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The fact that a man wears a coat and tie does not mean he is not a thug.  Mafia bosses and cocaine kings are well know to wear nice, conservative clothes.

The fact that Bill Gates’ student subsidies bar white students is routine.  Big Government will always take the side of Big Money, and we live in an age where millionaires tend to be conservatives – though cowardly conservatives, while billionaires are uniformly anti-white.  photo beware-banksters1_1.jpg

Other parties cannot say what I just said because rights depend entirely on lawyers fees.

Today’s coat and tie campus thugs suppress all disagreement. No one is allowed to mention White Genocide if they want to get a degree and certainly if they want to join the faculty.

No one is allowed on campus unless he toes the political line.

Billionaires have all the power simply because they have a team of legal thugs no REAL dissident can fight.  The league of billionaires and coat and tie professors block all pro-white opinion from campus by saying, “It will cause violence”.

If the most viciously and openly anti-White wants to speak on campus, protecting him becomes “freedom of speech.” If a college doesn’t protect anti-White “freedom of speech” it will lose.

If any pro-White speech is not banned on the excuse that college thugs will riot, the college will lose funding. Everybody knows that real dissidents on campus are banned under the Thug Rule.

No matter whether he is a full Professor or a Godfather, if his power comes from threats.

Leftism is the fashion among billionaires, and the Billionocracy is above the law.