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    Obviously we are targeting are the brainwashed whites. so the video should not try to portray the non-White anti-Whites as the enemy, if you do use that footage use it in order to shatter the anti-White’s illusion that the multicult is a “happy, tolerant place where everyone gets along” and expose the reality of the hostility that the non-Whites have towards us.



    8:38 The BBC is a completely unpleasant ultra-leftist establishment, which as we have seen here tonight doesn’t even want the English to be recognized as an existing people.


    BNP interview

    0:30 “we are the only real alternative”

    1:50 A lady stopped me in the street and said “The BBC question time, really you shouldn’t even go on these things because it’s not the BBC it’s the blatantly biased corporation.”

    2:10 David Cameron is one of the signatories of the unite against fascism group which attacked my members with claw hammers.

    (These may be useful if you need to portray the tyranny and viciousness of the system)|


    Mitt Romney interviewed about the anti-Whites breaking the mormon church.

    There are lots of short statements you can use.

    About how his family was anti-White and his parents helped to promote our genocide. About how he “wept” when they finally broke his church. At the end of the clip he say “I could not have been more pleased with the change that occurred.”


    Two Jews discuss Mitt Romney (may be useful with the last clip)

    0:25 Mitt Romney… he looks like an alien pod had created him to be a president, somehow it found a handsome guyand stuck an earwig into his ear and then they just moved it with a remote control.


    Interracial marriage holds little stigma today

    1:00 before 1970 the number of marriage that were interracial were 2% or fewer. Since then the numbers have risen steadily.

    1:10 “Michael Rosenfeld”: The civil rights revolution broke down some of the barriers between whites and blacks and those barriers continue to erode.

    Narrator: But the largest reason for the increase came in 1965 with a more open immigration policy

    Rosenfeld: So we have a lot more intermarriage between asians and whites and between hispanics and non-hispanics, simply because there’s more hispanics and more asians in the United States.

    Narrator: As a result Americans have become more tolerant of diversity.

    1:48 If you are looking at the right reasons for getting together, color plays no part in it.

    2:00 One sign of the changing times a very public proposal from a very Irish American to his girlfriend (black)


    Matt Lauer (guess what he is) Interviews William Cohen and Janet Langhart about their book: Love in Black and White (seriously “White”)

    1:45 My father said, why would you a flower of our race marry someone who has oppressed us and I said well Bill hasn’t oppressed us.

    2:25 Lauer: A guy pulled you aside one day and said it was going to be hard for you because you because you are a politican and have to be careful about how you are seen in public. Cohen: He was looking directly at Janet at the time and fortunately I was able to restrain my “Irish” temper.

    Listen to this one 2:45 The book is a love story, it’s a story about romance, It’s also I think IT’S ALSO A PROGRESS REPORT.

    Langhart: IT IS.


    3:17 Lauer: SO WHERE ARE WE? When you were being considered for secretary of defense did this discussion of your spouce’s race ever come up?

    Cohen: It never came up, as a matter of fact I think it was probably aided by Janet’s presence.

    Langhart: I was an asset. My race was an asset.

    4:05 Up until 1958 an interracial marriage the mormons would have considered a sin.

    4:10 There are going to be a lot of questions asked of candidate Romney. (perhaps show clip of romney being interrogated for heresy to show how unified and pervasive our tyranny is, how through the inquisition)


    Howard Dean

    8:06 “The future is ours it does not belong to the tea party over 55 white and christian. it belongs to a diverse america made up off all kinds of human beings, that is the future and the legacy of your generations.”

    8:20 The right wing blogosphere went absolutely nuts on the thing you know, how dare he. In fact they said this was an anti-white rant. I’m curious about your response

    8:30 I think the far right are craqzy I mean I am white why would I be anti-White?

    8:55 The under 35’s are going to build a different kind of a country. (aka white genocide.)

    Howard how can you possibly think that after mentally torturing me for my entire life. Imposing your sick anti-White hatred on me. Creating a system that attacked me for standing up for myself and my people and resisting the thousand attacks, insults, defamations and humiliations. After doing all that, how could you possibly think that I would EVER go along with your sick plan?

    Howard I am personally committed to calling you and all your crew to account for your betrayal. Jews look out for young Jews. Black look out for young blacks, Asians look out for young Asians. Not only did you not look out for me, you actively attacked me. You betrayed me as a young kid and not only left me for the wolves, you egged the wolves on.

    Well guess what?

    I survived.

    The wolves didn’t get me and I became strong for the experience. Your young libkids? You think that they are strong? They are nothing compared to me. You have coddled them their entire lives and they have grown soft. You have an army of wimps.

    I was left with the wolves and grew strong. Howard, you don’t even begin to understand what you have done.

    You are right about one thing though, the future does not belong to over 55, “White” and “Christian” like you. The future belongs to young White racists like ME!


    More from Howard

    1:08 They are an ever shrinking minority and they will get more dangerous and more desperate as they shrink because demographics are not on their side.

