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The Pitfalls of Wordism – Part 2

By Krishna Dharma

Whites who properly follow the doctrine of our established religion Political Correctness engage in the usual Wordist self-harm in the name of piety.

Just as Shia Muslims mark holy days with self-mutilation, pious white anti-whites joyously put an end to their genetic line in the name of their Holy Religion.

Self-hating white antiwhites justify giving away white countries to racial aliens by citing their version of Holy Wordist Universalism. “One Humanity”, “We All Bleed Red”.

Justifying self-harm and racial destruction by citing Holy WORDS is sick. White self-hatred is SICK!

Every established Wordist dictatorship uses censorship and The Silence to crush Heresy, meaning free speech.

All an antiwhite will quote from this article is the part about Shia Muslims’ self-mutilation to mark holy days. Screaming Islamophibia. Utilizing The Silence to not address their own moral defects.

Wordism always leads to tyranny. A tyranny run by self-hating white antiwhites leads to white genocide.

That’s the Holy mission of our established religion. “Diversity” for all white countries and only white countries. “Diversity” means chasing down whites.