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Horus’ Report

Posted by Bob on May 25th, 2010 under Comment Responses

This is just a brief update. We are getting a steady 200+ gigabytes of downloads a month. No matter what I do or say. And I put out a new mp3 every week (or every other week). The information is GETTING out there. The old white nationalists and conservatives are being outgunned by the younger new comers. Fresh blood! The old guys refused to obey and get on a consistent message. They are too damn thick headed. They are now getting over run by the new young people who are starved to make changes.

Now the White Nationalists are being forced via peer pressure to mention genocide. And it is about damn time. All you have to do is surf to see the young ones go to town. They are not posting on BUGS but they are reading it. That is a start. And they are posting the Mantra all around. I am trying to get them posting on BUGS more.

The Mantra and White Rabbit Genocide have been downloaded at least 400 times already for may. So we are steady as she goes. The stuff is definitely working. Also we have over 1200 downloads already for May alone……ON THE FIRST SHOW. So we are still picking up new listeners.

  1. #1 by woundednietzsche on 05/25/2010 - 8:31 am

    The message is certainly getting through. This past Sunday on the Alex Jones radio show (May 23rd), he focused on how the left brands everyone as a racist for opposing their agendas. Alex is certainly no white nationalist but he has a huge and growing audience. Alex defined political correctness as the new religion and those who oppose pc as heretics who are persecuted. For a few minutes he stumbled into some pure Mantra thinking. He sounded just like….Bob Whitaker!

  2. #2 by Simmons on 05/25/2010 - 11:47 am

    A few words of slight pessimism, it still seems our “intellectual” types have an aversion to the Mantra. Now I assume its an ego thing with them as Bob has mentioned, but I also assume that like respectables these guys still align themselves off of the Left.

    I’ll mention names Occidental Dissent, TOQ, Alt-Right, and of course V-Dare not to mention Tom Flemings “true christian” cult at Chronicles and throw in all the Confederate re-enactors groups who substitute wordism for love of kith and kin.

    So we work harder and smarter, here is my idea, since “our” side aligns themselves off of the Left (basically fixated on “news and jews”) we must get the Left agitated at the Mantra and Genocide claims. Once the Left comments on it “our intellectuals” will comment on it. Some of “our intellectuals” will scoff at the Mantra, some of them though will say something intelligent. And therin lies our way into the mainstream, via the Left.

  3. #3 by Peter rabbit on 05/25/2010 - 1:18 pm

    That is great news. Horus’ show is positive and highly entertaining. He points out the obvious…that the current power structure is built on idiocy and is falling apart. Some WN’s and conservatives would consider it heresy that Horus claims the SuperJoo isn’t so super after all.

    I’ve seen an increase in mantra activity on online comments on blogs and various articles on race and immigration. I have a tough time keeping up.

  4. #4 by mimmyjarr on 05/25/2010 - 1:31 pm

    Having embraced the Mantra as a result listening to, I can attest to certain of Horus’ assertions, (i.e. Intensive Mantra propagation, and BUGS reading w/o previously posting here). I only wish that I could validate his perception of new users as youthful. I was fifty-seven when I first visited his site, and quickly recognized the Mantra’s power.

    Prior to my Mantra initiation, I had been using a scattered approach at University of Oregon’s free speech laboratory, Pacifica Forum. Pacifica Forum was founded primarily as a platform for attracting speakers with pro-Palestinian viewpoints. Predictably, this led to allegations of anti-Semitism, and efforts to have the Forum evicted from campus.

    The Forum’s struggle for survival attracted the attention of new supporters who were interested in resisting Jewish hegemony on a wider variety of issues. Among these was a man named Valdas Anelauskas, a native of Lithuania, who gave a series of lectures about the history of Jews and communism in the Soviet Union. This provided my introduction to White Nationalism. Valdas and I have now been working together for about three years to introduce racialist perspectives to University of Oregon through Pacifica Forum.

    Our efforts were noticed by a White Jackrabbit on the web who kindly emailed me with the suggestion that we get on a consistent message, and referred us to We have since converted to Mantra-thought, and have been building all of our presentations around the Mantra.

    I have delivered about a half dozen Mantra related presentations so far this year. They have been recorded and will be cable cast on Community Television of Lane County over the next few months.

    Thank you, Horus. Thank you, Bob. Thanks to everyone here at BUGS.

  5. #5 by Berserker88 on 05/25/2010 - 4:58 pm

    Great job Horus! In reply to some of these comments, Simmons is dead on about aligning yourself off the left. For a long time I based my arguments on countering the left all while the respectable conservative shot me down. Before BUGS I couldn’t understand why.
    Mimmyjarr, as far as youth goes I’m 28. About 10 years ago I began to discover how REAL race is, and who the enemy is. I wouldn’t have been ready for BUGS before 25 or so and I wasn’t one to sit home and post on forums until the advent of the internet on my phone. (basically I have the greatest library the world has ever known in my pocket at all times). Back to my point, young folk ARE on BUGS and all around. However without them telling you, you won’t know based on a post because BUGSers THINK, regardless of age.

