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The Real America Contains No Americans

By Bob Whitaker 

A couple of years after I started talking and writing about Wordism, National Review started talking about The Propositional State.

National Review asked the question, “Is the United States, unlike other countries, not a people but a set of ideas?”

In other words, is America a Wordist country?

Naturally they never used the term “Wordist.” That would trace it right back to me.

This is what a “propositional state” means:

Other countries like France or Germany are made up of Germans and Frenchmen. In America people like me, whose families have been here for four centuries, are incidental. We are permitted to live here so long as we subscribe to whatever principles are currently the definition of “America.”

No Americans before the group that calls itself The Greatest Generation would have stood for an insult like that.

According to the people who wrote the Constitution, America was “We the people of the United States … and OUR posterity.”

According to National Review, nothing could more unAmerican than the Preamble to the United States Constitution.

In fact, to say that America consist of “We the people … and OUR posterity” is the very essence of treason to our Propositional State.


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