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Waiting for Digestion

BoardAd did a great job in posting Adelheim’s excellent piece. The comments on it made me happy, because they showed you got a lot of the point I have made, even beyond the ones Adelheim put together.

That is, after all, what I am here for, to start ideas rolling. But they have started some of my concepts rolling about as much as I am able to make them. BUGS should keep going.

But, as you have made very clear to me, if I want things done, I must do them. In fact, my interest has shifted to doing them myself, as you directed.

The ideas will circulate from you, because they are useful for party talk. Don’t ever underestimate the importance of party talking moving the world. But outside of the things I see Prometheus and Lord Nelson doing and the actual reports with links from Shari and Pain, I assume that BUGS is a bunch of people talking about doing.

Before you get outraged, remember where I’m coming from.

Like many professors, I used to tell my students that they are unlikely to come up with any cop-outs that I haven’t already used. As a boss, as a staffer, I learned one rule: If you haven’t heard back, it hasn’t been DONE.

Work is the only thing people lie about more than sex. Lying about work is so common it is not called a “lie.” It is called an “excuse.” In fact, one of the commonly used tactics for getting someone off the subject of whether you have actually done anything is to say, “Are you calling me a LIAR?!”

I haven’t ever sunk to that one, since it requires throwing away one’s personal honor to justify an “excuse,” but I am VERY familiar with it. I fired one person for using it. They were in fact lying. They had raised the stakes from an “excuse” to a lie, and I was justified in firing someone who LIED to me.

I haven’t counted, but I have asked BUGS some twenty times if you would please do a couple of things for me. Usually there is no reply at all. When put in my usual hopeless request that you put my BUGS articles into Stormfront where relevant, it was as usual ignored. So I do it myself, which really looks GREAT. People are really going to listen to somebody who has to quote himself.

But this time I asked someone to WRITE Pat Buchanan so this time I DID get replies. They amounted to, “Shove it, Bob.” This was better than the usual “Shove it’s that you didn’t bother to write down.

Anyone who has ever been a boss, and even more anyone who has been a prof, notices how much WORK people are happy to put into excuses. People who will not write a short note for you will go on at great length about why they do NOTHING for you. It is not unusual for students to write really idealistic, effort-filled themes on why they didn’t just write the shorter theme you assigned them.

As I said above, it is hard to come up with an excuse I don’t know well.

As I said above, I don’t believe anyone is doing anything unless it comes back to me. You can’t survive in power politics unless you go by that rule. Pain and Shari have sent in links where they have actually done things. I have SEEN Prometheus and Lord Nelson come through on Stormfront.

I am not the only person in BUGS who assume that those who just talk here are just talking here.

If you are acquainted with Married With Children you know that Kelly tended to “get full” mentally. I quickly learned as a professor that students got full fast. So I have ceased to go on into other subjects. I have settled for talking about almost nothing but the Mantra and introducing nothing else.

I squish anti-whites on SF like, well, bugs. People keep sending me rep points but nobody USES the short, simple lines. It took me YEARS to get some people to use the Mantra with me. They watch me squash the anti-whites, but they have no interest at all in throwing in the simple points I do it with.

So I stick to the Mantra and ONLY the Mantra.

The other stuff I do myself instead of bringing in distractions.

For the moment I am stymied.

You’re FULL.

You’re FULL.