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Dave on BUGS and Poise

There is a facet of poise (that Robert Whitaker excels at) that is of critical importance, and that is noticing what others do not.There are other facets of poise (excellent performance under pressure) that can be taught, but only with hard training supplemented by real world experience. This is the focus of America’s elite combat teams such as the Navy Seals.

Also, any fire fighter who has not learned poise is going to end up getting burnt. And any police officer that has not learned poise is going to end up involved in unnecessary violence.

But the core of poise, the real essence of it, is noticing what others do not.

It is a special kind of capability that focuses on mental and visual acuity and it goes beyond racial politics and its effective response. Instead, it is almost a “marital art”.

For what is Asia’s absurd obsession with badges of status other than a form of ignorance masking a society in a low state of development and a people who lack poise?

And what is Political Correctness, if it is not that very same ignorance and low state of development?

No one ever tells our school children that being intelligent is a requirement, not an elective, and it is a requirement not of the academic credit granting authority, but of the larger nature surrounding us, a nature that punishes ignorance and stupidity without fail and without mercy.

Learning this special kind of poise is what BUGS is all about, and focusing on it will furnish white nationalism its competitive advantage.

Accordingly, it is what white nationalism should strive to develop and organize itself around.

— Dave

This is a very acute observation.

Consider Dave’s general term poise and look at disciplining oneself to use the Mantra. If you do not have poise, you will go chasing off into any subject the other side brings up that interests or might make you look good with all your knowledge of it.

If you can be lured off that way, you are like any person who can be conned. There’s one born every minute.

Someone who is not a sucker has two questions about any product: “How much does it cost, and what can it do that I want done?”

And the most important word a person seeking poise can add:


When you think of a person who has poise, you think of someone who has no “pressure of speech.” A poised person is not uncomfortable insisting on a reply. If you keep insisting on keeping talking off the subject, he is perfectly comfortable answering your nothing with silence. The ONLY reply a poised person will give is to remind the bullshitter of what the question was.

Poise is an EXCELLENT term for our approach.

Thanks, Dave!



Thanks, Simmons!

Great Leader Bob, if someone in the group gets their feathers ruffled point them out to me so I can further loosen the cult’s grip on them. It’s what I do.

— Simmons

Simmons is not offering me the WORSHIP a Great Leader deserves. Despite all his promises, if the choice is between Bob and the truth, he will leave me out here shivering in the cold.

I can live with that. In fact, I couldn’t be at ease with anything else.

What Simmons offers is critical. When someone criticizes me, there are two poles to the possibilities, 1) they misunderstood me or 2) I need some correction. I prefer 1), as any human being would.

But 0) REALLY upsets me. After all my work here, someone, usually Shari, wants more explanation, and most of you go dumb. Simmons says he won’t.

On Stormfront, it is SUCH a relief for an old warrior who says he is used to battling alone to have Lord Nelson or Prometheus jump in on his side.

Yes, I have spent a lifetime fighting alone, but I would not wish that fate on any one of you.


Constructive criticism is infinitely better than empty space. But jumping in where you are needed, as Simmons offers to do, is best of all.


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The FCC Revolt

— The FCC Revolt

I am not referring to the federal agency but to the Faithful Colored Companions (FCC) who have slavishly voted for white liberals down through the years.


For years now, while others repeated news items about Iraq and the Jews, I kept insisting that a huge development was on the horizon. While others agreed with each other that all was lost because minorities and anti-white whites formed a growing majority, I kept pointing out that this coalition might be unstable.

In I have said for YEARS that the Faithful Colored Companions were eventually going to want to vote for their OWN. I am the only person who mentions that this happened to the NAACP when, sixty years after its founding, it elected its first BLACK president. The NAACP has been a harmless cash cow for suburban blacks ever since.

There is a huge divide here. Jews and liberal whites are monomaniacally dedicated to the end of the white race. Blacks want stuff for themselves. To anti-whites reparations means a renewed dedication to Racial Guilt and shame on the part of those who don’t like to see whites with colored kids.

To blacks, reparations is a brand-new Mercedes.

REAL power politics is not detailing the Bad Guys and the Good Guys. Power politics is finding out what everybody WANTS. Anti-whites who are being displaced have only one goal, the end of whites.

If we handle it right, the FCC doesn’t want our blood.

It wants our money.


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Reply on Diplomacy

Someone wrote me that I should be more diplomatic.

The relevant part of my reply is here:

When it comes to using a dumb electorate, “diplomacy” (though I would refer to it as something else) is a good idea. When it comes to discussion within a serious leadership group this is not the case.”

“My experience includes a long list of examples. One guy in college would come out to help picket or something, get offended by what somebody said — seldom me — and then, I kid you not, start crying and run off. Sometimes he took others with him.”

“He was ALWAYS a liability.”

In the real rough and rumble pro-whties face you had better get rid of the ones who will run away.

It’s time to stop obsessing on non-racial matters. If someone will run out because of what one old guy says, it’s better for him to run now instead of standing up bravely like respectable conservatives do and then backing out when things get serious.



Ghosties and Goblins and Things That Go “JEW!!” in the Night

No one can find a single word in the Old Testament that even vaguely advocates the chastity that early Christians were so fanatical about. So they just don’t THINK about it. No “Christian” thinks about it because he would have to think about the ORIGIN, the REAL origin, of his faith.

But he is REQUIRED to look for every bit of the origin of Christianity in the Old Testament.

If it’s not there, he stops looking for it.

For two thousand years, the absence of this anti-sexual obsession SHOULD have stood out like a sore thumb. It took a heritage of rigid thought control to avoid it.

