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The Pitfalls of Wordism Part 1

By Krishna Dharma

I’ve been reading BUGS for a little over three years. I’ve tried writing before but never felt it was good enough for BUGS.

Reading BUGS almost every day for over three years I’ve absorbed a lot of Bob’s, and other great BUGSERS, talking-points and writing styles.

What I’ve written below isn’t totally original. I’ve read countless articles by Bob on these subjects but nonetheless this is my first writing that I think would be good enough for BUGS.

Here it is:

Catholic priests used to whip themselves bloody to prove their piety.

A good catholic was supposed to accept this idea that self-harm is holy.

The Professor-Priesthood of our established religion, Political Correctness, shares this sick idea of self-harm being holy.

The conviction that RACIAL self-harm is holy is what we got from the Wordist route.

Catholic Brazil brags that it is mixed-race, meaning its white population has been mixed away.

In Brazil’s early days, Jesuit priests made sure only those subscribing to the catholic doctrine set foot in Rio de Janiero. Race didn’t matter.

The only thing that mattered to the priesthood was that you knew how to repeat the WORDS of the Catholic Church. Brazil didn’t care about race or any other loyalty. Words were everything.

Brazil was based on the Catholic version of Wordism. Brazil is also a political and economic catastrophe, but so are all countries that brown out.

The Professor-Priesthood of our established PC religion similarly only has loyalty to its own doctrines, its own WORDS.

No Catholic priest would teach Christians to whip themselves bloody any more.

Our Professor-Priesthood on the other hand expects every white follower of Political Correctness to self-harm in the name of piety.

Self-harm as piety is sick. White self-hatred is sick. Loyalty to words rather than race is silly, but also it’s destructive.

Wordism is destructive.