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The New Creationism

BoardAd has an uncanny instinct for the exact things that interest me. In the Age of a Trillion Facts, this is quite a talent.

So our editor sent me a link to an article which explains how, for the first time in history, scientists literally created something from nothing:


I really just want to bring this to your attention, but I have also been trying to find a way to write a coherent article about it.

We used to think of electrons as orbiting the atomic nucleus in exactly the same way as planets orbit suns. Many a good science fiction story was made up of people getting so small they live on the infinitesimal planet orbiting the core of an atom in their fingernail, and then getting smaller and orbiting the core of an atom of THAT fingernail and so on ad infinitum.

But actually electrons do not orbit the atomic core. Electrons pop in and out of EXISTENCE around the core.

So these scientists simply took a vacuum, a totally empty space (DUHH!) and waited for some electrons in that empty space to pop into existence..

And they did.

Where there was nothing, a little patience found something.

This would be Super Front Line News if a Pope or Billy Graham, Jr. simply reported it. But it is merely a url link when scientists do it.

But BoardAd saw what it meant and reported it to me. To me I am more important than the Pope, and someone who can see the marvel here is more important than any Cardinal or Vice President of Billy Graham, Junior Enterprises.

The explanation of this creation of something from nothing is easy for those of use who are used to Whitakerisms”

Our universe is OUR universe.

Those electrons do not pop in and out of THE universe.

They pop in and out of OUR universe.

So where are they between poppings?

The easy answer is that there are parallel universes. But that is the kind of logic that led to the concept that electrons orbiting their core was the same as planets orbiting their sun.

We don’t know yet.

And for an Aryan, that is just fine.


The Ocean Between the Generations

I was talking to my 17-year-old nephew and he brought up the historical basis of the income tax. I said the income tax amendment was ratified in December, 1913. He took a quick look at the iphone or strawberry or whatever it was in his hand and replied, “You got the year right, but not the month. It was February.”

My next huge undertaking will be to get a phone like that kid has.

The funny thing is there is very little discussion of what can no longer be called the Generation Gap in technology.

It has long since ceased to be a mere Gap. It has gone away beyond the Generation Chasm.

I guess it could now be called The Generational Ocean.

This makes a big difference because it is hard for many BUGSERS to understand just how alien the Internet is to a 70-year-old man.

In fact, all of my four brothers and sisters can only use the Internet because I insisted on coming and teaching it to them. No one else could have but another old man.

It reminds me of James Thurber who was writing about his grandfather driving one of those new automobiles. The old man kept pulling on the guide handle and saying “Gee!” and other things his mode of transportation would understand.

Thurber’s readers thought that was hilarious. But I have a strong feeling that it was true.

I saw a study that might as well be true that said that in tests, 75% of people ended up shouting at their computers.

This can be a useful observation, but if you younger folks shout at the machine, can you even imagine how alien it is to us old folk?

There is quite a reversal here. In earlier ages the Wise Old Folks would try to realize how alien this Brave New World was to young folks. Today most of us old folk are trying to maintain our Wisdom Superiority in the face of the fact that you can look it all up in a hand telephone.

I have one enormous advantage. I have papers to prove I am, as I have told you so many times you’re sick of it, that I am psychologically disabled. That beats the hell out of admitting that I am just plain OLD.

But one untold story of our time is the gap, the chasm, the ocean between our generations.


Talking Down to the Earth People

This is a true story. It is a true story that could only happen to someone with disability-level attention deficit.

Or maybe only someone with papers to prove he had this disability would ADMIT it happened to him.

One day I heard one of the most disgusting liberal diatribes I had ever heard coming from my bedroom TV set.

I went in there to turn it off and found that what I was hearing was on Turner Classic Movies. It was the spaceman from “The Day the Earth Stood Still.”

I first saw this movie when it came out about 1953.

Michael Rennie played the spaceman sent to earth because earth had developed atomic bombs and was therefore a threat to other planets. He was described in the movie as having a New England accent. With his super killer robot at his side, he told us that he did not care about our “petty internal disputes.”

