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Horus wanted me to announce that he is willing to take scripts for voice overs.

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What Your Psychology Professor Can’t Tell You

December 30, 2006

In one of the Dr. Lekter movies, Lekter says the agent is not as smart as he is. The agent replies something like, “No, but I have a great advantage over you.

“What is that?” asks Lekter.

“You’re insane.”

It is a general believe that psychopaths are smart. Actually, the ones who GET AWAY with being psychopathic are intelligent. The average white trash ort non-white psychopath in the penitentiary will be there all his life, expect for periods when judges can get him back out to maim people.

It is important to make these distinctions. For example, I am caught between people who denigrate IQ tests and people who worship IQ tests. My big-time psychologist friend said to me that he knew IQ tests showed heredity to be the overwhelming factor, but, as a psychologist, he knew there were terrible flaws in those tests.

He then pointed out that, after all, it was psychologists who developed those tests in the first place, so he should know.

My reply was, “Yes, but even a dumbass psychologist can find out whether somebody is retarded or normal.”

My dream is that you will develop a talent for BASIC thinking that, after you read the simple sentence above, would make you think of everything I say about that.

Finding actual mental retardation is all IQ tests were developed to do. Idiot, moron, and imbecile are LEGAL, not medical, terms. IQ tests were developed to distinguish between those who required legal protection as retarded and normal people. An idiot has an IQ of 0 to 30, an imbecile from 30 to 50, a moron from 50 to 70.

But because IQ tests confirm their point, some people WORSHIP them.

But analogy tests are better at telling who is SMART, so Mensa uses IQ and gives one an Oriental result: problem-solving is intelligence. Mensa is, after all, a Yiddish word for a German Mensch.

IQ gets you off of race. If someone speaks French, uses deodorant, and has an adequate IQ, it is easy to ignore the color of his skin. But REALITY doesn’t. As one person put it beautifully, “Whites innovate, Orientals stagnate, blacks degenerate.”

That will never be allowed in a peer review session, but that is the truth.

The fact is that, if they use a stick of deodorant every single week, brown skinned people lack something basic. Like intelligent psychopaths, one naturally assumes that a smart, one who has learned to fit into our world, is just one more of US. Remember, even most PSYCHOPATHS don’t know they’re psychopaths.

Reality is not simple. Reality is not complicated. Reality doesn’t use big words and reality doesn’t use small words. Reality comes FIRST. A reality is a reality.

A single experiment is worth a hundred expert opinions.