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Jamie Kelso announces Bob as American Freedom Party Vice Presidential candidate

Rose commented on the last article “Political party with BUGS talking points…… ”

Yesterday afternoon Bob and I were invited to speak on Jamie Kelso’s radio show, American Freedom Party Report. Jamie used the opportunity to announce Bob’s Vice Presidential candidacy for the American Freedom Party.

Kenn Gividen was also present and is most likely to be the AFP’s candidate for President. Bob spoke at length about his single platform approach as well as explaining  his successful methods he’s employed for over 60 years.  photo veep.jpg

We also spoke about March Against #WhiteGenocide on 3/21 and Jamie says that the AFP will get behind the event. This is great news because MAWG needs all the support it can get to make 3/21 a success in raising international awareness to White Genocide.

I was on Stormfront radio this morning with Truck Roy and Don Black where I announced Bob’s Vice Presidential candidacy and discussed the March Against #WhiteGenocide . After the show Truck Roy messaged and said “This candidacy could be huge for the Mantra” and he is exactly right.

As a BUGSER I can say with confidence that Bob will have the support of the SWARM the whole way. With Bob at the helm and his hardened foot soldiers willing to Work, this new playing field is a great opportunity to bring our White Genocide message to new heights.

Coach, you’re not alone anymore, You have a whole cavalry with you now!

American Freedom Party Report with Jamie Kelso – Sunday, March 8, 2015, hours 1 and 2

Here is Bob’s bio from Metapedia –

Research Ballot Access President Candidate

Audio Bob

SF Radio Link – – Hour 1

HD’s Summary of the SF Radio Show:

March 21 is White Genocide Awareness Day, or the March Against White Genocide.

Laura, an organizer from, says, “The event is not specifically a march as such, it’s a day that pro-Whites worldwide can get out and expose this anti-white system and it’s program of diversity, which chases down White people with the deliberate intent of making White countries ‘diverse,’ which just means ‘formerly White.'”

A principal goal that day is to get the hashtag “#WhiteGenocide” to trend on twitter, since that degree of penetration into the mainstream can get people talking about “White Genocide.”

Stickers, fliers or banners can be obtained by emailing Laura at, and can be posted in places where notable landmarks or recognized signs are visible, or just in places like bathroom stalls…any place that’s legal…and pictures of them can be sent to Laura’s team at @fwhitegenocide on twitter, or just uploaded on twitter but making sure you tag the hashtag “#WhiteGenocide.”

Bob Whitaker will be either a presidential or vice-presidential candidate for the American Freedom Party (AFP) in 2016.

This announcement by Laura promises increased opportunities to bring the fact of White Genocide to the attention of Whites, since recognized candidates have special publicity opportunities.