    Wow Howard celebrating the genocide of my race. “HA HA Those Whites, the demographics are not on their side! Their kids are being surrounded and out numbered. All those white kids will be at the mercy of the non-Whites and if they try to resist the non-Whites will attack them for being “racist.” Those whites will keep shrinking and shrinking and soon there will be no more of them left. It’s all working so well!”

    Sorry Howard, not gonna happen you genocidal freak.


    @Gavin, my blood is boiling. However, knowing this s#^thead is implicating himself of the crime of advocating and celebrating White geNOcide, as well as making and supporting policies that facilitate White geNOcide, and knowing how brutal tribunals are to such traitorious criminals, and knowing how utterly weak minded and weak hearted his minions are, will make me sleep just fine. I also posted on several of your links.


    No, Howard didn’t leave me to the wolves. He released the wolves upon me. He broke down the gates keeping them back and beat those who tried to stop the wolves from attacking me. Oh Howard, you will answer for what you have done and I will learn from your mistakes. I will not bring the same tortures upon others. No, mine will be a revolution of love and understanding and you will stand there, exposed…and be seen for what you are.


    I will not inflict cruelty upon innocents like Howard has done. I will bring the truly guilty to account.

    However I will not let the young stay weak. I will help them grow strong but there will be no sadism.


    Jason Kenney Canadian Minister crowned: King of “Multiculturalism”

    Use this video if you need a very good example of the middlemen politicians selling us out for clownish worship from the slaves (and a pat on their head from their masters above.)

    Feu Denfer

    0.39 Barabara Spectre:
    “Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic…eh…eh…(white?)… societies that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive.”

    Her organization was helped set up and financed by the swedish government.

    Secret Squirrel

    Check these turkeys out. They are an anti-White comedy act in Australia, with the full support of the Federal Govt funded TV station called the ABC.

    They call themselves “Fear of a Brown Planet”, can you believe that? lol

    I commented on their Youtube channel, but of course they are filtering.

    Fear of a Brown Planet – White People

    Sorry I was unable to watch more than 30 seconds. My blood boils when I watch White lefties, let alone their Brown replacements.


    Canada Political Party Debate

    59:00 Question about immigration, social makeup etc…

    1:00:00 We need to integrate them

    1:00:30 I don’t have anything against immigration

    1:00:44 We have to integrate the immigrants

    1:00:55 I believe we are going to have continued waves of immigration

    1:01:11 My wife is from Hong Kong

    107:45 We favor multiculturalism

    1:08:05 They also at the same time will change our country and we show through multiculturalism our willingness to accomidate their differences so they are more confortable that is why we are so successful intergrating people, i think we are probably one of the most successful countries in the world at that (yes the genocide is going very smoothly around here)

    1:09:10 settlement funding support has tripled under this government and we have also maintainted, we are the first government to maintain a vigorous and strong and open door immigration policy during a recession.

    1:10:44 We have been increasing categories across the board. In terms of family class there will be as many family class admitted this year as last. That’s the governments plan.

    1:13:13 You say that we dont want the immigrant to come and enrich our culture, of course we want that.

    1:13:40 Canadian multiculturalism policy is not creating ghettos, it is the most successful integration policy in the world.

    1:15:00 When we took power there were big backlog of people waiting for immigration. We have been accepting record numbers of people.

    1:5:20 We are going to keep making sure we admit as many as we can

    1:15:30 we are all better off for it (maybe juxtapose with videos of the terror of this system)

    1:15:39 How we see the future of our country as a multicultural society

    1:16:04 we are going to have a great future as a multicultural country

    Daniel Genseric

    Adelheim, what program did you guys use to cut/edit this extremely professional video?

    Daniel Genseric

    That Howler Dean character was a key note speaker (last year?) for graduation at the MOST anti-White university in Colorado. He has a unique talent for getting top dollar for voicing his Traveler of the Stars-like Opinions. He told the audience he had NEVER heard of the university before he was invited to speak.

    Upon examination of their mission statement and the fact they openly promote and work toward the genocide of the White race, he accepted.

    “”Isn’t contemplation a part of all education? Isn’t contemplative education redundant?”

    The first step to understanding contemplative education is to grasp that it doesn’t mean solely self reflection, and it is not the act of contemplation alone that makes it unique.

    Contemplative education is learning infused with the experience of awareness, insight and compassion for oneself and others, honed through the practice of sitting meditation and other contemplative disciplines. The rigor of these disciplined practices prepares the mind to process information in new and perhaps unexpected ways. Contemplative practice unlocks the power of deep inward observation, enabling the learner to tap into a wellspring of knowledge about the nature of mind, self and other that has been largely overlooked by traditional, Western-oriented liberal education.

    This approach to learning captures the spark of East and West working within; it’s the meeting of two of the greatest learning philosophies in the history of higher education, applied at” Our “…University in the context of today’s rapidly changing world.”

    Daniel Genseric

    Howler Dean Graduation video link for the above commentary. @1:03



    As I understand it. The video editing program is called Sony Vegas 11. The program used to make the world map, and other scenes such as showing integration, is After Effects.

    By the way, this was the trailer we put out a couple of weeks before releasing the move:

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