He sounded exactly like Mommy Professor, putting all us here mortals in our place and dictating to us Little People from a rostrum of Interplanetary Wisdom.

I was only twelve, so I had no idea that the exact same preaching was at that moment being worshipped by the 50% of the Greatest Generation who took advantage of the GI Bill of Rights to be brainwashed by Mommy Professor.

So it was a natural mistake when I mistook the Space Prophet in full cry as a Mommy Professor.


A Real Bugster is Senior Staff

A lot of people tend to think that congressional staff is more important the more time a staffer spent with the congressman. Since in my day each office was its own little separate kingdom, that was doubtless true of some congressmen.

I didn’t see my boss even once a week. John Ashbrook’s — NOT John Ashcroft’s — idea was to have somebody who could do his job for him. He told me what he wanted and usually the only thing that would happen would be that the completed speech or legislation or whatever I decided he needed was on his desk.

Case closed. That made me Senior Staff in HIS office.

In other offices, I assume that the senior staffer was just expected to sit with the boss and tell him how right he was. That was certainly true at the Office of Personnel Management. The Director got tired of my getting in the way of his hair brained ideas and then failed to get his reappointment affirmed by the Senate because he pulled a silly trick I would have prevented.

I had gone to Voice of America as a writer and he returned to private life.

The bottom line here is that BUGS expects YOU to run things.

I expect BUGSTERS to be Senior Staff.

I told herrMajor this when he put the comment below in the Swarm:

HerrMajor in the Swarm:

We need a debate forum to practice on. That is certain, but what is not is how big and who is able to reach that forum for debate.

We do need a little clubhouse for debate gong back and forth and have suggested multiple times that we use Skype service or some place to coordinate practice debates, which we need.

Another thing that is needed is a forum for targeting anti-whites specifically and to develop our own branch of the pro-white media.

Now, I propose we start a little hive for the swarm, we need a little social group on SF or something a place where it is private and we can congregate for practice, and organization.

It would be best if we had set time zones for every debate TEAM and could target and attack anti-whites in TEAMS around the clock.

If nobody wants to make it, I will and set it up for you all.

HerrMajor, you got it right at the end. BUGS is not a site with a preaching Leader or a set of Leaders who insist that they OK everything. Just the opposite. You set it up and I for one will go there a few times.

Proposals that “somebody” do a thing generally end up as dead air on BUGS.


The Mantra and the Bridge Law

Our Iceland contingent had beaten some cleric into the ground with the Mantra, so all the cleric could say was that he would recommend whites marry any minority person they were in love with, which naturally reminds me of the French Bridge Law enforced under Louis XIV.

I happen to remember about it because when I came across it homeless people were sleeping under bridges by the thousand.

The French Bridge Law prohibited anyone from sleeping under a bridge. Physical punishment could be avoided by paying a fine, but for some reason no one who got caught sleeping under a bridge in 1700 chose to pay the fine, no matter how rich they were.


Unless you are as mentally embalmed as the cleric I mentioned above, you would say that the reason no one caught sleeping under a Bridge in 1700 paid a fine was because they had no money.

After all, the bridge law prohibited wealthy merchants fro sleeping under bridges.

It prohibited a Duke from sleeping under a bridge just as much as it prevented a serf from doing so.

So obviously the Bridge Law had no greater impact on poor people than on rich ones.

This is the kind of logic it requires to argue that white people have no more right to complain about assimilation in white majority countries than Chinese do assimilation in China, or Ugandans do to complain about assimilation in Uganda.

Our benumbed cleric simply cannot understand that assimilation in today’s white countries means an end to the white race, whereas total assimilation of all non-Orientals in China would make no difference at all to the existence or THEIR race.

That is the mentality it requires for one to say that whites have no reason to object to interracial marriage in white countries, or to further massive immigration into white countries.



Mantra Campaign Ads

Some weeks ago, I proposed that we use campaign ads to get the Mantra into the media, for exactly the same reasons that Kelso gives below.

Where this stopped was that a commenter in the Swarm said that an expert on Stormfront said, “Have Bob get in touch with me and I’ll tell him why a Mantra campaign would be a disaster.”

