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YOUR Conspiracy

I am still trying to figure out what the opposite of “paranoid” is.

I love the feeling I get when I read the comments that people are conspiring behind my back to do me GOOD. I read things about how Bob’s writings need to be put into a format, or this needs to be done with them. Not, “Bob, why don’t you do this?” but “Why don’t WE do this?”

Then there is BoardAd, who just flat DOES it.

This is, honestly, as good as it GETS. After a lifetime of plugging alone or with one or two indispensable people – I dedicated my first two books to my wife – it is a relief to see the baton being carried. And, of course, unlike the heroic Dr. Pierce, and heroic is the least I can say about him, I will not feel that my way of thinking will die with me.

No other compliment can be as satisfying as this one. Being told how smart you are in a lifetime of abuse is balm to the soul, but when people discuss how to extend what you devoted your life to, when they DO it, as BoardAd has – it makes my heart swell.

What I feel is the opposite of paranoia. Since it is a good thing, we naturally don’t have a name for it. That shows how rare, and therefore how precious, it is.