This is also where our concept of Jews as Supermen comes from.

Here we are, a perfect white Christian society with Traditional Values, and along comes somebody, Satan or the Jews or both, to CAUSE every single weakness and absurdity we carry with us. They did not just take advantage of some obvious weaknesses in our mentality. We were perfect, so they had to CREATE all what was wrong.

This is childish. Enemies do not create your weaknesses, they exploit them. It is up to you to REALIZE what your weaknesses are, even if doing so is HERESY to the Perfect People crowd.

I have told this story before. In 1870 France had a bigger army than that of Prussia, but the Prussians won because they moved faster and from unexpected directions. In 1914 France had a larger available army than Germany, which was fighting on two fronts. But the Germans moved faster and from unexpected directions so the entire war was fought deep inside France. In 1940 France had forces the size of the Wehrmacht, but the Germans moved faster and in unexpected directions and took France again.

I am sure the French General Staff waved their fists at the Germans and talked about how MEAN the Devil Huns were. Because they see Germans as the Devil, the next war would be exactly the same.

In 1775 at Breed’s Hill, the British were slaughtered because they marched in formation European-style while the Americans hunkered down and shot them to pieces. Two wars and almost exactly forty years later, the British were slaughtered at New Orleans because they marched in formation European-style while the Americans hunkered down and shot them to pieces.

British generals told each other that Americans were just DEVILS.

The obsession with chastity came from an old, degenerate version of the Aryan religion called Zoroastrianism, then in its death throes. The idea that it is holy for us to not have children lives on in today’s environmentalism and was instrumental in our Zero Population Growth movement. Today having children is denounced by NOW as evil. All that matters is that the couple is in a State of Love when copulation occurs.

The idea that destroying one’s own race is the holiest of missions certainly did not come from Jews. They exploited what was already in our culture.

The Jews did not CREATE this mental illness, they EXPLOITED it. To Zoroastrians the God of THIS World, Ahriman, was evil, the God of the Next, Ahura Mazda, was good. As Zoroastrianism degenerated, all thoughts of continuing the people of THIS world became evil.

Or we can keep searching in the Old Testament for some hint that sterility is holy.

And worship Jews as Evil Gods.

Be sure there’s someone around to drive you home from Kindergarten.



What Words Can Do, Words Can Undo

Utah could not enter the Union until it outlawed polygamy. Right on time, in 1890, a Mormon leader had a Revelation from God. God decided in 1890 that polygamy, which Joseph Smith had forcefully defended as a Key tot eh Kingdom, had to go. This happened to coincide nicely with getting Utah statehood.

Just when Joseph Smith’s prohibition against black bishops became politically untenable, the Lord stepped in and gave the Mormons another Divine Inspiration to decarve that Law from the Sacred Tomes.

Governor David Beasley had his Revelation from God in December 2008, right after he had used the pro-Confederate flag vote get reelected governor, and in the maximum amount of time before the 2000 Republican Convention where he hoped to obtain the vie-presidential nomination.

It must have been a joint Revelation. When the money men turned on the Confederate flag and forced the Citadel to abandon it, Bob Jones IV had a Direct Inspiration to get rid of the flag, too. Also to allow interracial dating.

And the list goes on.

When someone starts saying he is pro-white because of the Bible, I realize that tomorrow he can be ANTI-white because of the same Bible. It happens all the time. The same First Baptist Church in Columbia that hosted the secession convention in 1960 because God was pro-slavery was trying to get affirmative action into its congregation in the 1980s on the basis of the same Bible.

If your loyalty is to words, you can interpret those words into the opposite overnight. “We the People of the United States… and our Posterity” now includes illegal aliens.

What happens when someone who espouses your words is fighting against someone who is of your race?

You get World War II.

I like to level with you. When someone says his feeling for our race is because of the Catholic Church or the Christian faith or a belief in liberty or some other set of words, I back up a little. This is based on lifetime of HARD experience.

I only back off a LITTLE, but I do back off SOME.

As I say, I like to level with you.



The People’s Gospels

In the documentary on the new-found Gospel of Judas, one thing that was mentioned rather shame-facedly was that a major reason Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were chosen as anonical Gospels was because Christians LIKED them. Like any other institution the Church paid attention to the books people favored.

That tookme bck to my childhood, lisening to the story of Christmas inteh St James version. As I said, the dozens of other gospel versions were written largely for intellectual snobs, not the kind of common folk Jesus went out and preached to.

Inspitration does not come ecclusively from bishops or theologians. The last thing Peter was was an intellectual snob. I think believe that believers in general had true inspiration. The popularity and easier-to-read character of the Gospels chosen bothers the documentary-makers. But it makes me more confident that the Gospels chosen SHOULD be the canonical ones.



Why Do We HAVE Jews?

Nobody EVER thinks in BASICS.

Moslems in huge numbers are new to our society.

While the Jews poured into Northern Europe umpteen centuries ago the religion of our ACTUAL Fathers, Odinism, was being stamped out. “Chistianity” — by which I mean the Wordist institutions that grew up using the name of Christ — did not “discriminate aganst” Odinist holdouts. It KILLED them.

Catholic countries didn’t “discriminate against” Protestants and Protestants countries did not “discriminate against” Catholics.

They KILLED them.

Christian countries did not “discriminate against” Moslems who moved in.

The KILLED them.

We had Jews because our Glorious Traditional Values ALLOWED them.

Our Glorious Traditional Values ALLOWED enemies to exist within our society.

The resident aliens did what resident aliens can be expected to do.

I am NOT a conservative.