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HD’s Interesting Explanation

HD has done a lot of thinking about why our pro-white leaders refuse to use “Bob Whitaker’s Mantra.”

He has also not merely PROPOSED, but WRITTEN, a complete, coherent article.

Any editor will explain to you that there is a world of difference between a proposal and an actual DRAFT.

HD says:

Old school pro-Whites who proselytize at a personal level believe that what they are doing works because they have the gratifying personal experience of bringing maybe one or two new Whites each year to a pro-White point of view.

It doesn’t occur to them that that hardly constitutes a mass campaign that opens up the public arena to discussion of White Genocide.

Dr. Duke’s work I assume brings a lot more than one or two Whites a year to a pro-white point of view, but his approach also turns many Whites away.

And how useful is a “pro-White” point of view anyway if it isn’t centered on White Genocide? We already have muddled pro-whites and even pro-white leaders (I’m thinking of a certain unforgettable letter written in reply to the ADL) calling for equal “White rights” in a multicultural society.

Dr. Duke has picked almost the very hardest issue as the one he will hammer, the issue that gets himself and the rest of us viewed as naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews, and then he tries to make his issue palatable by presenting the preservation of the White race as part of a kumbaya concern that all races be preserved. photo civilrights.jpg

We hammer the fact that all races other than Whites are being preserved, and it’s only the White race that’s being targeted for genocide. Our appeal is to Whites’ natural human desire for self-preservation, not to an ersatz sentiment of universality fastened upon us by anti-whites.

Dr. Duke as a propagandist may not be part of the solution. Putting front and center the issue he’s chosen to focus on for his entire career may create more of a roadblock than a road forward, and may be keeping the whole White cause, to the extent that that cause has any activism behind it at all yet, barking up the wrong tree.

Certainly all the information that’s now available on Dr. Duke’s issue has some important role to play, I would think, since it is in fact so important in what’s happening to us, but I think ideally all our Big Names like Dr. Duke would set that issue to the side for now and hammer Mantra and White Genocide.

Ain’t going to happen of course, except maybe slowly as the Big Names hopefully see the usefulness of it.