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Comments lately have been good, but they keep reminding me of Socrates’ men in a lightless cave examining an elephant. One says it is ears, one says it’s a trunk, etc.

One asks about creativity, another about what is to be done in government, another makes an equally good point about another aspect. All this shows thought, but it does not reflect an understanding of the whole.

A great example of what I am talking about is the TV series Connections. It discusses, routinely, the bouncing around, not just of abstract concepts, but of practical ideas which flow from different applications of seemingly totally unrelated tings in Western Civilization. These things are talked about as GIVENS, a part of the whole.

But “real” analysis consists of digging into obscure writings of some ancient Greek or some ancient Egyptians and showing how, slowly and painfully, it led to what we call “us.”

There is not the barest relationship between the dynamic of the society described in “Connections” and the Learned Philosophers of Ancient Civilizations.

All that ancient history, as I said by the time I was eighteen, was “a series of northern invasions.” There would be another undiscussed “northern invasion” and a Great Civilization, fed by the slaves on the bottom from the old society, would get another infusion of “barbarians,” who, of course, had nothing to do with the new vitality and limited creativity — and lots and lots of writing for historians to look at.

But only the old writing, not the “barbarism,” made history. It was coincidental, in fact it is not even mentioned as coincident, that each new phase of Great slave-based Civilizations began with a “northern invasion.”

Everybody as taught that, but only I noticed it.

In my teens.

I’m used to that by now.

When society finally reached Northern Europe and was all white, the explosion occurred. A totally new society developed. It found a use for Africans, the same use they had always had and have today, field hands, bloc voters, and a supply of sperm to get rid of this “white race” which is the obvious explanation for everything Wordists want to attribute to thier Holy Books.

This is the PICTURE. After I am dead, someone will come along and GET IT.




Tim says: So if I were in office right this minute looking for advice on what approach to take. What advice would you give? And don’t say: “Tim, just put your foot down.” I know that. What are your ideas on these international issues we are obviously going to be dealing??

(Bob, you can chime in as well)

The most important thing about this election is that, more than any in recent history, IT DOESN’T MATTER. For all the horror stories about Hillary and others and what they WANT, all they really want is to be president. An adviser would not be telling them what they SHOULD do, but what they CAN do. And that is almost nothing.

There was a time when a McGovern could demand immediate total withdrawal from Vietnam and Goldwater could hint at nukes. We all know what happened to THEM.

So no one demanded we FIGHT in Nam or that we withdraw from Nam. So it stayed a half-assed war, not really a war, and therefore doomed.

Likewise Iraq.

Socialized medicine? Kyoto? Immigration? It really doesn’t matter what Hillary or Obama or George Bush WANT. The system now is locked into half-assed everything.

People wait around for the courts to decide in any case where a decision really has to be made.

It amuses me that people talk about “practical politics.” The practical fact is that the system is jammed and, as in Nam, this is fatal. America in Nam went out the way the Soviet Union eventually did, the way Cuba did.

Overnight. Everybody has his pants flat on the floor.

The system will unjam. THAT is practical politics. When it unjams it will be like any other dike bursting. Cuba, Nam, the USSR, races the same, again and again the Practical Men tell us about playing with the thermostat while reality keeps telling us that what the pros talk about is, by definition, unimportant.


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