  6. #6 by shari on 05/25/2010 - 5:22 pm

    I don’t think it’s young or old,that Bob or Horus appeal to. They go for MOTIVE regardless. “Are you PRO-WHITE or are you PRO-GENOCIDE?” To not choose long enough is to choose.

  7. #7 by H.Avenger on 05/25/2010 - 6:40 pm

    The above report was written over a week ago. We now have around 300gbs in downloads.

    And in all fairness there are other download sites that have zipped files of all the shows.

    For instance, take a look at the link below and read the exchange. There are several of these out there that have all the mp3’s zipped etc.

    moving right along

  8. #8 by AFKANNow on 05/26/2010 - 10:28 pm

    Three quick thoughts:

    One, I like listening to Lovely Colleen as much as the next guy, but it wastes time to play her entire song at the beginning. It also sounds like a bit of a downer. The opening to “Incomplete Without You” might do better (much better), and you start talking when she starts singing, just gradually reducing her volume over the first verse.

    Two, your strongest point after the Mantra/White Genocide is a point you made in your first broadcast, concerning the Consensus Trance. Examples of this, and how to break it, are very useful.

    Three, it wasn’t Mao who was asked about the French Revolution; it was the aristocratic Chou En-Lai who was asked, and answered, the way you attributed to Mao.

    Now, as to some issues addressed in FTWR 42, look at Ed Grimsley’s website.

    Excellent job you have done.

    Stay on message!

    More to follow.

  9. #9 by Al Parker on 05/26/2010 - 11:31 pm

    I’ll admit it . I have serious issues with FTWR. It used to be okay to listen when there was a lot of focus on mantra and strategy, though I questioned Horus’ credentials (which I heard nothing of) when he spoke as an authority on all these matters. I became more frustrated when it moved onto geopolitical issues and predictions. I now feel like yelling out loud when I hear these esoteric interpretations of history — a kind of broadened Nazi mysticism. I am stumped as to whether this stuff is recited from a belief system already existing (I would love to know which) or if he is a complete loon.

    What say the rest of you? And what is Bob’s official position on FTWR? Especially considering the mantra is being eagerly mixed in with the rest of this content for public consumption.

  10. #10 by H.Avenger on 05/27/2010 - 8:57 am

    “One, I like listening to Lovely Colleen as much as the next guy, but it wastes time to play her entire song at the beginning. It also sounds like a bit of a downer.”

    Well a certain percentage males will agree with you. However, nearly all the females love that damn song. Males listen no matter what. Females are little more picky. I have to please more than just your traditional WN audience. Of course, this is a good thing.

    I do agree with you on shortening the song. We are playing with the intro music. Most likely the song Iron Sky will be shortened and another upbeat song will be played for 30 seconds. I already have the second song picked out. I am new at this stuff and it is a work in progress. (Which means I need to read help files on how to set up anything new in the podcast)

    I’ll talk again about consensus trance. Everyone has something they like in the podcast. However, everyone’s favorite bits are always different! Just a matter of working back around to subject matters requested.

    thanks for the comments

  11. #11 by H.Avenger on 05/28/2010 - 2:54 pm

    Al Parker! The Famous All Hope is Lost Al Parker. I have missed your exchanges with Ole Bob!

    My credentials? I’m an Egyptian God…..and apparently a very powerful one. I even got Al Parker to post again!

    In regards to geopolitical predictions. I have only really made 2 predictions. And they are hardly Chrystal ball predictions.

    1. There will be a Russian/ German Axis. And even Stratfor has put out a special report on this.
    2. That there will be another War in the Middle East. There again….hardly much of a prediction.

    The WW2 historical revisionism and all the other crazy stuff is compliments of Dr Joseph P Farrell’s books. Oh and if he think he is some nutter check out his sources.

    But in realty Al, the research that I got hold of showed me ……WHAT my target audience wanted to hear about. NAZIS were top on the list.

    Apparently, the History Channel, National Geographic Channel, SciFI Channel, oh and the Science Channel got their hands on the same research. Because that is all they run shows about as well. Nazis, Nazis…Nazis..

    Also, I basically looked at the sites that were bigger than the WN sites online to see WHAT they were doing better. The sites like Coast to Coast and Rense. Not to forget Alex Jones. They talk about what I used to label Conspiracy Theories with other stuff mixed in.

    However, NOW that these sites are the largest and some of the wealthiest on earth. They are no longer called Conspiracy sites. These sites are now called Alternative News and Information sites. I assumed these websites were doing something correctly.

    So that is the angle that had to be taken to reach the target audience. Alex Jones flag wavers who want to change the system.

    Paleocons were having a tough time with the Basics (and the mantra is one of the basics). So I tried a different group of rabbits. And it has basically worked out for us.

    The formula is not too difficult. To get what we want….PEOPLE to use the Mantra……we got to give them WHAT they want.

    As far as Bob caring about the show. Well the show probably would not be his cup on tea. Anymore than the show is your cup of tea. But he just posted the results above. And results are results…. the numbers do not lie. If it were not working, I would have stopped and tried a different approach 30++ shows ago.

    Al, feel free to do a podcast yourself speaking to another audience about the Mantra. I would be happy to give you a link on my site. The white rabbit site is growing rapidly and you will get an audience. And I am being sincere. You may hit the bullseye for us.

