working crowd would have made Mark here look like Little Mister Sunshine.

But one thing I knew: Things NEVER stay the same. From 1980 on I was in a kind of holding pattern. The TOP of the idea chain was out of reach, up in New York and Harvard.

And, indeed, things HAPPENED, one I could have predicted and the other I could not.

First, those Sophisticated Ideas everybody heard over and over and over got OLD. They got a NAME: Political Correctness. When everybody has been to college and hear them again and again and again, firmly ingrained slogans get OLD. Today, they get old FAST.

Five hundred years ago the Chinese were still wearing the same clothes they had worn five hundred years before. The same was true of the Middle East. The famous “cod piece” came and went in Europe. The West CHANGES. It changes pointlessly in most cases, but that is not the POINT. The POINT is that, once any set of ideas get a foothold in the Orient, it is there to stay. Back in the 50s, an expert on Japan described it as the “most constipated society on earth.” In Japan, you would routinely see statues of Jesus, Confucius and Buddha on the mantelpiece while the family voted for Marx.

Where college students used to come out with their diplomas and a desperate dedication to the New Ideas, they were now referring to “the old crap” their parents had talked about.

But we STILL lacked ACCESS to the TOP of the idea chain. Then ideas STOPPED coming from where “the same old crap” came from. The INTERNET sprang into being.

We are fighting the most ingrained idea of Political Correctness, anti-racism, anti-whitism. But if you LOOK at the anti-whit arguments, you will find that almost none of them parrot the LEFTIST line “conservatives” down at the bottom of the idea change chain are just beginning to repeat.

I carefully not that all the nostrums about gun control and socialism are GONE from the dialogue of all but the most OBVIOUSLY driveling antis. The idea that genetics does not exist is GONE.

But the anti-white syndrome is OLD. I heard it on the radio version of Long Ranger, Evil Whites against Noble Indians. I heard it in the civil rights crap. You can still hear it in North Carolina in the play Unto These Hills which I first heard in an all-white audience in 1950. We are fighting the hardest battle of all. That is why it is so critical for us NOT to get off on the immigration track or on the “white people deserve it” track.

After forty years, I watched THE TOP OF THE IDEA CHAIN OPEN UP. It is no longer at Harvard or in New York. The top of the idea train is RIGHT HERE!

Just when the perversions of the Masturbation Generation are becoming OBVIOUS nonsense, we have the top of the idea chain literally at our FINGERTIPS!

I spent plenty of time being frustrated and furious, so I can’t blame YOU for going through that. But get OVER it!

I have enough pent-up anger for all of you. But if I were starting NOW, knowing what I know and have experience, I would go after the reality only I am fully equipped to SEE.

Sarge, shoot NOW. We’ll sort out the bodies later.