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Well, DUHH! Part I

Posted by Bob on July 9th, 2010 under Coaching Session

During the 60s the crime rate was going out of sight. Even media people in New York City were exposed to it. But the fact that career criminals were being dumped back on the street by leftists, and John Lennon is famous for having helped a murderer get out and kill again, were never cited as the cause.

Something had to be done. So whoever the subject came up, the media would say, “Yes, violence is increasing, but we still have done nothing about gun control.”

Then respectable conservatives would argue that gun control was bad because hunters needed guns.

The whole soft-on-crime legal policy was not addressed until George Wallace ran for president in 1968. Goldwater did not address it.

As one leftists put it, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” So when something obviously needs doing, liberals say what needs doing and conservatives debate it. You didn’t become a professional conservative, and there was a lot of competition for the few jobs as token conservative in the media, unless you clearly would not bring up alternative solutions.

Saying something must be done is the equivalent today of saying the choice is between a liberal policy or doing nothing.

I was talking to an outright socialist years ago about price fixing. Instead of standing up for Holy Business, I said that there should be no special law for that. Businessmen who cheat and steal should go to prison.

The socialist was actually shocked. He squealed like a Libertarian. To him as to others there is a class distinction between fixing prices and proletarian crimes like an employee cleaning out the till.

To him, any discussion of corrupt business fell into the category of showing that Intellectuals and Idealists, like Mommy Professor, should run things. If I just put the business thieves into prison with the other felons, it would completely ruin his whole agenda.

This is Mantra Thinking. No one but BUGS questions that the Final Solution to the Race Problem is the Final Solution to the White Problem. This could be a lot of things, but what it is NOT is conservative.

My solution to business corruption would make conservatives shriek.

The oil spill problem is now a debate about how to treat Big Oil and how to advance environmentalism. Obama’s whole committee on it is drawn from academia.

I just did an article on Islam. I pointed out that the one thing nobody talks about when addressing Islam, from Obama to Nick Griffith, is ISLAM.

I used to write speeches on this stuff for policy-makers. I don’t need to listen to anymore about the oil spill because I could write the speeches both sides are going to make.

When you read BUGS, you will hear every little about the Latest News, because all the stuff that is said or reported is predetermined. Not only have I heard it all, I’ve WRITTEN it all. I spent a hundred hours a week for years in that stuff.

I am SICK of it! I am TIRED of it!

There are actually hundreds of thousands of what passes for adult Americans out on the streets screaming that Obama is pushing bigger government and more Mommy Professor rules and regulations.

Well, DUHH!

If I ever do get wrapped up in crap like that, I expect our BUGS crowd to be sure the institution I am put in is a nice one.

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  1. #1 by backbaygrouch on 07/09/2010 - 9:10 am

    Having lived in Franco’s Spain and its immediate aftermath I have some understanding of censorship. Some days one would go to the newsstand and ask for ABC but it wasn’t there. The news dealer would tell you, if asked, that they had printed a story about Solis’s latest bribery scandal so the government suppressed the edition. The government showed its teeth, cost the publisher money, but the story got out.

    In the US censorship is far greater, but it is private so the public does not think it exists. In the aftermath of WWII independent newspapers were bought up, uneconomically in many cases, to control the public, especially as to Middle Eastern affairs. It has worked because the story does not get out.

    In 1979 I returned to the US from Spain. A few days in London intervened. The biggest story worldwide was the return of the bodies of Jewish terrorists involved in the infamous Lavon Affair from Egypt to Israel. It was agreed that it would be a private matter.

    But the bodies were met at the border by an honor guard laid in state and given a state funeral.

    Upon landing I had in hand a copy of the London Times which pictured headlines from around the world about the outrage – Paris, Moscow, Rio, Tokyo – you name it – except the US.

    No one here knew about it. I found a 2/3 short paragraph item in the New York Times on page 40 or so.

    No one believed me if I didn’t show them the paper. After all I was suggesting that in the land of the free real live freedom of the press did not exist.

    That is when it hit me just how strong censorship in America is. It is pervasive in matters our overlords care about, like Israel, immigration and above all the displacement of Whites. Censorship here is more stifling than fascist Spain dared to attempt.

    Because the censorship does nor emanate directly from the government the people do not see it. They do not believe it exists. A few token respectables are on display for adornment purposes only if they content themselves with nibbling around the edges, but no real opposition is allowed There is no “government ” censorship but it is there, real censorship.

    But then along came the Internet and even more scary to the Jewish mongrelizers – BUGS.


  2. #2 by Dave on 07/09/2010 - 11:15 am

    The truly important knowledge and information always gets out, regardless of any efforts at censorship, and regardless of the circumstances.

    That is a given. That is just the way life is. And BUGS is certainly a part of that picture.

    But we always have all these people who just like to hear themselves talk, and have not a clue as to what is really going on.

    That comes to an end when penalties start getting levied, and that happens when things become truly heavy duty.

    It’s getting shot for falling asleep on guard duty, or the killing I heard about the other day where a gang member left his gun in the boss’s car and the boss ran him down and used it to shoot him dead. In a real gang, failing to hold on to your gun is a death penalty offense.

    The issue is how we get to a real society. Real societies levy real penalties.

    Whining about censorship is just another balloon to drift off in.

  3. #3 by Simmons on 07/09/2010 - 11:34 am

    America is a 3000 mile wide Jonestown where the enforcers of “order” use the weapon word “racist” to keep the proles in line and subservient.

    But as Dave said real info gets out and it is, and the respectables will not save liberalism.

    Of course our side loves its N&J and IQ and crime studies but even fate bears down on them.

    Even a semi-respectable a man who knows all the IQ and crime study hoo haa has a new book out that comes close to making him that effective leader we are looking and need.

    That would be James Edwards in his book “Racism Shmacism”, I’m hoping to pick it up and see if he has progressed to being a BUGs thinker.

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