H. Avenger knows that I don’t have the energy to get to get in touch with anybody, but he said he knew who this guy was and would check with him if and when he had time to.

So I let it drop. I don’t know if I will have the energy to file candidacy here, and no one else is going to do it.

A few days ago I Skyped Jamie Kelso, who has me on the Board of the Alternative Party, and asked him if one of our candidates would like to do this, if I sent him the money.

This was the exchange:

ME: Could Brandt run an ad consisting of the Mantra? How much would it be? I could pay for it if it’s not…

KELSO: Yes, Bob, I’m sure that Ralph would like to run the mantra as a political ad. I’ll get the radio prices for this now, and get back to you with them. We’re talking VERY inexpensive when we’re talking radio ads run for a political candidate…the law requires three things: the station must run your ad, they may not edit it, and they must charge you their LOWEST rate. That lowest rate is always very low. In West Virginia our 30-second ads cost us between $4 and $10 each per run. That’s the best cluck-for-our-buck available to us today in mass promotion.

KELSO: This radio spot strategy is one of the innovations of A3P. This radio spot strategy is available only to political candidates. The law only applies to them.

Great minds think alike.

Now what I would like is for the candidate to simply recite the Mantra and say he authorized this ad.

But, as we few know all too well, the response to the Mantra at first is always “DUHHH!” A mass “DUHH!” and media silence is not what a candidate is normally looking for.

Would somebody else contact Kelso and discuss this and give us a new angle or a new start.

Kelso can be reached day and might at 561-351-4424.

I just called him and he has agreed to do a piece for us on his use of the media this way.

It seems to be our dream:

It is CHEAP — for campaigns — and it is UNCENSORED.

AP3 will be campaigning until next November.


If You Don’t Want to End Up as a Respectable Conservative Creep, READ THIS

I have explained the OWS phenomenon. This is not overkill if you see the REASON.

Respectable conservatives get paid to take the leftists seriously. Every issue of National Review, as I expected, has an article with a big name on it that says, no, we’re not FOR Occupy Wall Street, but they have a point.

Please note: This is why I keep repeating they do NOT have a point. That is why I criticized commenters for SAYING they have a point. The establishment pays hundreds of millions of dollars for thousands of respectable conservative to be just the RIGHT opposition

It embarrasses the hell out of me when a BUGSER even touches on that territory.

No, they do NOT have a point. For at least the fourth time, let me repeat that they command titanic resources which were mobilized over the years for giant causes which all won and which all failed miserably.

Please LISTEN to the Coach on this: it is not just that gun control, world government through global warming, British socialism, the Soviet Empire failed. The difference between a BUGSER and a lickspittle respectable conservative is never deviating from WHY they failed.

They were NOT intellectually incorrect. They were SILLY.

OWS is ridiculous. The idea that an economy can be run directly by professors and bureaucrats is SILLY.

Unless you want to look like William Buckley, STOP THERE.


Only BUGS Explains OWS

One commenter was talking about how, when he was protestor in the 1960s, it was cheap. My experience with working people is that it is very, VERY expensive.

Your Mommy Professor acolyte of the 1960s had no family to support.

Another things is what I call the quantity discount for the activist industry. If you go to a LOT of demonstrations, you can grab a car pool or a van.

And, again, you don’t have to leave a job, a real job, to just up and go.

BoardAd told me that the OWS started with a protest on student loans, but bloggers now write that half of the protesters are middle aged. What kind of middle-aged people can pull up stakes and spend weeks in a march?

No, memories of the hippy days won’t do. Anybody who has ever organized any of these things knows that the only reason for a flash crowd like this is that tens of thousands of middle-aged adults had resources and personnel they needed to use, whatever the excuse.

Not only is this important, but you simply can’t understand how the real world works without this kind of insight. When someone suddenly spends hundreds of millions of dollars on something, you need to look at where those millions and those tens of thousands in the street CAME from.

Let me remind, you do not hear one single word on this point from ANY media source. You do not hear it even from pro-whites except right here on BUGS.