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A National Identity Card, Etc.

People don’t know where power is.

People don’t know what secrets are. They are always worried about the Powers That Be using the Patriot Act or something else to Find Out Their Secrets.

Stop worrying. You never had any secrets and you never will have any.

So stop worrying about a National Identity Card or something else Exposing Your Secrets. It’s childish nonsense.

Let’s forget the theory of all this and concentrate on what it means in the real world. What it means is that every time you get the government to guard your secrets, all it does is make life hard on you. All the professional libertarians are worried to death about a National IDentity Card.

The National Identity Card, they shout, will allow the government to keep track of you.

The only reason the government doesn’t keep track of you is because it doesn’t give a damn about you.

All my life I have listened to pencil-necked people who thought they were “radical” tell me that the CIA was after them. I was supposed to be thrilled.

What I was actually thinking, “Why the hell do you think the CIA wants to keep track of YOU?”

Then I got a look, up-close and personal, at the CIA in action.

The CIA can’t keep track of its own personnel. Since then the whole Secrecy Thing has struck me as a comedy.

When you go to the doctor you find that you have to fill in lots and lots of papers. This is so your doctor can find out what he needs to know about you to keep you from dying. It all has to do with the Privacy Act.

Meanwhile back on earth, you would be astonished how easy it is for anybody EXCEPT your doctor to find out everything about you, including your state of health, the drugs you take, what perversions you might have, what weapons you have, with whom you associate, what you said to them, what opinions you have and the language you use that you think helps you conceal them, everything.

Think about it and you will realize what an ass this Secrecy Stuff makes of the public.

It used to be you could open a back account anywhere in America, no questions asked. Now you can only open a bank account in your own state and that only after you have given the proper identification. That is supposed to stop drug smugglers from transferring millions of dollars without being detected.

Anybody who has an IQ above room temperature knows that the drug smugglers knew that legislation was coming and found a way around it before it got a final reading in committee.

So there you are, proving your identity to a bored banker and crippled in any attempt to get a bank account in any other state.

There you are, writing down your name and address and trying to remember every operation you ever had and when in every doctor’s office you go to. And you think this guards your Precious Secrecy.


So here we are worrying about how a National Identity Card will give up your Precious Secrecy.

Hey, Dumbo! You just filled out an income tax form. Hey, Dumbo! Anyone can put your phone number on Google and find out where you live. Hey, Dumbo! When you bought that gun, did you fill out any papers?

Did you get a receipt?

And there are a dozen ways to find out anything about you. But you sit there, sweat dripping off your nose, filling out those forms in the doctor’s office, convinced that your congressman is protecting you Privacy.

Hey, Dumbo! Nobody CARES!