  12. #12 by AFKANNow on 05/28/2010 - 4:41 pm

    in reply to Al Parker:

    I can’t speak for Horus, but I can provide a little bit of Light, from at least one perspective.

    Horus is hitting on a wide range of issues at more depth than we might casually7 understand, because, I believe, we will need to grasp issues involving more depth, and dimensions, than we have understood ill now.

    Let me be painfully honest here, as I hope you have read my comments regarding my Posterity in the various General Comments sections here:

    One, the Teachers – Adorno, et. al. – of the Teachers of the Children of the Sixties wanted America to commit suicide, and it seems as if they will get their wish.

    My concern is that America is only worthwhile because that is where the White Race had an unfettered continent, and the freedom to develop, and Create.

    When we are gone, all that makes America anything other than Mexico with snow goes with us, and the Light goes out, following OUR Posterity.

    Horus seems no less wedded to the America where the White Race becomes a hated, persecuted minority than many of us.

    Two, the larger issue is, “Where is the White Race going?”

    A Dimension Is A Property, and A Dimension of Consciousness is a Property of Consciousness.

    Inherently I believe, we are nine dimensional Consciousnesses “trapped” – for education purposes – in Minds that first perceive three dimensions, and may well only perceive the other, more abstract. dimensions AS the Fourth Dimension of Time.

    Now, the phrase “Standing Above Time” – and being, thus, the Man Above Time – acquires a new meaning.

    Mathematics is a language the reveals the presence of such dimensions, and limits were placed on the knowledge revealed to us by great men. For one example, there are those who believe Heaviside, a brilliant mathematician in his own right, altered some of Maxwell’s Formulae. For another example, just where ARE the notes of Tesla, who I believe could “see” into the higher dimensions?

    Does higher mathematics matter?

    Yes, because the highest mathematics of one becomes the technological tools of a later age; Newton and Leibniz discovered fundamental foundations of the calculus, and they were the most advanced men of their time in this area.

    The better high school student routinely goes far beyond them in HIS understanding of the calculus, and uses this higher, more abstract understanding, to see properties inherent in situations and materials, and develop newer, and better tools, from them.

    The cats-whisker radio of the Twenties – a common kit for your boys – allowed one example of this, and allowed elementary school boys to hear the voices in the air that were literally incomprehensible to Newton – and, perhaps, Leibniz. We are going where the Adversary Culture can not imagine.

    Three, the history of Mankind is a history of the development of Consciousness, and, I can assure you, WE ARE NOT ALONE in the universe, and neither are we the Crown of Creation. Look to the Ed Grimsley website reference, or to the movie moon-rising, on You Tube.

    Our RACE is the best Mankind has to offer, by far, because we can Create a better world, and do so, routinely.

    Look what happens when the shackles are removed, and the blinders taken off; look when happens when we take the Red Pill, and see Race as the primary principle of social organization.

    Look at, say, the NSDAP Cultural Moment, when Uncle Adolph faced unemployment above FIFTY percent.

    Freeing the people from the artificial strictures placed on them. he allowed a flowering of Western Culture – CIVILIZATION – in all manner of realms, including mathematics and physics.

    Such a density of high quality intellects allowed the flourishing of many great people, and many alternative Visions of What Was Possible.

    The Creation of the tools to form that Greater Reality was the work of many very intelligent people, who saw the fallacies inherent in classical relativity, and approached the issues of physics from a quantum level, Creating new mathematics, new theories of physics, and new tools to help access that Greater Reality.

    They refused to be bounded by the Blue Pill of Relativistic Physics. (Incidentally, you DO know Einstein’s mathematics were ‘checked’ by David Hilbert, don’t you?)

    THAT is our Duty to our Posterity; to help them overthrow the Systems that helped us get this far, and now hold us back.

    That requires an amazing amount of effort to formulate, Create, and TAKE the Red Pill, and Consciously Awaken from the Consensus Trance.

    For ONE MOMENT, our Ancestors did so in spite of horrific obstacles, and, in doing so, accomplished a century’s worth of economic development in a decade.

    THAT is Our Challenge.

    THAT is what I am working with my Nephews, an Young Miss Scarlett, on.

    More to follow.

  13. #13 by AFKANNow on 05/29/2010 - 7:32 am

    To clarify:

    Above, I stated:

    Horus seems no less wedded to the America where the White Race becomes a hated, persecuted minority than many of us.

    That was a slip of the key!

    What I MEANT to say was:

    Horus seems no less wedded to the IDEA of an America where the White Race becomes a hated, persecuted minority than many of us.

    Glad to clear that up!

  14. #14 by Wandrin on 05/29/2010 - 10:26 pm

    “What say the rest of you? And what is Bob’s official position on FTWR? Especially considering the mantra is being eagerly mixed in with the rest of this content for public consumption.”

    Horus answered already. All i’d add is
    – a podcast mixing mantra thinking with talk about basket weaving
    – a podcast mixing mantra thinking with discussions of 18th century French poetry
    – a podcast mixing mantra thinking with motorbike maintenance

    All good :)

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