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Our Ruling Balloon

On one major point anti-whites are perfectly correct: As white genocide becomes more and more familiar, other questions will be raised.

It is forgotten now, but the hard line Soviets were right in the 1980s: Once discussion was allowed to start, the whole system would collapse.

As usual, no one but me noticed the pivotal moment in history. Gorbachev was visiting Estonia, and began to talk with the crowd on the street. He looked at one of the complainants and said, with a smile, “Would you like Estonia to SECEDE?”

I knew the look on his face very well. It was the look Northerners always had when they mentioned secession. It was the confidence that nobody wanted to seceded from the USSR. photo balloon.jpg

“You complain about integration? Well, we COULD just kick you out of the Union!”

The American press had had a heyday on exactly the same theme. There were endless numbers of cartoons showing men in Confederate uniforms labeled “Ukraine” and Estonia” and so forth.

Secessions? It was a JOKE!

Only I seemed to remember that the Soviet Constitution, like the Canadian Constitution of 1867, specifically allowed secession!

What I saw that no one else seemed to notice was the look on Gorby’s face when the Estonian said, “YES!”

He looked exactly the way a Yankee would look if a Southerner relied “YES” to secession and then showed we could DO it.

It was a pivotal moment, and only I saw it.

Anti-whites shout that if we are allowed to question White Genocide, people will start questioning everything else the public has been forced to accept over two generations.

They are perfectly correct.

Like the Soviet Establishment before it, our present neo-Marxists rulers are in a balloon they think is a monolith.



What a Coinkidink!

 photo japanesediversity.jpg
One of our BUGSERS told me that David, as speaker, interrupted him as soon as he said, “Africa for the Africans…” and said “I know what you’re going to say, and it doesn’t WORK!”

Meanwhile, for the first time in two generations, anti-whites have begun to attack JAPANESE lack of “diversity.”

Funny how they would launch their campaign now.

Could it be connected to the Mantra, which Dave declared “doesn’t work,” and gives the same bum’s rush any anti-white would give it?




There is a Trappist monastery in South Carolina. It is famous down here in such a Bible Belt state.

That Trappist monastery has been here for generations.

It is located in Monck’s Corner, South Carolina.

This has always caused a certain confusion. Monck’s Corner is not named for the monks at the Monastery.

On the contrary, General/Admiral Monck was a fanatical Cromwellian, anti-Catholic to his bones.

But the Trappists are a symbol of something the Catholic Church has outgrown and we must all outgrow.

No longer do the Trappists whip themselves, starve themselves, and all the rest. It is no longer allowed.

If the Catholic Church can reject all that crap about God loves it when you torture yourself, anyone ought to.

It is time we outgrew the idea that God is a great excuse for self-hatred and for treason.

Governor Beasly tried that kind of blasphemy, and we destroyed his political career.

To repeat, in November 1998 Beasley won the governorship, and even our opponents admitted his win was the result of getting the “Confererate flag vote.”

But he wanted to be the vice presidential nominee in 2000, so he had to switch from his sworn support of the Rebel banner on top of the State House. And he had to do it as long as possible before the 2000 Convention.

So in December 1998, the most convenient time possible, he announced that GOD had told him to switch sides. photo beasley.png

I was the only person to call him a blasphemer publicly, but he never won another office in the state.

Today those who betray us routinely use that Good Old Fashioned Blasphemy.

Puritan or Catholic, our Traditional Values have included the idea that if we suffer, it makes God happy.

And that, boys and girls, is exactly the place from which racial self-hatred grows.

The pope has outgrown it, even the Calvinists have outgrown it.

A guy who worked under me on Capitol Hill had been pro-white, but he went for that “The Orthodox Church” fad, and said he had decided to sacrifice the white race to it.

Ever since Constantinople, the Orthodox Church has had the Emperor or head of state as its “supreme bishop.” Real Orthodox Churches are Greek or Romanian or Russian for a REASON.

This cult has guys growing beatnik beards to look like like Eastern priests and claim to be the truest of all the billion Only True Faiths.

This guy asked me if I wouldn’t “abandon your racism” in the Name of Christ.

I replied with six words: “I do not believe in human sacrifice.”

And I do not commit blasphemy.



Anti-Whites Can Count on Pro-Whites to Keep Their Secrets

As I have repeatedly pointed out, The French leader Sarkozy made a speech, which is on White Rabbit’s YouTube, in which he threatens to use force if the French do not intermarry soon!

No one mentions it!

Here, in “We will use force for interracial marriage,” is the kind of statement anti-whites would never let people forget. photo sarkozy.png

And our side? Down the Memory Hole, where the anti-whites desperately want it.

In talking about other pro-whites, I TRY to make suggestions rather than criticisms. But a 73-year-old man may go over that line after sixty years of bare-knuckle political battle.

I have made it clear that people who have built up organizations and raised money have to have the emphasis they learned that does that.

But I did all this as a paid professional, and in thousands of hours of nose-to-nose debate, I learned to find points that took NO time to throw in.

“Chasing down white flight” is one of those phrases I would work into any discussion I was having. I have learned a feel for what works.

I get ticked at David and Jared and James when they have a twenty minute interview and doesn’t use any of my powerful stuff, which takes ten seconds or less. The stuff I came up with was USED by people who were elected and who raised funds.

Anti-whites keep saying that we say that immigration is only for white countries, “but it isn’t so.” But just to mention that fact is poison to their side.

I work very hard at this, for free. I am used to my products being ignored, but I RESENT it.

Meanwhile keep thinking about “Chasing Down White Flight” and keep commenting on it and reading any new comments there.



Chasing Down White Flight

OK, gang, the seminar is over. It’s time for some postgrad work on YOUR PART. photo blank.jpg

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